7 Tips for Generating Leads With Social Media


Generating leads with social media is an absolute must if you want to grow your business. Whether your business is run online or offline, you can’t deny that social media is a hub for shoppers of any kind.

Does it matter what these folks are shopping for? If you want to generate leads, you have to put out some bait. The same idea is true when you go fishing. If you don’t use the right bait you won’t catch any fish.

Today, I want to tell you about these 7 tips for generating leads with social media, so that you can get more leads in less time!

Absolutes of Generating Leads With Social Media


When you talk in a crowd about social media, you probably talk about Facebook first. Facebook seems to be the first place everyone goes. Here are some things that are absolutely true about generating leads with social media.

1. Conversion pixels work hand-in-hand with Facebook ads. Facebook ads are a great way to market if you know how to make them super targeted, but conversion pixels are a must. Knowing what you pay for each subscriber is huge. It’s a part of your business and it’s important that you know how much you are spending. You can easily install the code on your web page, and tie the pixel to your ad. Voila! You will find out how much you are paying for your leads.

2. Focus your efforts where traffic converts. It’s hateful to keep paying money for traffic that isn’t giving you results right? This is why you need to focus on one marketing method at a time. Fans and followers are great, but they will most likely NOT buy from you. It’s time for you to focus on finding out what social networks drive traffic for you. It could be Twitter or another platform. Facebook isn’t always number one.

3. Leverage those you work with and leverage what you know! It’s great to share updates with your audience but it’s time for you to allow your team members and employees to share their insights as well. When you collaborate you are more likely to get emotions running high with targeted content. Keeping content emotional is the name of the game when it comes to getting more traffic.

4. Yes, know your sales process. If you don’t have a sales process you’ll be completely disorganized. How are you building relationships? If you aren’t going to the right places you’ll have trouble getting results. If you want to attract more folks via social media then you need to make it clear what you are about and what problems you are solving for your audience. Then and only then can you drive traffic that converts.

5. Get talking offline. Chatting online through social media is great, but if people can’t pick up the phone or email you, they won’t bother. Make yourself available and thank people for their business always.

6. Give value and get traffic. Giving real value that helps answer questions is the only way to drive traffic that will convert and stick. If you give value you’ll get subscribers. People won’t opt-in when they know nothing about you, and they don’t know if you are trustworthy.

7. Set goals, focus, and track your efforts. When you are marketing online a blog is extremely beneficial. Generating leads using social media does work, but you need to be able to track traffic to your blog. Use an analytics tool to help you do this.

Hopefully, you were able to get real value from what I shared with you today. As always, please let me know. Generating leads with social media could be the lifeblood of your business.


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A Guide to Nutrition for Your Toddler

As a father, I can tell you that I learned a lot about nutrition for your toddler. Having three kids, it was easy for me to spend hours upon hours learning about what they needed in their diet when they were toddlers.

The formative years are critical from the emotional aspect as well as their nutrition. Is there really a magic way to feed them so that they will be free from illness and grow up healthy for life? The earlier you can start healthy habits the better.

Today, I’ll share with you some things I learned when my children were young as well as what I’ve researched today for sound nutrition for your toddler.

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The Key to Nutrition for Your Toddler

One of the first questions parents ask is, “How much should my toddler eat?” Then, it’s followed by “What should I feed my toddler each day?”

While your pediatrician may have made recommendations, parenting is a hit or miss adventure. This is because there is no right or wrong answer when you’re a parent. You have to do what you think is best, and sometimes you just have to guess along the way.

When it comes to nutrition for your toddler, here are some things we do know.

1. Toddlers generally need 1,000-1,400 calories per day. While that may sound like a lot, consider that you most likely consume 2,000 or more. Calorie intake is based upon size, age, and other health needs.

2. Follow your toddler’s queues. Your toddler will show signs of whether or not they like the food that you’ve given them, and if they are turning away something, it’s best to keep trying until they push food away. Follow their lead, while presenting healthy choices.

