Why Veteran’s Benefits Were Voted Down

Veteran’s benefits were voted down in 2015 and unfortunately the issue is still lingering. Did you know that 41 senators voted down on veterans and blocked a bill from being passed regarding veterans getting their benefits? The whole purpose behind the benefits being written up was to improve upon the benefits that veterans were receiving.

The bill was created in 2014, and the core concept behind the creation of the bill was to ensure that combat veterans coming home from Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. Medical services for veterans had been lacking in not only the true professionalism of doctors, but also in the level of care that they were receiving both in the doctor’s offices as well as in the hospitals.

The good news is that in 2015, a bill was passed to improve the medical services for veterans. The one question that veterans and their family members still have is what was in that bill?

Today, I’m going to share with why veteran’s benefits were voted down the first time, and what’s happening to make positive change in veteran’s care.

Understanding Why Veteran’s Benefits Were Voted Down

The Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits of Military Retirement Pay and Restoration Act was voted down in 2014. This was the original bill that was up for voting, and was intended in order to provide veterans with better care.

The bill was written up to provide more than $21 billion dollars to improved medical services for veterans. Another important part of this bill was to accommodate the cost-of-living that is incurred every year, and it’s also designed to help provide caregivers of veterans a monthly stipend to assist them in their willingness to help their loved ones.

Senators wanted to see that veteran’s benefits were voted down because they felt that the monthly stipend for caregivers was too great of an expense to carry in the bill.

The bill was originally focused more on the families of those who were serving post 9-11, but as more problems were arising within the VA medical centers, there was much speculation on whether or not the bill should extend well beyond the post 9-11 veterans.

Bernie Sanders was the first one to introduce the bill and was an independent candidate. More importantly, Senators tried to make a case against the bill being passed because of debt.

Didn’t President Obama continue to print money while our country was already $18 trillion dollars in debt? If he is willing to print money, at least consider other areas in which you could spend that money. Isn’t that fair enough?

The reality is that the veterans are the ones fighting for this country and our freedoms. Why is it that veterans would then be the last considered for improved medical services and care? Why are the caregivers that stand by the side of hurting warriors not considered for jobs and stipends?

It’s so important that veterans get the care they need. These men and women put their lives on the line at every turn, and they never think twice about standing up for you and your right to vote, your right to have a family, your right to choose a career, and you’re various other freedoms.

Today, I would encourage you to think about how you’re going to vote. Vote value. That’s all I can tell you. Don’t let veterans benefits were voted down happen again.






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Interacting with Your Customers at Every Level of the Journey

Interacting with your customers at every level is important if you want to run a successful business. Have you ever watched them go through the steps of the journey?

When you put up your website, did you go through the entire process just as your customer would? Content marketing brought your customers to you, but what happens after that?

Is there enough content to take them from step 1 to step 2? Do you know what your customer sees at every turn? Creating value for your customer is vital to them wanting to go through each step.

If you aren’t creating value then you aren’t going to win customers over. You need to implement a model that enriches the entire experience your customer has, and you need to make sure that you are interacting with each other through the entire process.

Customers want a great experience, but if you haven’t created that for them they will go elsewhere. What can you do to ultimately change the way you do business in order to create value?

It’s time to fully embrace your vision, and it’s time for you to narrow down your system and the processes you’ll use.

Today, I’ll tell you why content marketing is the linchpin of everything you do for your business, and how you can integrate this into every facet of your business, every single day.

How Interacting with Your Customers at Every Level is Easily Enforced

Building a business that is forward thinking is important. You should never be afraid to do what is uncomfortable, because most likely you are on the edge of something great.

Your customers are the most important thing to you, because without them you wouldn’t make any sales. Right?

So, the content that you write, record on video, and otherwise is all important. It all matters, and it’s essential that you stand out from the crowd with every piece of content you create.

There are systems and processes that you can adopt for your marketing campaign to help boost your exposure. You’ll find in time that a transformation will do your business good.

Its okay to make changes along the way, and it’s important that you do for the sake of your exposure as well as your longevity.

Here are some simple steps you can take to make that transformation for interacting with your customers at every level.

