Warning About Attraction Marketing-the Truth Always Prevails

Have you read a warning about attraction marketing online?

It seems that many network marketers have published reviews or comments about attraction marketing and how it has failed the network marketing community. I get it.

The network marketing industry has gotten messy, with a lot of hype about making millions of dollars and driving cars that most folks just cannot or will not be buying anytime soon.

Unfortunately, there has been a huge rise in the number of folks that want to get attention rather than build strong relationships with their audience. This gives attraction marketing a bad name, as well as those who have been using this method of attracting new business for years upon years.

Here’s the deal.

The concept of what attraction marketing is and how it works has not changed, on the other hand, those who typically put this into practice have turned it into something that looks fake and unappealing.

Having said that, network marketers and online marketers are the individuals that are using this form of marketing all of the time. The big challenge is that they promote waking up to money in your inbox.

Yes, that does exist.

However, doing the work is the only thing that produces real income. Still not convinced? Keep reading this article all the way through so that you get the answer.

Learning About Attraction Marketing the Great Buzzword

You can absolutely wake up to money in your inbox, but you also need to exercise caution with what you believe to be true about money in your inbox. It’s real, and it’s feasible, but remember that attracting leads is about attracting people.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If you want that, then STOP reading this article. This is for those who want to build relationships and for those who want to learn how to build a viable business online.

It takes time.

Learning about attraction marketing and how it really should work takes time too. It isn’t just about writing fake reviews or even posting pictures of your jewelry or sports cars to entice people.

People aren’t going to believe you unless you have something to show for it in terms of a following. The best example I can think of is when you pass a restaurant and it’s never busy. This is a bad sign. You want to eat at a restaurant that has a following and is always busy.

You want to go to the place that is well-known, and the place that folks are always talking about.

This is what attraction marketing should look like.

It’s okay to write company reviews, so long as the information you give is factual and you aren’t lying to your readers about your involvement in the company. In other words, don’t write a review that is about a shady company that you joined, and tell others that you have never been a part of it.

Be transparent, and your readers will have more respect for you. Wouldn’t you rather someone join you in your business because they like you and trust you?

Generally, this term is associated with folks that aren’t honest in their dealings. Most marketers are not honest about who they are or what they do, but the real professionals in the industry can show you success stories of folks they have worked with or trained, and they are creating their own products.

That long-term effort should be your goal!

Getting leads is easier than you think, but it takes trial and error to see what marketing methods work best. Would you agree?

Do You Know About Attraction Marketing and the Results?

Have you put attraction marketing into practice?

Chances are, you’ve learned something about it but you may not have heard that terminology. Mike Dillard was a great teacher on attraction marketing, and if you look at his website today, you’ll see his interest is always in helping others.

Ultimately, helping others is what it’s all about. If you really want to attract others, create value for them. Let them know that you are a problem solver, and tell them how you can help them.

Show an interest in what causes them the most amount of pain, and then be transparent about what you have to offer. If you can’t help them, don’t tell them that you can. What can you do right now to help someone else get what they want?

It’s all about attraction marketing and the results you are focused on getting.

Meditation for Headaches

Meditation for headaches may now be one of the most important natural practices for headaches available. Years of studies on headaches have revealed that there are various kinds of headaches and the ways in which those headaches can be treated will vary.

Meditation has been frowned upon as the ancient practice that is only good for prayer and worship times in different cultures. However, meditation has become more real to people in recent times, and I can attest to the fact that meditation is really effective in easing various ailments, tension, and stress.

Headaches can put you into a position where you can’t function and you can’t even tolerate looking into the sunlight. The practice of meditation doesn’t take very long, and it’s worth taking ten minutes to rest, close your eyes, and focus on centering your breath if it can relieve your headache.

Today, I’m going to share some interesting research with you on meditation for headaches, and how you can turn a headache around quickly with the right technique.

meditation for headaches
Meditation can help relieve headaches.

Science Behind Meditation for Headaches

There is now enough science and research behind headaches and why they occur and how to treat them effectively. While meditation hasn’t been the first go to solution for most headache sufferers, it’s important that you figure out how to treat them fast.