3. Start with vegetables that are soft. Be sure to cut them up into small pieces, and keep trying even when your toddler refuses. Vegetables are important, and the servings per day would be at least 1 cup or more.

4. Make sure you are pulling from all food groups. Your toddler will need fruits and vegetables, but it’s okay for them to eat meat as well. If you don’t want to introduce red meat then focus on foods that provide high amounts of protein, like turkey, chicken and fish. All three are great options!

5. Keep them active. While you are focused on giving them good food, remember that they still need to be active. Get your toddler out and about, and it’s good to get them active for at least one hour.

All of these are important aspects when it comes to feeding your kids, and it’s not always easy. You’ll experience struggles of various kinds at the table, but continue to introduce healthy options. At first, your toddler won’t accept everything you offer, but keep trying.

There isn’t an exact science for your toddler’s diet, but it’s important that you educate yourself as a parent on how to approach providing sound nutrition for your toddler.

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Nutrition and Child Development

Nutrition and child development are important, but when children aren’t getting the proper nutrition it affects their ability to learn and thrive in their world. The campaign for No Kid Hungry is designed to help prevent children from going hungry and not living up to their full potential.

Nutrition is a catalyst for the brain to function at its optimum level. This is true for both children and adults, but children are most affected by this in their early life. Is there a way to make sure that children get the nutrition they need without fail?

Today, I’ll share with you some research that was done for Feeding America and what they discovered.
Understanding Nutrition and Child Development

Children come into the world completely helpless and their parents are responsible for taking care of them in every aspect of their lives.

This is why it’s important to understand nutrition and child development. Here are some facts that were published by Feeding America.

1. Children that are insecure about whether or not they’ll get to eat are most likely to be reported as having fair or poor health.

2. Children that do not live in homes regarded as food secure are more likely to be hospitalized, and are prone to illness and other emotional problems.

3. Children that eat breakfast are more likely to do better in school. Eating breakfast sends a child off to school with good nutrition, protein, and what they need to be focused and ready for their day.

4. Children who do not battle hunger are more likely to have healthier views of food and how it fuels the body. They are also more likely to be healthier as adults.

These facts should be common sense, but if you have never faced these issues as a child or an adult it could leave you feeling a bit clueless. Children that eat well and eat the proper number of meals don’t face the health challenges that hungry children face.

The world that hungry children live in is a world that most cannot understand. These children are helpless and cannot find ways of providing for themselves. If they make friends with children that are well provided for, then they at least have one avenue of security. This avenue shouldn’t be found outside of their home, but it’s unfortunate that this is often the case.

Can you imagine getting up in the morning but having no breakfast before you head to work? You would feel hunger pangs, and you would feel sick to your stomach at some point. It’s also likely that you would begin to get a headache or even begin to feel very tired after a while. Nonetheless, you would probably be easily distracted because of the lack of focus.

Getting the proper nutrition is so important early in life, and good nutrition should continue. It’s tough to imagine that a developing brain isn’t getting fed, and when a child has trouble thinking or figuring things out, the first source of the problem we look for shouldn’t be a learning disability. Perhaps the real problem is a food and nutrition deficiency.

There is much to be done still in the United States to help prevent child hunger. What can we do as a country to put this to an end? The evidence is undeniable when it comes to nutrition and child development.

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Why Branding Yourself on Facebook is HUGE!

Facebook is a big platform, but it’s even more important that you understand that branding yourself on Facebook is huge. In fact, it’s so huge that you can’t afford to do without it.

While you could easily spend hours taking pictures and updating your status, that isn’t enough to build relationships. The truth is, if all you do is update your status randomly and post photos then you aren’t engaging your audience nearly enough.

How can you go about making sure that your brand gets noticed on Facebook? With over a billion users on Facebook, someone is going to see. The question is, “Are the right people finding you on Facebook?”

Today, I’ll share with you why branding yourself on Facebook is critical for the growth of your business.

