Why Yoga is One of the Best Home Workouts

While yoga is great for stretching the body, it’s one of the best home workouts for stretching the mind as well. If you have ever used a personal trainer, then you are familiar with the teaching that the mind and the body should become one.

This is true, and yoga focuses on this very principle. The power of focus is rooted in yoga, and it’s an ancient practice that will get you to let go and be the best you that you can be.

Here is a list of 7 things that you’ll experience when you begin to practice yoga.


Best Home Workouts Bring Out the Best in You

Everything you do in life should be about bringing out the best in yourself. What is it that you do best? Here are 7 reasons that yoga is one of the best home workouts you could possibly do.

1. You’ll let go of things and people that don’t serve your well-being. You can think it sounds hokey, but the practice of yoga is all about letting go. Yoga will teach you how to let your emotions go, and how to push your body. Restraints will disappear and you’ll have breakthroughs on limitations and thoughts.

2. You’ll gain more confidence. Many people suffer from a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Once you discover how strong yoga makes you, you’ll begin to feel more confident about your body and self-image.

3. You’ll pay close attention to what you put in your body. Yoga is such a practice of focus that it helps you put focus on the foods you choose. Are you choosing wisely? Are you eating foods that fuel your body? Yoga will help you develop a deep appreciation for yourself.

4. You’ll sleep better. Focus, stretching the body and mind will bring your body into balance. Oftentimes, people fail to get the right sleep because they are thinking about too many things or they are in pain. Yoga will help you focus on strengthening the body while putting the mind at ease. This helps you sleep naturally.

5. You’ll be more mindful of everything you do. Have you ever used a workout in your home that helped you to think carefully before you cook, clean, or even call a friend? Yoga will help you become more mindful of everything you do. You’ll see the world differently.

6. You’ll discover how healing your breath can be. Breathing is the focus of yoga as well as the focus on self. Breathing is important as you work out so that oxygen flows properly through the lungs, heart, and the brain. The ability to balance your breathing means you’ll be able to manage stress better, which means a stronger immune system.

7. You’ll have less pain. Do you suffer from chronic pain? Fibromyalgia is a common ailment, but arthritis, muscle spasms are also a common problem. Yoga will help stretch, strengthen, and calm your mind and body, thus less pain.
Yoga is a tremendous way to slow down, stretch and strengthen your entire body. It’s important that you feel good about yourself, but that you feel good.


If you are in need of relief from chronic pain, weight loss, and more mental clarity, yoga is one of the best home workouts you could choose!

What are your thoughts?

James Hunter

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Why Buying Experiences Means More than Buying Things

Taking risks is by far the most important thing you could do in business, and buying experiences is really important. You can spend money on any number of things, but what will matter most is how you can create memories.

Consumption seems to be the name of the game, with houses and cars at the top of the list. What is most meaningful to you? Do you find meaning in travel or do you find it how much you gambled in Vegas?

If you spend ANY amount of time watching television, then you see enough commercials to last a lifetime. That said, what if I told you that commercials can be one of the most convincing tools to get you to spend your money?

Today, I’ll share with you WHY buying experiences in life is truly more enriching and uplifting than anything else you’ll ever do.

Buying Experiences Surpasses Buying Material Goods

You’ve heard it said that you can’t buy love. This is true, and while buying power can simplify certain things in your life, there are so many things it cannot simplify. Here is why buying experiences will bring you more happiness than material things.

1. You can’t quantify them. Everything you buy has a retail price or auction price, right? With experiences, there is no price tag that you can put on them. I’ve met many a person that said, “Man, that cost me more than I thought but it was totally worth it.” Point made.

2. Your passion will come through with experiences. Passion is different from “I like that”, or “I love that”. Passion speaks to the thought that, “I’ll do ANYTHING to make it happen.” What would it take for you to get your dream vacation? That is the passion we are talking about. It’s that experience that will drive you to do more or inspiration that helps you to be more.

3. You’ll spread your wings and fly. Experiences are the things that help you stretch. Your gifts and talents will help you do more, and do it for a higher price tag. You’ll discover that you are capable of doing more than you are used to, and you’ll also find out that not everyone lives like you do. Gain valuable experience just by working with others that are nothing like you. It’s what makes the world go round.