I know many individuals that believe their headache starts out as a sinus headache and then it turns into something worse. This is because most sinus headaches that people believe they have are actually a different type of headache. All too often this self-diagnosis ends up being inaccurate, and it can lead to the misuse of medicine for headaches.

For example, those who suffer from sinus headaches that are intense often turn to migraine medications. Those medicines are risky and have many side effects. It’s so important to get an accurate diagnosis and medication from a doctor, but now we know that meditation for headaches is super effective.

This is especially true when someone stops to practice meditation early in the onset of the headache. Meditation isn’t always convenient in the moment, especially when you’re at work, but the early you can get to your meditation the better.

Here is what we know about the impact meditation has on headaches.

  1. Taking a moment to pause can reduce blood pressure. Sometimes headaches are related to high blood pressure, and stopping to take a deep breath and then regulate your breathing can bring your blood pressure down. This ultimately means that your headache will dissipate, but give it at least ten minutes, longer if you can.
  2. Meditation is proactive in that it can reduce the frequency of headaches. Dr. Herbert Benson, M.D., has done research on the effects of meditation and reducing the frequency of headaches by at least 37%. That’s a good number, and eventually that number may climb as research continues. More doctors want to get away from prescriptions and encourage their patients to use the practice of meditation proactively to prevent headaches. There are numerous individuals that end up in the emergency room with headaches so severe that they need IV treatment along with strong medication. When patients used meditation long-term, their headaches did not return.
  3. Headaches can be brought on by muscle tension. Headaches are often brought on by other problems including muscle tension and stress. Meditation is a great way to treat both challenges. Tension causes the muscles to contract in the body, and ultimately this leads to the tightness that can end up in the neck, jaw, and ultimately bring on a headache. Using meditation for stress reduction will reduce muscle tightness and other problems that we often face in the rush of daily life. This will help with the headaches, and reduce them or prevent them altogether.
  4. Meditation can assist you in purging toxic thoughts and emotions. Have you had a day where your mind played negative thoughts over and over like a broken record? It is so vital for your mental health that you purge those toxic thoughts, and ultimately the emotions too. It isn’t healthy to have negative thoughts brewing through your mind at any time. Focusing on your breathing, and being still in the present moment is the best and easiest place to start. As you continue to do this, you’ll discover that the toxic thought and negativity move away from you without a lot of effort. There isn’t any reason to believe that meditation isn’t effective for treating headaches.

Can You Use Meditation for Headaches Long-Term?

You can use the practice of meditation for as long as you like. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, and every individual is unique. Having said that, it’s important that you understand just how important it is to treat your sessions for meditation with respect.

Set a time each day to practice your meditation. When you make it a part of your daily schedule, it will become second nature to get up and spend your time meditating before you start your day or before you lay down to sleep at night.

What bothers you most?

What challenges are most pressing in your life?

Do you need to improve your mental focus?

If you know the answers without thinking about it, you should begin the practice of meditation. Furthermore, if you are under stress, you should study the effectiveness of meditation on headaches.

Veterans Benefits in 2017

Cost of living raises packaged with veterans benefits in 2017 will match those of the standard cost of living raises. This is welcome news for veterans at a time when there is a lot of tension with our military paying enlistment bonuses back.

Many of the enlistment bonuses that were overpaid have been paid back to the government, but it has a lot of our servicemen and women, and their families upset. While this happened through no fault of their own, this is a sore topic for them at a time when it seems the veterans and current military aren’t getting what they need.

Could it be that this announcement about the cost of living raises was rolled out in an attempt to appease an angry group of people? Appeasing angry people is only a small part of this, and it’s really about doing what is right and what is best for the veterans and their caregivers and family members.

Stipends for caregivers aren’t nearly enough, and the bonuses that were paid were overpaid, but they were supposed to be paid out to those who enlisted. The cost of living raises are helpful, but when inflation continues to rise it’s tough to get ahead.

Retiring may not have been an option for these men and women as it is for civilians. There are numerous combat veterans that may be living with total disability, but that doesn’t seem to leave any of these men and women enough to live on.