Branding Yourself on Facebook Takes a Lot of Work

You’ve heard that working hard is the ONLY way to be a success. This is partly true. What you haven’t heard is that working smart is even better.
This is why you should take the time to hone your craft by studying and testing out social media and how it works. You need to understand social media inside and out if you expect to make money with social media.

Facebook is a huge market, and starting a Facebook page isn’t enough. Once you do that it’s time to create a strategy, and then build on it.

Here are the mistakes brands are making that is killing their progress.

1. Fan focused. EEK. This speaks for itself or does it? Getting fans does provide social proof, but you better get to your engagement. If no one is talking, then no one is buying. Relationship always comes first. If you can’t build one with your audience, well……you won’t have an audience.

2. Don’t preach about reach. Reach is great, and seeing how many people you reached is great but it isn’t everything. Success isn’t measured by reach alone, and that is because the quality of your fans comes first. Are your followers and fans the kind of people you want to be seen with? I hope so. If not, you’ll lose on reach every time.

3. Engagement matters but it’s NOT everything. Engagement must occur once you have fans that are following you. The challenge is that once again the engagement needs to be about what you are talking about. Mentioning things that your audience cares about is critical, but outside of this it takes work to get them into the conversation. Are you being authentic? Do you they know who you are and what you are about? Likes, comments, and shares all matter, but it’s the conversation amongst your fans that is really an eye opener.

4. Stop staring at the bottom line. Selling is ultimately the goal but all of the other steps come first. Sales are made only when relationships have been built. When you get to know your audience and they get to know you, THEN and only then are you more likely to make a sale. It’s time to stop staring at your bottom line and put some work into your audience before you even consider how much profit you are really bringing in.

Words don’t mean, people mean! This is the heart of communication. Along the way we have forgotten what it means to be in the people business. Yes, you can do this online, but if you fail to make a connection you won’t be able to really build your brand.

This is why branding yourself on Facebook is huge!

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The Truth About Burning Real Fat

Burning real fat is the REAL issue when it comes to good health. Fat is dangerous, and it’s time you took it seriously. Did you know that the number one killer in America is NOT cancer? It’s heart disease.

If fat can kill, isn’t it time to take it seriously? Fat is something we talk about all the time, and there are millions of books on the shelves that teach you how to cook, how to exercise, and even how to change your skin. However, there are so few books that focus on burning real fat.

Most diets give a promise of losing water weight, and if you’re lucky, they’ll give you the promise of losing pounds. If you can lose real fat you’ll lose all of the things you don’t want, but you’ll keep your health and your body intact.

Today, I’ll share with you how easy it is to go about burning real fat, and how you can make sure that you’re burning this fat around the clock.Two Great Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Burning Real Fat Around the Clock is Easy

Did you know that you can easily burn fat right now, and you can still burn fat around the clock? Your body should be working 24/7 to get and remain in good health.

What you eat has a lot to do with how well you perform each day, as well as how you sleep. It’s important that your body is worked throughout the day, but it’s equally important that you get the sleep you need too.

Here are some simple rules when it comes to burning real fat.

1. Reduce calorie intake. Calories aren’t the main factor when it comes to weight loss, but the rule of thumb is that you MUST burn more than you take in if you want to burn fat off your body. When fewer calories come in, the body will burn the fat reserves, which leaves the body no choice but to burn real fat.

2. Cut the carbs. You already know this if you’ve been studying nutrition for any length of time, but carbs play a big part in fat production. Hormones are what control how your body burns fat. It’s all about insulin and whether or not your body is producing it excessively. If you eat carbs that are digested quickly you’ll produce too much insulin. Learn more about slow carbs and eat them first!

3. Push proteins. Protein is a big deal when it comes to losing weight, burning fat, and sustaining energy. The more protein you can consume the better off you’ll be. Eat as much protein as you can, and make sure it’s lean protein. Lean turkey, chicken, and lean cuts of beef are important. Protein increases your metabolism without going through a process. It’s immediate!