4. You’ll learn valuable life lessons. When you travel outside the country, you’ll learn a lot about foreign culture. Other cultures do not live or act like we do. This will teach you how to respect others and where they come from. Life lessons top anything else you could ever do.

5. You’ll learn to express gratitude. Did you know that most folks are not grateful for what they have? While we seem to have it all in America, most Americans don’t seem to think that they have much to be grateful for. The suicide rate is higher in America than anywhere else. This permanent solution to a temporary shows that we tend to focus on ourselves and our problems. It’s time to get into others and how we can help more people.

6. You’ll have memories to share with your children and others. Memories are a blessing, and as you share them with others you’ll discover that those around you could use more exposure to the world too. Could you stand to make more memories and meaning in your life?
There is nothing like experience. Some say its education, but that can be bought. The experience of going to college and living in a dorm is an experience. See the difference? Don’t forget how important it is to get outside of the world you live in, and you’ll see that buying experiences brings you a lot more joy than buying stuff.

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Is Business Coaching Necessary?

Many would argue that business coaching is necessary, but is it? Many years ago, it was believed that coaching individuals in business was simply a trend. Now it appears that the great leaders of our time have stepped forward to prove it’s fundamental.

A tough economy and tough times in your personal life can make you NOT want to go to work. Tough times can make you NOT want to care about what happens at your job. In fact, most employees and even those at the executive level are getting burnt out early on in their day.

Turning to taking time off isn’t always an option, so what you are left with is the option of getting a coach or a mentor. Business coaching is now deemed fundamental, and today, I’ll share with you more why more organizations are requiring that their upper level management can do it.

Why Business Coaching is Essential

Those who coach others in a full-time practice, are generally experienced and committed to not only bettering others but bettering themselves.

These individuals aren’t perfect, but they know what they have to work on and at what pace. The biggest challenge for organizations that want managers to coach employees must understand that they need to provide managers with the proper training.

Those who are qualified to manage should know how to manage a business and people, but they may not necessarily have tip-top coaching skills. This is generally because most managers are better at telling others what to do, than listening to their needs.

Here are the 5 categories that skills for business coaching are broken down into.

1. Relationship building. Getting to know people and what THEY want is important. This transfers into how you conduct business. If you don’t know anything about your customer or what they want, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to earn their business. Managers also have to set boundaries for themselves and the employee. It’s important that the roles are understood and solidified.

2. Proper assessment. Managers need to be the key in helping their employees get clear on what they want, and where they want to go. You as an individual have the responsibility to yourself to be aware of who you are and your skills. You need to clearly identify any problem areas and you also need to clarify what your intentions are.

3. Coaches need to challenge others. It’s important that coaches and managers are able to ask open-ended questions. When faced with an issue, are you able to think of a different way to handle the problem? If you are pushing your employee or client, then talk to them about taking risks. Even if they are calculated risks they have to be taken.

4. A support and encouragement all in one. Did you know that as a manager, support and encouragement are all rolled into one? At least, they should be. If you don’t have managers that are coaching employees into making progress and setting new goals, then neither of you will have the bigger picture in place. It’s all about providing a support system while pushing them to do more, be more, and have more.

5. Be results driven. Did you know that getting results is the key to helping your employees or clients achieve success? If you didn’t think that pushing them was ideal, think again. While you offer support, you still need to push your employees and clients to do more. Stretch them, and ask them to do things that are more challenging each time. If it’s easy, growth is unlikely.
If you select the right people you’ll know as things progress. Making progress is important. When you can’t see positive change, you’ll have to reconsider your methods and those in charge.

While the fundamentals are all there, business coaching is NOT without its challenges, but nonetheless rewarding.

James Hunter
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5 Signs of Financial Suicide

Have you ever heard the term “financial suicide”? Chances are you have heard something like this, but maybe the word suicide didn’t quite make it to the table. It’s harsh, but it paints a great picture for people that are making horrid mistakes of a financial kind.

Financial responsibility comes with an education, and it also has to come with a strong commitment. What would you do to change your life for the better financially? What are you doing right now that is killing you financially?

Today, I’ll share with you some of the top ways that people commit financial suicide, but they may not even realize it.

Facing Financial Suicide

If you want to retire with plenty of money and be able to leave a legacy for your family, I suggest that you take this list of 5 ways that you are committing financial suicide very seriously.