  1. Have a purpose. When you launch a marketing campaign you need a purpose to do so. If you have no purpose you will ultimately be unable to attract readers to your website and keep them there. Have a real purpose with a niche market in mind. If you focus on a niche it is much easier to have the success you desire. Set goals for your business, sit down and workup a content strategy, and focus on content that falls into alignment with your goals.
  2. Write up your mission for your marketing. If you have not done this, you are missing a critical piece of the puzzle. Write out your mission for your marketing campaign, and make sure that you address your niche market, and make it abundantly clear what you are doing to help your customers solve their problem. Know the outcome you desire, and your mission will be super clear.
  3. Ideas for getting started. Focus on your goals, and make a list of the first goal for your business. Leads are the life blood of your business, so don’t forget this. You need to generate awareness in the marketplace, but above all, you need to know that without your goals and a clear vision, this will be difficult to do. Focus on what generates leads, so that you can in turn get the opportunities.
  4. Build personas. If you are focused on a niche market, then you need to know your customer inside and out. If you don’t, then you’ll fail miserable. Build personas that will describe your customer to a tee. Where do they live? What do they eat? Where do they like to shop? What zip codes do they live in? It all matters. Then you’ll have an idea of what you need to do to get started.

Do you feel more confident your ability to create great content? Are you ready to build a new marketing campaign?

Start at the beginning, and focus on your customer. The more customer centric you make your campaign the more likely you are to have success with interacting with your customers at every level.





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How to Measure Progress for Your Personal Goals

Progress is important, and it’s vital to measure progress for your personal goals. Your personal goals have everything to do with what you do in life. How well do you work with others? Do you plan ahead for massive success? Are you reaching your goals?

While you begin to feel as though there is never enough time in your day, just remember that what matters most is that you are goal oriented, and that you focus on the end result.

Goals should be set for a reason. Once you set them, it’s important that you measure progress on a daily basis. Did you do what you wanted to do? Did you accomplish what you set out to do?

How close do you get to accomplishing your goals each day? Goals must be set daily, weekly, and monthly.

Today, I’m going to share with you how you can set goals and track progress to ensure that you always get the desired outcome, while achieving personal success on a massive level!

Measure Progress for Your Personal Goals Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Okay. I get it. You are tired of setting goals.

Keep in mind that without goals you’ll never get anywhere. In fact, you will never achieve anything that you have set out to do if you don’t set goals.

Dreams are great, but if you have no real plan you can forget achieving those goals. It’s vital that you measure progress for your goals. You need to set goals daily for yourself, so that you can have a weekly goal as well.

Once you set the weekly goals, you’ll want have a vision of where you would like to end up for the month. Some scientific research has an opinion on whether or not measuring your progress each month is really worth it.

What’s the key to making more progress? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Setting goals gives you something to focus on and work toward. Remember, without setting goals you’ll remain stalemate. When you give yourself something to focus on, you are more likely to focus on the work that gets that goal accomplished. When you are determined to work toward something, you are most likely to feel as though you are taken care of. Your well-being depends on it.
  2. Seeing that you have achieved your goals breeds happiness. You should always live with an attitude of gratitude, but tracking your progress when it comes to your goals will help you feel happier and more confident. This is important to help you gain momentum.
  3. Set goals from your own motivation. Sales is a great example. In fact, this pertains to sales of any kind. When you set goals that are directly related to what motivates you most is going to drive you to work harder to achieve it. People that are driven towards certain things and want them badly are most likely to do the work to achieve the goal. It’s a no brainer.
  4. Goals that are growth oriented are more likely to be achieved. Did you know that goals that are written out and focused on to avoid a negative outcome are detrimental to your success? Don’t ever believe that setting goals isn’t worth the time, but make sure the focus for your goals is positive.

Goals are a vital part of your success in life and for your business. What are your goals? Once you set them, make sure that you take the time to measure progress for your personal goals.




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How Branding and Social Media Work Together

Branding has never been easier in an age of social media, but it’s important to remember that branding and social media work together.

Whether Facebook, YouTube or other social sites enter the conversation is irrelevant. What matters most is that you can easily learn how to build your brand with examples of businesses before you that were successful in doing so.