4. Balance carb and protein intake per meal. Did you know that when you eat carbs you shouldn’t eat them alone? When you consume carbs, you should consume a certain amount of protein to offset how it affects your body. If you eat carbs, eat some protein and a small amount of fat. You’ll feel the difference!

There are plenty of rules to follow when it comes to burning fat, but keep in mind that it’s all about being consistent. If you want to achieve maximum results with burning real fat, then follow the rules and live your best life!

What are you thoughts?

James Hunter

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5 Things Financially Mature People Do

What is the difference between people that are financially mature and those that aren’t? There are several differences, but oftentimes people don’t see that even the small things are important.

If you could do it all over again and learn how to spend and save money, would you? Would you take a class or trade your parents for someone else’s?
Today, I’ll share with you 5 things that financially mature people do that make the difference in how they live and work in our society.

Be Financially Mature Every Day

Contrary to popular belief those folks that seem to well-off are pretty savvy with their money. They didn’t wake up to millions one day without hard work and a lot of determination. You can be in the same position if you do these 5 things that financially mature people do.

1. Don’t spend more because you make more. Did you know that wealthy people only spend what they need to spend? You may think that someone drives a Mercedes because they are millionaires, but oftentimes they just want to look like millionaires. Don’t be fooled. Things are not always what they appear to be.

2. Account for every penny you spend. Whether you go through a drive-thru and pay for a Coke or not, you need to keep all receipts. While these folks in the drive-thru ask, always say yes. You need to account for every penny you spend. If you are missing money, it’s because you weren’t paying attention.

3. They don’t spend birthday money or tax return money. Did you know that most people that are broke spend their birthday money on things? If you are money savvy you’ll just put that into savings. Things won’t last, but if you have an emergency or you wish to be comfortable when you retire, think about this one long and hard.

4. Don’t be an emotional shopper. Did you know that most people who are wasteful use shopping as a way to help them feel better? Don’t be an emotional shopper. Rather, always be looking ahead to the future.

5. Don’t eat out. Cooking seems to be a lost art, and it’s true. Who cooks anymore? There aren’t many folks that do. If you were to look at restaurants every night, they seem full at dinner time. What happened to a conversation around the dinner table? Stop eating out and be healthy.
There are so many ways that you can save more and invest more to prepare for the future. If you want to be financially mature, you’ll stop being wasteful and focus on how you can improve your financial health.

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6 Signs That You Need to Use Your Talents

Talents are great to have, but if life seems mundane you need to use your talents in every way possible. What is your personal belief about how you use them?

baby boy playing the piano

For myself personally, I do all to the glory of God. What is your story? If you want to continue to advance and have more in life, then you have to do the work. It takes time and dedication to achieve greater things in your life.

What talents do you have right now that you know you are not using? Today, I’ll share with you why this can be dangerous to your future, and why you need to use your talents continuously to prevent your well from running dry.

You Need to Use Your Talents Daily

Did you know that using your talents daily is one of the best ways to help you keep your talent in check and properly exposed?

Here are 6 signs that you need to use your talents before they disappear.

1. You only go with what you know. Did you know that doing what is comfortable can stunt your growth? If you reach out and do more you’ll be able to spread your wings and accomplish more than you ever imagined. Continue to use your talent on a higher level, and along the way you will bless others.

2. You are a taker. Do you find that you take whenever people give? When was the last time you gave someone your time and talents? How could you use them to help others? If you have a God given talent, you should give of your time and shine to the world. You’ll be blessed.

3. You always see problems rather than solutions. It has been said that if you can provide a solution you’ll have a business. If you are always looking at everything as a problem, you’ll never be able to change your mindset. If you want to grow your talent, you’ll stop working at roadblocks and see every opportunity and make it work even in the bad.

4. You get upset when you make mistakes. Making mistakes is a part of life. Don’t resent them, they are just a part of the process.

5. You look for the easy way out. Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and if you want the easy way out, you won’t get very far. Push hard, and use your talents. You’ll see the difference.

6. You spend too much time on things that don’t produce income. If you aren’t using your talents, you are too busy doing something else that you shouldn’t be doing. Focus on spending time with others that stir up your passion for using your gifts and talents.