1. You depend on others to help you fix your finances. Did you know that depending on others for money is one of the worst things you can do? If you borrow money from others for everything you’ll grow dependent upon them for everything. You are responsible for your own life, and you should never expect others to bail you out.

2. You borrow from payday loan houses. Payday loans are one of the worst resources you can turn to for money. These loans are extremely high interest which means you’ll pay a high fee on top of the money you are borrowing. The concept is to borrow money until you get your paycheck. If you don’t have the money now, why would you have it then? These loans are too hard to pay back, and you should avoid them at all costs.

3. You charge it all of the time. Do you pay off your credit card and charge everything on it again? If you are doing this, you are considered high risk. Think about whether or not continuing to run up the debt is really doing you any good. Do you have to buy those shoes right now? The answer is always NO.

4. You just have to have that house. When you bought your home, did you take a loan that you knew you couldn’t afford? You were probably well aware that the loan was helping you buy a home you didn’t need and couldn’t afford. Buy only what you need and move on.

5. You aren’t planning for retirement. Did you know that most people are not ready to retire by retirement age? This is because they don’t have enough saved up, and they most likely still have debt. You should be buying less “stuff”, and putting more away to retire. Do you want to work until you are 80?

Your finances are everything, and if you don’t plan ahead you’ll not only face tremendous stress, but you’ll live with the pain of working when you should be enjoying your family. Don’t waste your money!

If you want to be comfortable later in life and enjoy your family time, stop committing financial suicide and find someone to help you forge a new path.

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check this out and start building your future. Click Here  After you watch this contact me if you have any other questions. Have a Great day.

Catering Content to Your Customer

Whether or not you believe in content marketing as a way to market your business, your campaign is all about catering content to your customer.

Writing content is never really about how great it is, or even how clever you are with keywords. You need to focus on hitting your customer’s pain points, and the challenges they may face as they go through the buying experience.

So, why is it that so many marketers fail to focus on perfecting content marketing? Today, I’ll share with you how you can start catering content to your customer and overcome the barriers of online sales forever.

Catering Content to Your Customer to Get Them Talking

Writing content is a great way to market your business, but if you aren’t writing to your target market then it’s all in vain.

Even if you believe that you are writing to your target market, what is it that tells you that you aren’t doing so hot? It’s not built on the right buyer persona.

There are tons of tools out there that you can use to help develop your content but none of them are really designed to help you build a buyer persona.

Here are some of the tools that are highly promoted for marketing content.

1. Google keyword tool.
2. Google insights.
3. Google trends.
4. Social media monitoring/ management.
5. Demographic tools/ geo-targeting.

These tools are only for the writing and research portion which means that you’re going to have do a lot more research than you planned originally. You need to know everything about your buyer including:

• Where they live
• Where they work
• What type of house they buy
• Their hobbies
• How they work and live in the community
• What they eat
• Where they shop
• How much money they make per year
• How much money they save per year

Building a buyer persona should be easy to understand, but most marketers don’t get that it’s essential to marketing every type of business. This just isn’t for online marketing folks; this is the end-all-be-all for ALL types of content.

When you made your last video, did it target your ideal buyer? What did you say? What did you wear? Everything about all of your media formats should click with your buyer.

The message has to resonate otherwise there is no point in creating a message. Writing a blog is a great tool for you to use to market yourself, but what about the customer? Shouldn’t it really be for the customer instead of you?

When you create a buyer persona, it’s all about being definitive. You need to be so clear that you can build this person as a clone! The brain, skin tone, mannerisms and everything that follow should be a part of building this persona.

Go back and review your content. Does it speak to your ideal buyer persona? If not, you need to be clear on how you can start catering content to your customer.


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How to Invest Wisely and Retire for Good

Have you been trying to find the perfect formula to invest wisely so you can retire without worry? So many Americans are trying to figure out what they need to do in order to retire without owing money and having enough to travel and give to charity.

Traveling is a great way to spend your time when you retire, and giving to charity is also a great way to spend your time. However, it’s all dependent upon how you invest your money and your time right now.

Do you spend time focusing on getting projects done that will bring you more income? Do you spend all of your free time in front of the television? If you are spending too much time getting entertained rather than working on activities that produce income you aren’t likely to retire well.