Creative agencies are building buzz by sharing more through memes, images, and the buzz they create with marketing. Technology has allowed us to get to a better place, a more firm foundation when it comes to building a business.

In fact, branding is now one of the first things an entrepreneur will focus on before they do anything else. What if you could attract your ideal customer with very little effort?

The core of the digital strategy is branding, because social media alone doesn’t work. In fact, so many businesses have taken a shot at it and it didn’t work well for them. This isn’t unusual, but it’s important to understand how branding and social media work together for the greater good and the long-term endeavor.

Today, I’ll share with you what works and what doesn’t.

Branding and Social Media Work Together in All Aspects

Working directly with customers is important, and it’s because nothing will beat the direct contact. Although social media isn’t direct and face to face, it’s still putting yourself out there.

Through platforms like Facebook, you can get what I call “super engagement”. This means starting a conversation and getting some real feedback from people.

What is the secret behind how branding and social media work together? It’s actually by sharing information and publishing information that is relevant to various cultures.

When all cultures feel welcome, there is a specific banter that occurs. Branded content is a big deal these days, and it’s building new and solid relationships that matter.

Here are a few ways in which you can count on branding and social media to work together in your favor.

  1. Invest time into learning the TRUE definition of branding. Branding isn’t the same for everyone. Branding is often misunderstood and it is often not defined properly. Study the definition and gain a greater understanding of what it means.
  2. Invest time into learning social media and how to use it. Social media is often viewed as the place to share personal information, but it can be a great way to grow your business as well. Study each platform, starting with Facebook and YouTube, and learn how to use them together effectively.
  3. Focus on building relationships. Regardless of what you do with your business, keep in mind that there is no substitute for building relationships. Running ads is always a great way to direct traffic back to your page, but it’s also important that you reach out to someone personally when you can. Crowdculture, a more modern term is a great way to get engagement on Facebook and Twitter. Talking about things that apply to groups of people will always be more beneficial. This is where relationships are forged short-term as well as long-term.
  4. Always be authentic in branding and with social media. Regardless of what you’re working on, both branding and social media should be authentic. Being authentic is essential to gaining some traction with your audience as well. Don’t lie to them. Be authentic.

There is a lot to think about before you speak through social media and as you build your brand. Branding and social media can work together to create a tremendous outcome for your business, and help you to build a solid relationship with your audience.




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Why Mobile Marketing is Growing by Leaps and Bounds in 2016

Mobile marketing is growing, and it’s still changing in 2016 to improve how people communicate as well as how businesses market themselves. There is no time to waste when it comes to finding ways to get better connected to your audience.

If you could connect with your audience quickly, how would you do it? If you could choose one marketing method or platform, what would it be?

Mobile devices and networks are used every single day, and they are also the quickest and easiest way to connect with anyone in the world.

Why should it matter to you that mobile marketing is growing in popularity? Is it true that you can address your niche market easier and faster with the mobile platform?

Today, I’m going to share with you why marketing with mobile tools is smart and innovative, and how you can change the way you market with mobile access.

Mobile Marketing is Getting Better by the Day

Mobile phones and applications are growing in popularity, and they are now being used more frequently than any other marketing tool.

Talking with others is the first way most individuals use their phone, but they also want to text and receive information directly to their phone as often as they can.

The smartphone has changed the way consumers use phones, but these consumers also know that they can easily access information as well as find any information they desire.

You can find any restaurant or any shopping center, and it can all be easily found with your local information if you permit search engines to peek at your location.

While it may seem intrusive, it’s one of the best reasons to use mobile marketing. Everyone has a phone now, and it’s a mobile phone. In fact, 95% of individuals have gotten rid of their landline phones and now only use their cell phone.

It’s ideal for those who want to be ready in the case of an emergency, but a part of this is being able to research the internet from the palm of your hand. You can do this with your mobile device.

Even if it’s a small tablet, consider that you can take that tablet anywhere and it’s easy to access vital information you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

Marketing with mobile devices can be done in several different ways:

  1. Text messaging.
  2. Coupon codes for use in-store.
  3. Mobile ads that are pop-ups like those on your screen.
  4. Interactive design that encourages the user to continue.
  5. Paying for meals and at the store.