Are these raises worth it, or should our government do more?

Today, I’m going to talk about the veterans benefits in 2017, and what we can do collectively to ensure that  our military are taken care of.

Veterans Benefits in 2017 Looking Up

When the announcement rolled out a few days ago, that veterans benefits would increase for the cost of living just as social security did, it was good news.

It was finalized by Congress earlier this week, but above all, it was one of those issues that was looked at with skepticism. Most veterans did not believe that they would get a raise in their benefits to account for the cost of living, but veterans have been waiting for a more permanent fix to the long wait they have had to get this change.

Cost of living increases are generally only applicable to those who are retired and receiving social security. Veterans have never gotten this on a consistent basis, which raises some important questions in an election year.

Veterans fall into a different category, so seeing changes in veterans benefits in 2017 meant that a vote had to take place in order to see that change. The raises are usually different, and the veterans get less.

Is this fair?

I am a veteran, but I don’t believe that anyone has personally treated me unfairly. I do see the strain that many of my fellow veterans go through as inflation hits and the changes keep coming.

Senate did not oppose the vote this year, so it isn’t a big deal, but veterans has been hoping that a vote won’t be necessary, with the benefit becoming automatic just like the automatic raise from social security.

It isn’t likely that will happen, but we can hope that regardless of who gets into office the changes will occur. My hope and prayer is that the government sees we need change, and that those who have fought for this country aren’t seeking special treatment. Veterans believe in equality, I’m one of those men that has fought for that equality.

I don’t ask for special treatment, but if expenses go up to live, it’s only right that veterans….ALL veterans should get that same increase. The budget is getting more funding for the VA, and my hope is that better medical equipment and continued research are part of the plan.

If you believe that veterans need better care and a cost of living raise every year, write your congressman or woman about veterans benefits in 2017, and let them know how you feel.

Can Leadership and Discipleship Collide-A Recap

A popular book, When Leadership and Discipleship Collide is changing the way pastors look at running their churches. Although I’ve not read the book from cover to cover, could it be that this same teaching could change the way that we run our businesses?

It can be challenging when you’re a Christian in the marketplace and your leaders are telling you to push others hard when you want them to come into their own. it’s natural to want people to work hard, but it only matters that we push individuals for the right reasons.

Those reasons should be pure, honest, and with the best of intentions. There is nothing wrong with getting people to work hard, pushing them to do so, but when greed comes into play it’s all wrong.

You’ll face leadership challenges that are born of the world, but you can take them and marry them together. While the book is talking about how the world trains business people and how it conflicts with biblical principles on reaching the lost in the workplace, we can take leadership principles and meld them together with discipleship for the great good of the church and the Christian businessman and businesswoman.

Today, I’m going to share with you how Jesus actually broke conventional leadership laws, and in turn used them to disciple others in the fashion of love, and one that is consistent with His Word to build better people all around.

Leadership and Discipleship Collide When Refusing to do Things God’s Way

The world will always teach you principles that are very different from what God’s Word teaches. Jesus was the greatest leadership example we have, but the world disagrees.

Generally, the world considers CEO’s, CFO’s, and COO’s the leaders. Presidents, those who work in government positions, and those who own multiple businesses are considered the greatest leaders.

This is the world’s definition of success, and it will force Christians to take a harder look at their lives and how they fit into Corporate America. The deeper truth about how Jesus handled leadership laws. Here are some of those truths found when leadership and discipleship collide.

1. Team building is generally made up of highly qualified leaders. The disciples were not qualified for anything, but Jesus chose them.
2. Keeping up momentum. Jesus always spoke the truth in love, but he wasn’t a cheerleader with a rah-rah type attitude.
3. Seeking out praise and good press. Jesus did not seek the approval of anyone. Jesus only went out to accomplish the work his Father in heaven wanted to accomplish.
4. Avoid controversy, even if it means that you are taking a stand for what is right. Jesus was not concerned with anything but speaking the truth of His Father’s Word. Jesus spoke the truth no matter what, and in the end, He spoke out against sin people’s lives. He overthrew the table in the Temple because it reduced His Father’s house to nothing more than a way to make money. Jesus was in fact, controversial.
5. Leaders always leverage time and influence. Jesus was a man of influence because everywhere He went people wanted to hear what He had to say. People followed Him and would press into the point where Jesus would have to sneak away for respite. However, Jesus never used people to get something. Jesus just went about to preach the Word and show love to others. Jesus also focused on meeting the physical needs of others before He did anything else. Jesus lived a life that was an example of discipleship.