Today, I’ll give you some tips on how to invest wisely so you can retire without working part-time and worrying about how you’ll pay your expenses until the day you die.

Invest Wisely and Avoid Mistakes

You have probably heard that being conservative is a good thing when it comes to money. Yes, this is true. However, when you invest wisely in stocks it’s about breaking out of that conservative mold.

Here are some things to think about:

1. Purchasing power does account for something, so mix it up and put your money in different places.

2. Equity markets aren’t as volatile as you think they are. If you are retiring in 5 years or longer, your portfolio will grow and outlive inflation. Growth will occur and thinking long-term is always more secure.

3. Don’t feel pressure to invest all of your money right now. This is especially true if you have received a lump sum. This could be from an inheritance or a settlement. Invest in various area over time, and you’ll be so glad you did.

4. Plan to live long and prosper! Don’t worry or stress about your retirement age. Plan to live until you are 100. This is a good life, so consider that once you have hit age 65 or beyond, you still have many more years to go!

5. Put your cash where it will earn the most money. Even if you had a stockpile of cash, and it’s not earning interest, inflation will beat you.

More than half of all Americans are not quite prepared. This is a big number. Even prior to the hard hit from the economy it’s too big a number to say that people took the time to think about how they would store up their funds.

When was the last time you sat down with a financial planner? You don’t have to know everything about investing in order to get it right. There is no need for you to fake it until you make it. If you don’t know what to do then ask for help.

Once you get the advice and guidance you need, it’s time to invest wisely and focus on a comfortable retirement.

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6 Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

There are tons of exercises you can do while watching TV rather than buying an expensive membership to the gym. Even if you’ve been a member of a gym you’re whole life, you’ll discover that working out at home can be just as beneficial.

A membership isn’t what makes you fit, but rather your discipline. This is why working out at home is just as effective as working out at the gym. It’s all about your discipline and your faithfulness in keeping up with your workouts and tracking your progress.

Here are 6 exercises you can do while watching TV, and you’ll save a bundle by NOT going to the gym!

  1. Curtsy Squat for the Ladies. Squats aren’t just for guys, but hey gents, you can do them too. You’ll start in a standing position, with your feet about hip width apart. Bring one leg behind you as if you are going to do a curtsy. Then squat down, as low as you can go. Then, you’ll go back up. You can do reps or you can do by seconds. Reps are what I like. J
  2. Push-ups. You can do these any way you wish, because you may need to modify them. A great one is walk-out push-ups because they are the most challenging. You start out standing, bend at the waist to touch your toes, and then you’ll walk down into a push-up. You’ll then go back up to the touching your toes position, and then you’ll stand.
  3. V-Crunch or variation. Crunches may not feel simple but they are in nature. However, if you are ready to kick it up a notch, try a v-crunch. This means that you’ll take a ball and hold it in your hands. Start by lying flat on the floor with your arms above your head. Hold a ball in your hands, and start moving into a crunch position while holding the ball straight up in the air as you move your legs up into the air as well. You’ll move your body into a v as you crunch those abs. Feel the burn! J
  4. Downward dog movement. While you aren’t doing this during a yoga workout, you can do this to work those abs and stretch out your back. Get on your knees into the downward dog position, and as you exhale push your back up while drawing your abs in. Squeeze them tight as you can while rounding your back. Then you’ll move into the true downward dog position as you inhale. Then repeat. You’ll feel the stretch and work those abs at the same time.
  5. Dumbbell press. Even if you don’t have a weight bench, you can still use dumbbells at a weight that you’re comfortable with.Start out with 2 pounds if you have to, and slowly work your way up. You’ll lay flat on the floor with the dumbbells in your hand. As you exhale, push the dumbbells up. As you inhale, bring them back down to your chest.
  6. Everyone wants to look good from the rear! Lunges are a great way to solve that problem. You’ll start in a standing position, and then step out in front with your right or left foot. Keep your back leg right where it’s at, and lung without touching the floor. Stay in that position for a few seconds and then go back into a standing position.

These exercises are great, and you can do them right in the comfort of your own home. Start out today doing these 6 exercises you can while watching TV, and you’ll look and feel great without breaking the bank!



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P.S. CLICK HERE see what some of my friends are doing to get there workout on from home.