It’s easier than ever to shop and manage all of your money from your mobile device. Additionally, you are able to do a “tap and pay” at most fast foods drive thrus. It’s a new culture, and it’s all about convenience.

This is great news for you, especially if you want to market your product or service for a lot less. Mobile marketing is the future of any business.





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Why Entrepreneurship Isn’t Just Revenue and Profits

It’s easy to get caught up in the revenue and profits side of entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurship is so much more than that. When you choose to become an entrepreneur you choose to start your own business, and with your own business you choose to be innovative and creative.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, and it isn’t one to take lightly. What you should know is that some of the most amazing individuals on the planet are entrepreneurs and they are passionate, driven, and most of all they are giving.

Building a business of your own comes with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Building your own business comes with some challenges that you must face head on. If you want to be the very best that you can be at what you do, then you’ll want to consider giving more of yourself and less of your business first.

I get it. You probably think I’m nuts, right? You might be wondering why in the world I believe that revenue and profits aren’t everything for your business.

This is because without the people and without the ability to solve problems, you cannot have a business. Without meeting the needs of others, you’ll never be able to build something real and productive. What do you do? How do you go about doing it?

Today, I’m going to share with you WHY entrepreneurship is much more than revenue and profits. I’ll also be sharing with you why you can’t believe that running a business is all about the inner workings of a business nor is it about the profits and all of your marketing.

It’s about the customer. Plain and simple.

Revenue and Profits Are Just the Beginning


You win. You need to make money. I get it. I’ve been there. In fact, I’m not going to give you some spiel about why making money is wrong, or how it’s the root of all kinds of evil. (It’s the LOVE of money, not the other way around.)

However, what you should know is that there is much more to the business than the business itself. Here are some things to think about before you get started, and why it’s more than revenue and profits.

  1. Will your business have a positive impact on the community? Will your business create jobs? Will your business allow you to contribute to the community financially? What about philanthropy? How does your business allow you to give back?
  2. How will your business impact your customers? Think about direct customers and those that are indirect. In many cases, this is about serving your customer with what helps to solve problems. This is also about how to get them on as a repeat customer, and it’s about teaching them how to be better as you help them solve their problem. An example would be, how a drug store can encourage customers to take better care of themselves by doing a better health month campaign. Discounting vitamins is just a small part of it, but encouraging them to walk with a friend, or to take a healthy cooking class will enhance that campaign. This speaks to the customer and tells them that you care.
  3. Focus on the positive impact and not the financial gain. Financial gain should be viewed as the end result of an action. There isn’t anything wrong with financial gain, but it’s often misunderstood that it’s vital to have a positive impact on the world around you as you build your business and help others solve problems. Money is great, but having a positive impact is greater.

I won’t get too carried away about the idea that you have to be socially conscious, but I am going to tell you that it’s important that you see the social impact your business has on others.

If you are seeking to improve the world around you then you are doing well by others. Always focus on the bigger picture, and you’re sure to win the hearts of millions to drive revenue and profits far beyond your wildest dreams.




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The Right Steps in a Facebook Ad Campaign Process: How to Do it Right

There are multiple steps to creating a Facebook ad campaign, but doing it right isn’t always easy. Thousands of folks set up campaigns every week, but do they work? Are they actually being done right?

Facebook isn’t so easy to figure out anymore, and running ads takes time and thought to put together. You need to put together an outline, and have processes and systems in place.

If you don’t have an audience to call your own, and you don’t know where to start this is ideal. You don’t have to be a whiz at Facebook, and if you were already, you would have no need to read this article!

Today, I’m going to share with you all of the steps to creating a Facebook ad campaign, and what you need to know before you get started.

What to do Before Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign

Success with your marketing is always about finding what works and repeating it. You’ll have to track the results, refine it, and then repeat it until you get the numbers you want.

Ultimately, there is a common problem. The problem is so common that almost every marketer does this. They want to run ads that target folks with specific interests, and then they want to build a lookalike audience to do the same thing.