There is no doubt that there is a lot to learn from the world’s leaders, and furthermore, leadership and discipleship can go hand-in-hand. While it can be done, it is safe to say that it must be done in love, and it MUST always be done in a way that exalts God’s Word.

When you do something, ask yourself whether or not it lines up with God’s Word, and ask whether or not it honors Him. How do your leadership and discipleship lineup?

Attraction Marketing-What’s the Secret?

Did you know that attraction marketing is one of the oldest methods of generating new business in network marketing? Mike Dillard is the name that most marketers associate with attraction marketing, but this principle has had many great promoters over the years.

As a marketer, I can tell you that there is a lot of hype associated with the “attraction method”, but it is also one that has paid big dividends to those who use it the right way, and those who master it properly.

Having said this, you should know that many attempt to use this method and fail at it miserably. This is because they misunderstand it, how it is to be used, and they fail to unlock one very important secret.

What is that secret?

Today, I’m going to tell you what this marketing method was defined as, how it was intended to be used, and I’m going to tell you what it’s not. Are you ready to learn something new today?

Defining Attraction Marketing

Just like anything new, you really need a defined concept of what it is before we get into it. So, I’m going to define attraction marketing for you so that there will be mistake in what it is, how it is intended to be used, and you’ll also need to know what it isn’t.

So, here is the definition. “It’s creating the ultimate value for others and in turn they are attracted to you and your amazing, killer offer.” So, read that first part of the sentence out loud again. “It’s creating the ultimate VALUE for others…..”, wow.

Value for others will always be something very different than what you would consider value for yourself. You might see a car as a valuable purchase, while others may see their college education as the most valuable thing they have ever purchased.

In this case, creating value for others is giving them valuable information that will change their lives. You may want to start a business that is strictly online, but I can assure you that there are thousands if not millions that are waiting to do the same. Just like you, they most likely have no idea where to start.

There’s the SECRET!

While you may not realize it, there are many who seek advice and they are teachable, but all too often they come across a website for a marketer that is boasting about how much they spent the night before on clothing, food, and other crap they don’t need. They are more concerned with all of that, than just teaching you about how to build a business.

Truthfully, most folks I come into contact with want to know how they can build an online business to earn more money before they want to learn anything else. People desperately want to know how they can earn cash outside of working for someone else because that is all they know and they want to get away from it.

Many Americans do not see themselves as FREE because they are in debt, not because they are worried about their government (Yes, I know you are probably worried about that too, but we can discuss that another time). Therefore, it’s vital that you focus on teaching people how to build an online business, and you can target those individuals that want to work from home and learn how to build a business online.

What Attraction Marketing Isn’t

Now that you know what attraction marketing is, I’m going to tell you what it isn’t.

If it’s known as creating value for others, then it isn’t about selling people a bill of goods on your hyped up lifestyle. If you have to be willing to show others screenshots of what you really make, and of your mailbox money, rather than fur coats and sports cars that so few can afford.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with those things, but just keep in mind that doesn’t help anyone build a business. People are coming to you for help, and when they are reading online about how to make money from home it should be your hope that they find you.

It should matter to you that they are looking for real foundational principles on which to build their business, and it can and should be you that wins their business and earns their trust. Flashing pictures of the latest purchase isn’t going to build trust, and it only makes you look like a spender rather than an investor.

Do you want to earn the trust of millions? If you prove that you are the expert in your industry, you can easily win people over, but you need to be interested in serving others first, and teaching them how you’ve built your business online.

There is no greater time than now to get started. If your business is in a state of transition, it’s time to turn things around for the better. I’m here to HELP you! Now that you know what “attraction marketing” isn’t, let me know if you’re ready to get started on the training that WILL dramatically impact your life and the lives of others.