Why You Should Never Let Your Problems Drive Your Decisions

While problems are only temporary, there is good reason for you to never let your problems drive your decisions. Oftentimes, when challenges come, it’s easy for us to be driven by our emotions.

You can easily take control of your life by controlling your emotions. If you can control your emotions, you’ll be able to put your problems into perspective and think before you take action.

It’s tough to think about your reaction first when pain is so immediate. What can you do when you feel as though you are desperate for something to happen or change? How can you make sure that your problems don’t tempt you to make exceptions that you normally wouldn’t make?

Today, I’ll share with you why you should never your let problems drive your decisions and the steps you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen.
Never Let Your Problems Drive Your Decisions is Great Advice!

What should be the driving force behind the decisions that you make? It should never be your problems, but rather your values. This can make or break you in the course of your life.

There are many things that will impact the decisions you make, but above all they should be driven by your values. Money is important, but it should never be what turns the key for your business.

The very FIRST question you should ask is, “Does this line up with what I believe?” Secondly, “Am I being authentic?” If you can’t answer these two questions with a yes, look for other options. However, I personally believe that the amount of money you can make should be the first question you ask.

You should also use a specific process to make your decisions.

1. Make your decisions with certain constraints. Are your resources limited? Do you have a certain amount of money you have to work with?

2. Use a checklist of what lines up with your integrity. By what standards do you hold yourself accountable?

Don’t always assume that you have to make a certain amount of money or come from a certain zip code. Don’t believe that you have to graduate with honors in high school or in college. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things, but they don’t determine who has the most success in life.

You’ll find that when you study the lives of millionaires, CEO’s and other top-notch executives come from orphanages, have a history of abuse, or even extreme poverty. They probably worked their tails off to overcompensate for their life story.
These are all great stories, and they should prove something to you. That something is that you don’t have to start out with great wealth or means.
You can be a person of values and morals and achieve anything you desire if you set your mind to it. Never let your problems drive your decisions, but always let your core values be your guide.



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Top 5 Home Workouts for Those Who Want to Avoid the Gym

Buying a gym membership can be expensive and home workouts are just as good to help you trim down and get into shape.

While there are a plethora of choices when it comes to equipment you still have to exercise discretion when choosing the best equipment for you.

Most likely, you feel as though you need the most expensive equipment in order to get the best workout or the best results.

You can work out at home near your television as well as your backyard if you plan your workout just right. Today, I’ll share a few tips with you on home workouts.

Home Workouts for Every Week

There are tons of exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home every single week. Home workouts are simple, and they won’t cost you a thing. Here are some exercises you can do and easily keep a chart of.

These are easy to do in your own home, and you can easily do 2 sets of 20 to start. Work your way up.

Flat Bench Leg Raises. These are easy to do as well, and all you need is a flat surface like a workout bench. The workout bench forces you to use your core to lift your legs versus just raising your legs up and down. 2 sets of 20 anyone? Feel the burn.

Sit ups. It has been said that doing sit ups is a great way to trim the tummy. These can be stressful on your lower back if you don’t use your abdominals to pull you up. Sit ups can be done in variations to help you achieve a sleek look on the side as well. Start out with 2 sets of 20. Feel the burn yet again!

Bicycle with your legs. Riding a bike is great exercise, but if you don’t have one you can still use the movement to build strong abs and trim the hips too. Lay flat on your back and lift your legs off the floor. The last step is to move your legs as if you are riding a bike. Try 2 sets of 20, but if you struggle with low back problems, start out with 2 sets of 10.

Planks. Planks aren’t the easiest exercise to do, but they are worthwhile and it’s hard work. You’ll be laying on your abdominals, then raise your body up off of the ground while raising yourself up on your toes. You’ll support yourself with your arms, forearms on the floor and fists on the floor. You’ll use your abs to hold your position. This is a great core strengthening exercise. Try doing these for as many seconds as you can, and try to get in as many reps as you can. This isn’t a marathon, so start small and keep working at it.

Lunges with dumbbell. Lunges are great to do alone because you can really shape the legs as well as the buttocks and hips. Lunges are great but it may take time to get your balance. Increase the challenge by using dumbbells.

This is a list of just 6 exercises you can do to get moving at home, but they are a great foundation to build upon.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a gym membership to get into shape, but with home workouts you need even more commitment to keep going to get into shape.


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