Talents - Office Folder on Background of Working Table with Stationery, Glasses, Reports. Business Concept on Blurred Background. Toned Image.

Using your talents is so important. Don’t shortchange yourself by NOT using them. If you want to make more money and inspire more people, then you need to use your talents on daily basis.

Are you using your Talents?

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Are you ready to start using your Talents to better those around you? Then Click Here

10 Things to Tell Yourself if You Want to Be Successful

While it’s silly to ask you if you want to be successful, it’s important that you know these 10 things to tell yourself if you want to be successful.

Successful people all think a certain way and have a particular mindset that unsuccessful people do not. It’s easy to see why those folks are always so good at what they do.

There are no hard and fast rules but these 10 things that I’ll share with you will enrich your life and open your eyes to how you can bring positive change into your own life and help you achieve the success you really desire!

Telling Yourself What Matters to Be Successful

What things most concern you in this life? Are you most concerned with your responsibilities for the day and what affects your family or are you more wrapped up into the drama around you?

Here is what you should be telling yourself to be successful.

1. Don’t make excuses. Those who become successful won’t make excuses. Do you? If you want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you won’t.

2. Be flexible when you need to be. Did you know that flexibility is the most important trait of those who become successful? It takes flexibility to do what needs to be done, and that means that you may need to stay up late or get up early if need be.

3. You don’t and won’t quit. Did you know that winners never quit and quitters never win? This saying may sound so cliché, but it’s true. Don’t quit.

4. You are a business. Those who have a business run, run it as a business. If you don’t, you’ll get way too personal and you’ll lose your focus.

5. You have goals that are crystal clear. It’s important that you set goals for yourself or you won’t have a roadmap to help you get clear on where you are going and how to get there. There is no goal too small to not take note of it. Write your goals down and then commit to them.
6. Sacrifice is important. Did you know that successful people don’t get anywhere without making a huge sacrifice? If it helps you meet
your goals then make it happen.

7. Be willing to break things. Have you ever been in a situation in which you treaded lightly? How about walking on egg shells because you were afraid of what would happen? If you want to be successful, jump in with both feet and don’t look back. Looking back could mean changing your focus to negative things.

8. Live in the now, and forgive quickly. Did you know that successful people don’t get caught up in the daily drama that plagues most of this world? While many people seem to be angry with others or blaming others for their problems, remember, what you do is up to you. Focus on the future and not the past.

9. Embrace change and move on. Did you know that successful people always embrace change? They don’t focus on what they can’t do differently. Instead, if change comes tell yourself that you can move forward and have the success you desire.

10. Be thankful and grateful. Did you know that successful people are grateful for what they have and what they know? Being grateful for good things is so important, and it’s vital that you give thanks in all things. Be thankful and grateful, and success is sure to come your way.

What will you do for success? It’s important that you ask yourself if you are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful!

What are your thoughts?

James Hunter

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How Good Nutrition Can Ease Arthritis Pain

Did you know that good nutrition can ease arthritis pain? While it may seem impossible to eat your way to less pain, it’s certainly true that you can.

There have been decades of research and studies done to find out what foods you can eat to ease arthritis pain, and how they work. It was Hippocrates that said, “Let they food be thy medicine”, right?relieve-arthritis-pain-during-pregnancy-up-date-idiopathic-juvenile-cbx

You don’t have to worry about your pain any longer if you are researching eating healthier. Today, I’ll share with you how good nutrition can ease arthritis pain, and I’ll share with you what it is about these foods that makes the difference.

Learning How Good Nutrition Can Ease Arthritis Pain for Good

Inflammation can be really painful, and if you suffer from arthritis, then you know all too well just how painful it can be. You may find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, or you may feel as though someone is pulling your arms and legs in four different directions.

Eating healthy IS important for every person, but when inflammation strikes it’s vital that you learn how you can eat to be pain free rather than rely on the use of narcotics and other drugs to feel better.