Meditation for Christians-Meditate Using a Biblical Model

Meditation for Christians has remained of paramount importance for decades due in part to the notion that meditation is bad. What most Christians fail to realize is that prayer is a form of meditation.

Prayer in the Christian church does not follow the same tenets of Transcendental meditation. The two are very different, and the facts should be brought to light to bring peace and unity in the church.

I recently began a meditation program that was not created by a Christian, but I’ve found that the program is quite useful for the purpose of gaining greater focus and stress reduction. However, while using this program I’ve been focused on prayer time as I listen to the sounds with my headphones.

I’m going to share with you I’m doing, but first I’m going to give you some background on some teaching from the Christian church long ago on meditation, and how Transcendental meditation is different.<img

Early Teaching on Meditation for Christians

The Early Church had varying opinions and teaching on meditation for Christians, but at that time life was very different. Families lived more conservative lifestyles, and the Church itself was more legalistic in nature.
However, I’d like to share some of those basic principles with you right now.


    1. Christian meditation is a reflection the life of Jesus. I always tell new Christians to read the book of John, and then continue studying from there. Digging deep into the life of Jesus and reflecting on His nature, His ways, and His prayer life. He alone is the ONE and only TRUE example. If we model our prayer life and how we interact with others after Jesus we will win. Saint Theresa of Avila wrote a book entitled The Interior Castle. This book is a great portrayal of what it means to reflect on the life of Jesus and the various areas of our life that need attention and what I refer to as, “prayer care”.  She said this regarding meditation, “By meditation I mean prolonged reasoning with the understanding, in this way. We begin thinking of the favor which God bestowed upon us by giving us His only Son; and we do not stop there but proceed to consider the mysteries of His whole glorious life.” This is so true, and the most basic principle of meditation for the Christian Church.


  • Christian meditation is NOT related to Transcendental meditation. Christian meditation is taking the Word of God and making it a reality in your life, but there are many forms of meditation and religious practices that don’t promote God our Father or the teachings of His holy Word. Easter religion has had such a tremendous impact on the world, but one thing you should know is that meditation for Christians isn’t about chanting mantras. Meditation should be focused on one area of your life, and in prayer asking God to reveal to you His plan and His way. One key scripture I love is Joshua 1:8 which says this, “ This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” God will grant good success to those who meditate on His Word day and night!



  • What Transcendental meditation is. This form of meditation is focused only on looking within yourself and “detaching” yourself from the world. One of the most common practices in transcendental meditation is chanting. God’s Word speaks clearly against, “vain repetitions” in Matthew chapter 6. This means that every word we speak should serve a purpose; “ But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.” If what you do isn’t being done unto God, then it’s being done for the praise and approval of man.




A Great Model for Meditation for Christians

Have you ever heard of Elmer Towns?
He is one of the best Christian authors I’ve read in a long time. His book, Biblical Meditation is the perfect guide for meditation for the church. Towns takes the reader through the journey of biblical examples of meditation found in scripture, and he elaborates on them. There is a basis for each model, and he points you to scripture for each one making it easy to understand God’s plan.
As business owner, I meet a lot of individuals that make meditation a big part of their life. I decided it was time to look into these programs, but I had so little knowledge of them. My biggest concern was whether or not this would be against God’s principles and teaching in His Word.
I did come across a few that offered free demos. I requested one to try out, and the initial demo of course is based upon using tones and sounds to induce a deep state of meditation. The program only teaches you to focus on your breathing and to get into a state of being centered and focused.
I’ve decided for myself that I want to use this to keep me focused, but there is no replacement for God’s Word and the peace that passes all understanding.
Thank you for reading this article on “meditation for Christians”. I hope that you’ll share this with others and help them see how beneficial it can be for them. God does bless meditation, but it needs to be based on His Word and in His ways.

5 Top Skills of Leaders in Network Marketing

There are numerous skills needed to be successful in network marketing, but there are 5 skills of leaders in network marketing that I believe are without question.

I know what you’re thinking.