I get it. It’s worked for quite a while and the results were most likely pretty good. However, there is more to running a Facebook ad than getting good results. Running an ad is more than just targeting specific interests and likes.

There is also more to this than testing a lookalike audience. What if these folks don’t know you? Most of them won’t. Actually, none of them do. Just sayin’.

How can you really get actionable results? How can you get down and dirty and run the ads that are most effective and get you REAL results?

You need a solid, long-term plan.

There are multiple steps to accomplishing what you want to accomplish. Don’t lose heart, I’m going to tell you how to start creating a Facebook ad campaign that gets these results.

  1. Build your audience. Okay, so you won’t know them all, or hardly at all, but you need to build your audience first. Content will always win the day here. This means articles, videos, rather than using a list. You can get likes all you want, but you don’t want it to be overkill. You can get likes, but you could get tons of likes with no subscribers or furthermore no real email list.
  2. Give them something to chew on. One of the toughest things about running ads is attraction the right subscriber. This means that you need to give them something in order to get their name and email. Do you have a freebie? It needs to be related to what you’re doing, but it shouldn’t cost anything. You now have an audience that you built in your first step, but you’ll want to give them something that gives them a reason to want to know more about you and how you can help them.
  3. Get a result. Selling stuff is a great way to make money right? A sale must be made in order to earn income, but trying to put an item in front of someone to buy isn’t always so simple or the best choice. Getting a real result is what you’re after, but building your audience always comes first. There may be more than one objective to begin building your audience. Determine what you want this result to be, and that will help you tailor make your campaign.

Look for clicks to your website, or at least that should be your goal. You can always use a great blog post that you’ve gotten multiple comments on, as well as learn how to use the pixel feature on Facebook. You’ll want to be able to re-market rather than re-target.

Always, always, run more than one ad at a time. You’ll be more likely to get the results you desire. It’s about making money, but building relationships comes first. You have to market the smart way, and it may take more time but it’s totally worth it.

Congrats on learning how to create a Facebook ad campaign with massive success!





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Prescription Discount Sites

The cost of prescription medications continues to go up, but one of the new trends patients see is with prescription discount sites. These sites aren’t related to insurance companies, but they provide you with a little insurance of your own on certain prescriptions.

These sites are not something your insurance company will promote, nor do they champion their cause. This is because insurance companies are only concerned with how your insurance coverage with them can help you. Insurance companies are not obligated to share information with you regarding any additional benefits unless you ask.

Outside services are something you’ll also have to look for on your own. The information I came across pertains to those who need prescription drugs within the United States, and it is also pertinent information for anyone that gets prescriptions on a regular basis.

Today, I’ll share the prescription discount sites that are rated as the top sources for discounts, and how you can use them to save your hard earned money.

Top Prescription Discount Sites

There are numerous prescription discount sites out there, but it’s tough to know what is right for you. Here are some of the top sites that made my list in my own personal research and chatting with friends and family about their own sources.

  1. GoodRx. This is a great one, and it seems most well-known pharmacies are encouraging their patients to use this site. The great thing about this particular tool is that anyone can use it. Those who have insurance probably won’t get much use of it unless they have a prescription that isn’t covered by their policy. However, once you are in a pharmacies system, this acts like insurance. Your prescriptions are run through every time like a primary policy, and you’ll get a good savings without health insurance. Lean on this like it’s your best friend if you need help. Veterans can use it too.
  2. Blink Health. This is another good site, and this is also used by some of the top pharmacies in the country. One of the added benefits is that you get a $5 off coupon to start. All you have to do is input your email address and they’ll send you the coupon. Their selling point is that they have negotiated pricing on over 15,000 medications, and they don’t have a membership fee either. It’s very similar to GoodRx, but it’s wise to try out both and see which one gives you the better benefit. They boast a 95% savings on most prescriptions.
  3. Discount Drug Network. Another great site, but they only market an 85% discount on prescriptions. This is lower but they carry more options. They also cover prescriptions for pets, and they offer online support and support by phone.

There are so many more sites to review, but these are the top three in talking with folks I know and by researching online. Talk to your pharmacist first, and talk to your doctor too. It’s always good to get wise counsel on prescription drug sites.





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