Here are some facts about how good nutrition can ease arthritis pain.


1. Omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are found in oily fish like salmon, herring, mackerel, tuna, and sardines. The omega 3 fatty acids are great for dialing down inflammation and lubricating your joints naturally. Eating these fish is even better than taking the caplets, because you are able to consume it directly from the source. Eat these fish twice a week if you can.

2. Avoid refined sugar and gluten when possible. No sugar and no gluten is really hard to come by, but if you can do your best, you’ll feel the difference. Sugar is super inflammatory, and gluten also boosts inflammation as well as sinus problems and allergies. Opt for stevia when possible, and switch to rye and pumpernickel with bread.

3. Weight loss means less pressure on weight bearing joints. If you are overweight, your joints will feel the pressure and cry out for help. In the meantime, a proper diet can start healing the degeneration of the joint and soft tissues in between your bones. Don’t put off good nutrition any longer. You need to be easy on the joints starting now.

4. Eat for anti-inflammation. If you have arthritis you most likely could experience a little thing called gout. Gout happens when uric acid stores up in the body and it crystallizes in the joints. This happens often in the toes and in the fingers as well. It’s super painful, and drinking cherry juice is quite helpful. Cherry’s contain what is known as anthocyanins, and cranberries have it too. This will help reduce the purine in the body, thus reducing the chances of gout.

5. Cut starches too. Sugar is inflammatory, and so are starches. Starches like potatoes, dairy, bread, are all super starchy and high in carbs. If you can trim the starch and the sugar you’ll be able to reduce the inflammation in the body and lose weight as you go. It’s a super rewarding outcome.

Don’t put off getting healthy, because you never know if tomorrow will come. If you are suffering from painful inflammation in the body and you can’t seem to shake it, start studying how good nutrition can ease arthritis pain for good.

What are you thoughts?

James Hunter


Questions for Successful People

There are questions that you may not want to ask others, but what about the questions that successful people answer?48e051543f142b49d7e462671541591c

This might get you thinking about interviews with famous actors, actresses, and even athletes. What is the difference between you and those people that answer the tough questions?

Everyone has a different way of doing things, and everyone has a different way of answering questions. Depending on what type of person you are, you may not want to answer these questions. Do you understand that most people just want to avoid facing the battle of life?

Today, I’ll share with you the questions for successful people that most folks won’t answer, and the important questions that you should ask yourself.

Questions for Successful People to Answer

If you want to be a success in life and in business, then it’s important that you answer some questions and be honest with yourself. Oftentimes, we can tell ourselves something for so long that we begin to believe it and yet it’s not even close to the truth about who we are.

Here are some questions for successful people to answer honestly.


1. Am I doing what I really want to do? If you don’t have passion for what you are doing, you will not have the success that you desire. Be honest with yourself, even if you chose a career that your parents wanted you to choose. Be true to who you are.

2. Is this a path that will help me to grow? Growing as a person is important, but life is also about choosing a path that will help you grow. Are you growing into a better person? Are you making a valuable contribution to society? If the path you’ve chosen isn’t helping you grow, then you need to reconsider your path.

3. Do I have a strategy? Successful people are strategic. Did you know that successful people usually have a blueprint for what they want to accomplish? It isn’t every day that successful people just wake up and say, “Hey, I wanna do this thing!” Planning and approaching something strategically is just how it works.

4. Do I believe I can? Belief is the MOST important thing you can have in life. If you don’t have the belief that you can do something, you’ll be hard pressed to accomplish it. What is it that you want to accomplish? Do you believe you can? If you don’t, work on it. BELIEF is the key to doing great things.

5. What are my strengths? Success is all about playing to your strengths and focusing on your gifts. If you are trying to do too many other things that you aren’t good at, you’ll be wasting valuable time and energy.

It’s important that you know what questions successful people are asking themselves on their journey. You can do the same and get the same results. Everything you want is within reach.

If you want to do more, be more, and have more in life, then always ask the questions for successful people.

What are your thoughts?

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