You believe that this article is going to tell you the same thing that everyone else is going to tell you. It seems that most of the articles posted by network marketers contain the same information right?

It can be difficult to light the fire under your downline, and it can be challenging to get them to do what you have already done months ago.

You may have built your strategies but yet they have not. You may have contacted 30 people today but they have not. You may have contacted numerous potential clients, but they have not.

Today, I’ll share the top skills of leaders in network marketing, and why you can’t live without them.

The Absolutely Most Important Skills of Leaders in Network Marketing You Can’t Live Without

Okay, okay. I can already hear you saying in that determined voice that you just know I’m wrong. After all, it’s all about making the sale, and getting people to come around to your way of thinking.

You most likely don’t realize that convincing isn’t really the right word to use. In fact, if you’re working hard to convince people to listen to you, then you’ll be spinning your wheels a lot.

Here are some wise words to remember. These are the ABSOLUTE top 5 skills of leaders in network marketing. Otherwise, you’ll fail.

  1. Fortitude. No matter what happens your attitude should remain the same. This means that no matter how bad things get, you should keep plugging away. It is never easy, but it’s always worth it in the end to keep moving and keep influencing, and to keep working as though you don’t have anyone on your team. You cannot wait until you grow a large team to get moving and stay active. You have to keep pressing on no matter what, and no matter how tough things seem. Put everything into practice that you are supposed to put into practice and keep working as unto the Lord and NOT unto men.
  2. Build morale. Do you build morale wherever you go or do you tear people down? If you want to have influence and you want for people to regard you as having something worth saying, then it’s time to build morale. It’s vital that you keep a positive attitude. Network marketing doesn’t die under any circumstances, because there is always something to be done regardless. You should focus on cultivating relationships and building morale among team members. They’ll regard you as a leader, because that is what leaders do!
  3. Don’t devote yourself to the wrong people. All too often, we as human beings devote our time and energy to the wrong people. We focus too much of our efforts on the wrong people, and most often it’s the ones that aren’t interested in building a business or future. I’m not saying that you don’t teach them or invest time in them, but what I am saying is that this relates to recruiting. If you are trying to sign people up just for the sake of getting a sign-up or win a trip, don’t do it. Ultimately, it will frustrate you and lead you down the path of babysitting. Always make a wise assessment and see where you should invest most of your time and energy before you do. This is your business and you are a leader!
  4. Honor others. It’s vital that you work at honoring others. Showing respect and honor to others is a key component of leadership. Whether you realize this or not, you should know that honor is the number area in which network marketers fail. They don’t honor those who are leaders, and they fail to honor those who can invest in them and share valuable knowledge. Always show respect to others and respect their knowledge. Those who have done the work and have gotten results can help you unlock what is inside you.
  5. Be ethical. Whether you know it or not, you may fail in being ethical. Character is who you are when no one is looking. Be mindful of your character, and know that those around you are always watching. They are ALWAYS When you step out as a leader, be transparent. This doesn’t mean that you have to tell your life story and deep secrets, but if you’re teaching on something or an area you have failed at in business, be open about that to teach others what not to do.

I hope that you found this uber helpful. I know that I’m always looking for great examples of leadership, and my hope is that I can be that for you as well. I’m always looking for ways I can help people and lead them into creating more wealth.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to develop these top 5 skills of leaders in network marketing, please contact me directly and we’ll talk about how I can help you!





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5 Amazing Meditation Apps You Need to Try

Boosting your mindfulness is one of the key results of meditation, but there are 5 amazing meditation apps you need to try.

Most folks use their mobile phones for everything, and luckily, there are now apps available for the practice of meditation. It’s awesome that such apps exist, and furthermore, it’s amazing that these apps are able to help pull you out of the doldrums of the digital world although they are digital.

If you don’t want to use these apps then turn your phone off. You don’t need any distractions. However, if you aren’t at home where you can get alone and concentrate on meditation, you may want to use these apps.

While the practice of meditation is good for anyone, there are many different ways to meditate. How you choose to meditate is solely up to you, and it’s all about what you’re comfortable with.

Today, I’m going to give you a quick look at these meditation apps and how they can help you practice meditation in a more simple but effective fashion anywhere in the world.

Meditation Apps You’ll Want to Try

If you want to be mindful of your practice of meditation, you’ll enjoy researching these applications and the benefits they offer. Here are 5 meditation apps you’ll want to check out.

  1. Headspace. This is a great app for those who are using Android, and it’s also compatible with the iPhone. Headspace has been endorsed by researcher Emma Watson, and it’s an app that makes meditation appear to be less “mystical”. There are exercises that are considered guided meditation by some and they are good for ten minutes a day. You’ll also be able to benefit from the starter pack upon your initial download because it allows you to try them for free. You may opt for the yearly membership at just under 75 pounds per year, or you can pay monthly for just under 10 pounds per month.
  2. Buddhify. The name of this app says it all, as it relates to a state of mindfulness just as Buddha taught. There is an iPhone app as well as one that is compatible for Android, and this mindfulness meditation app is designed to bring mindfulness and meditation together for everyday use. You can choose how to use the app, whether it’s for sleep, focus, stress reduction, and more.
  3. MINDBODY Connect. This particular app is super helpful for those who are seeking out yoga studios as well as massage therapists, and it can help you keep track of your goals as well as your schedule. This app lives up to its name in that it helps you connect the function of your mind with your body. You can also use this with a Fitbit as well. If you want everything in one place, this is the meditation app for you.
  4. Relax Melodies. Ah, so you want to go to sleep eh? This app is ideal for helping you sleep because you get the melodies that are associated with meditation for sleep. Meditation is helpful for rest and relaxation, and if yours pertains to problems with sleep, you can use this app to help you get to sleep faster and help you wake up feeling more refreshed and well-rested. This app is free.
  5. Smiling Mind. If you’re looking for an app that can help you to increase your sense of overall well-being, and one that can help you to increase your personal happiness, this is the app for you. This app is offered by a non-profit organization, and the app is free. You can select various apps within Smiling Mind, and this in turn, will allow you to select it by age group. This app makes meditation super easy and something you’ll look forward to every day.

There is no right or wrong way for you to meditate, and keep in mind that you’re needs are unique. You will have different goals in mind than your neighbor and that is okay.

Whether you want to focus on reducing stress or sleeping better, meditation can be a great way to get your mind and body reconnected and operating like a well-oiled machine.

These meditation apps are great to try, and there are still others out there that you’ll want to research for yourself.





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5 Important Facts About Veterans Care Coordination

Veterans Care Coordination is now one of the most popular programs in the country, and it’s coming just in time for those veterans that have been facing the possibility of becoming homeless.

While it has been said that our economy is on the uptick, it isn’t true for everyone. This is especially true of veterans as they continue to struggle to find work and make the transition back into civilian life once they return from combat.

I know all about it. After numerous deployments it was difficult to find my footing. I felt as though I couldn’t land anywhere safe but back into the military. Upon retirement, what was I going to do? How would my skills transfer?

Ultimately, veterans are just like anyone else. They need a place they can call home, and when they fall ill, they need help with short-term and long-term care. Sadly, the VA doesn’t help with all of this.

What about surviving spouses too?

Today, I’m going to share with you 5 important facts about veterans care coordination and what you need to know in order to ensure that the veterans you love can get what they need.

Veterans Care Coordination is Saving Veterans Lives

Have you heard of Veteran’s Care Coordination? It’s now one of the most important organizations that a veteran and their spouse should know about.

There is more to your life than existing and just getting by. In fact, most veterans are not aware of this organization and how it functions.

Here are 5 important facts about this organization to help you understand what they do and how they can help you.

  1. The Aid and Attendance Pension. There are many programs for combat veterans at this time, but it’s important to note that there are many elderly veterans that have a need for homecare at this stage in their lives. The Veterans Care Coordination is designed to inform veterans and their spouses of the Aid and Attendance Pension, in order to help assist the veterans and their spouses with homecare. The benefit is around $25, 440, and it’s a yearly benefit. Please make sure that you contact them to learn more about this and how you can get access to these benefits. (Their phone number is 1-855-380-4400.
  2. Senior Care Options. While in home care is extremely important and much needed for many of these veterans. These benefits include meal preparation, laundry service, grocery shopping, reminders for medication, and other vital daily needs. The care for seniors is important and it’s often overlooked by their family members and friends who may not understand their needs and how to help them.
  3. Funding Options are Coming Soon. There are numerous ways to obtain money, but at this time the organization has not completed their fully list of ways to receive funding for the in home care and services they provide. Various funding options are important for various lifestyles. It’s coming soon.
  4. Eligibility requirements. It’s important that you know the qualification criteria prior to signing up for any service. As a veteran, you should be able to provide information pertaining to your years of service, as well as information pertaining to your spouse. Gather all of the information they ask for, so that you know what you’ll have to give them in order to get your benefits. You’ll see that some of them are just make-sense facts, such as having an honorable discharge.
  5. Fill out a referral form. You’ll have to fill out a referral form in order to get started. Please visit their website so you can read more about it and the information they are looking for. You’ll be so glad that you did.

There are many services available to veterans that were not available before. It makes me happy to see that veterans are respected and highly regarded at a time when veteran care has been on a decline. This is why I encourage you to look into the Veteran’s Care Coordination.




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How Meditation Changes Your Brain

Have you heard the latest on how meditation changes your brain? It’s amazing that the science behind meditation proves how this simple practice can have life changing benefits for your brain, as well as your entire body.

Meditation is considered an ancient practice, but it does create a state of relaxation, focus, concentration, and it will even reduce your blood pressure.

Meditation is amazing in that it can actually change the structure of your brain. How does this happen? The research conducted at Harvard goes way beyond anything else that has been written up regarding the practice of meditation and how to use it effectively.

Furthermore, there is a practice known as mindfulness meditation that takes your sessions a step further. This meditation practice has been proven to change the cortical thickness in the hippocampus.

Today, I’m going to share with you what the research has revealed, and why it’s so important that you learn how meditation changes your brain, and how you can make significant improvement in your life with just the first few sessions.

MRI Shows How Meditation Changes Your Brain

Research has been done for years on meditation and how it helps reduce stress and improve mood, but there are numerous other benefits of meditation.

The benefits of meditation can actually be structural, and that is meant in the most positive way. Think about it for just a moment; meditation can change your brain completely. Research has shown through confirmation of EEG’s and MRI’s that the following occur as the result of meditation.

  1. Changes in grey matter volume.
  2. Thickening of the cortical hippocampus.
  3. Enhanced connectivity in the center of brain regions.
  4. Relief for depression and anxiety. (This is shown through a proper level of serotonin).

It’s worth learning how meditation changes your brain, so here are some more in-depth facts you need to know when the skeptics ask you how it happened and what it looks like.

One of the most important studies to take place was done in UCLA in February of 2015. The study was done to examine the affects that meditation has on the aging brain. What the imaging showed was astounding. In fact, it was stunning to see that those who were meditating had better preserved brains than those that did not.

Researcher Florian Kurth was actually surprised by what imaging showed. Kurth was not expecting to see significant preservation, but rather small spaces that proved the aging brains of those who meditated were in a bit better shape.

It’s not surprising that aging was a hot topic, because so many stressors have increased for the aging adult in the last 7 years, any natural methods to slow down aging have been at the forefront of how baby boomers think.

Yale, another Ivy League school conducted research regarding the mindfulness meditation, and what they discovered about the benefits of meditation for anxiety were astonishing.

The goal of mindfulness meditation was to decrease the activity in the Default Mode Network (DMN). This is what researchers call the area of the brain when the mind wanders. When the mind wanders aimlessly, it tends to reflect in the imaging for those individuals that consider themselves to be less happy. Those who meditate have less activity in this area of the brain, and report that they feel happier on a regular basis with life in general.

Meditation is what we often refer to as “an ancient practice”, but the reality is that it’s still a relevant and strong natural method of dealing with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and so much more. Meditation has even proven to build the immune system over time and help to reduce pain.

It’s so important that you research and learn more about how meditation changes your brain, so that you can live a happier and healthier lifestyle the natural way!




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