Generating Leads with Hard to Ignore Lead Magnets

Generating leads is the lifeblood of your business, NOT necessarily the leads themselves.

What happens when the method you chose for lead generation isn’t working as planned? It’s challenging enough to get started, and the initial launch of your lead generation campaign can feel daunting.

The key to generating leads is to spend some time researching which lead magnets work best for your niche market. So, what are they?

Whether your hope is to generate thousands per month or you wish to bump your daily lead generation from 10 to 100, this article is for you

I’ll talk about which lead magnets are the most common, and WHY each one works so well for the right market. Are you ready to boost your income?

Pull up a front row seat and grab your coffee, tea, or your water. I am going to teach you about generating leads, and what you MUST do in order to get your name out there in front of the masses.

The Basics of Generating Leads

If you want to begin generating leads for your business, you absolutely MUST start with a lead magnet of some kind. This means that you consider a killer offer, or deliver valuable information people can use.

There are numerous marketing campaigns you can try, and there are numerous lead magnets you can choose from. You will want to consider whether or not certain types of lead magnets are right for your audience.

Here is your WINNING list of the most popular lead magnets today.

  1. FREE downloadable report. Okay, so this may seem old-school, but it works. This report will really depend upon your audience because it needs to be super specific. If you lose specificity you will lose potential customers. You can learn more about how you should go about crafting this report when you check out the website for Rick Schefren.
  2. Insider secrets checklist. It is important that you write eye-catching copy, and that often comes in the form of a “sharing your secrets” type of checklist for the marketer. Do you want to coach entrepreneurs on how to get started with their business? If so, you may want to craft a list that gives them the initial five steps, in other words, “The Top 5 Things You Must do to Launch Your Home Business“. Make sense?
  3. Swipe copy. Okay, so I am still a big promoter of writing original content, but there are times when swipe copy serves a purpose. You won’t always have the time to craft your very own emails, but what matters most is that you can swipe it from a world-class expert. You can offer that as well for FREE to your subscribers. This type of copy comes in handy for those who are affiliate marketers. This copy and paste endeavor can get you mass traffic, but make sure that you write it in a professional manner.
  4. OFFER examples. Your niche market should offer something others do not. This means that you offer examples so your audience can follow along. Entrepreneurs are always looking for examples, so creating your own real life examples to share with others at no cost, will really make you a winner with your readers.
  5. Web APP. Apps are a big deal these days, and there are tons of folks trying to scramble to create them and offer them for free to attract business. This works well, especially when it is designed to help entrepreneurs work easier and be more productive. This shall reside on your website because this makes it easy for all to access regardless of where these folks live.

Lead magnets are a great way to start generating leads, but it’s important that you work with an individual that is willing to coach you through the various levels of building your business.

7 Basic Rules for Building Mass

ALL NOVICE WEIGHTLIFTERS typically have one basic goal in mind: Gain mass. Then again, building muscle is a top priority for just about every young gun in the gym, and doubly so for thin guys who’ve just started lifting.

So who better to ask about mass-building than a bodybuilding legend? Stan “Rhino” Efferding is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and world record-holding powerlifter. Stan is known as the “World’s Strongest Bodybuilder” and is one of only six men in history in any weight class to have ever totaled over 2,300 lbsraw in competition, which he did at the age of 45.

Here, Efferding dishes out some cold, hard facts about getting big, strong, and lean. Apply these 7 principles and results are guaranteed.

Study Links Whole Grains to Higher Metabolism

This article about whole grains and higher metabolism was found on, and is written by Natalie Digate Muth M.D., MPH, RD.

Health experts have long agreed that whole grains are much better for us than heavily processed, or refined, grains. Now a new study suggests that eating whole grains can help with weight loss, too.

In the study, researchers fed a group of middle‐aged adults for 6 weeks. Half of them ate a refined‐grain diet with no whole grains and 18–24 grams of fiber per day, while the other half had zero refined grains but ate 170–245 g (10–15 servings) of whole grain and 35–45 g of fiber per day. The diets were designed to have enough calories to maintain the volunteers’ weights. The only differences were in whole‐grain consumption and fiber content.

By the end of 6 weeks, the whole‐grain group’s metabolism had jumped 100 calories per day compared with the refined‐grain group. The calorie deficit was due to higher metabolism and to higher energy content in stool.

The whole‐grain diet paralleled the 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which recommend that we get 14 g of fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed, and that at least half of all our grains come from whole grains.

You can find the article and the nutritional information at the following link- 

Coaching and Development from Team Builders Plus

This article was found on the website for “Coaching and Development” by Team Leaders Plus, and they should receive full credit for this published article.

Despite slogans that tell employees that they “are responsible for their own growth and development,”
the reality is clear – without motivation, support, and coaching from managers, employees have a difficult time developing their talents on their own.

Research shows that the support and effective involvement of managers is the single most important factor in determining whether what an employee learns in a classroom transfers into behavior change on-the-job. Managers who are effectively involved in the growth and development of their employees make behavior change

It takes managers who:

  • Continuously support and coach the development of their employees
  • Positively impact learners before, during and after each element in a learning process
  • Effectively handle “coaching moments” so that employees teach themselves

Experience suggests, however, that many organizations do not require or equip managers to coach and develop their employees. Thus a lot of time, money, and resources invested in training and developing employees too often results in little to no behavioral change or performance improvement.

Developing and Coaching Others is about how managers can effectively and successfully develop and coach their team leaders to become better and more consistent performers.

Would you like to learn more about coaching and development?

Make sure that you opt-in here on my website, so that I can contact you directly about helping you with great coaching that you deserve to reach your goals.

Top 10 Business Trends that Will Increase Revenue in 2017

Business trends are predicted each year, and observing these top 10 business trends for 2017 are no different.

The world of business is ALWAYS changing, and it is those companies that fully embrace change that will be the most successful at what they do.

You may find that some trends are discussed as though they are a passing thought, but on the other hand, you’ll see that some trends take off full speed ahead, and it seems that many are left in the dust to fend for themselves.

Small and large companies can achieve success if they grab hold of these trends and observe where they are headed. What will change this year that has not already?

These predictions are from the fall of 2016, but as I read through them, I have to say I agree wholeheartedly and fully expect that this is how 2017 will go.

The Top 10 Business Trends I Believe Drive Revenue

Have you ever studied a subject so much that you were referred to as the expert in that subject? There are numerous trends that will drive revenue, so let’s take a look at these top 10 to find out if I can make the cut.

  1. Master subject matter and become an expert. This is where I was headed with that first sentence above. Subject matter experts, or SME’s, are now a growing trend. Think about it; each company has a core product or service they promote. They need someone to sell it, take the order, and they have to have someone out on the front line that is an expert in the matter. When it comes to buying, where do you find that you spend your time? The online space makes it easy for you to place an order so to speak, but when it comes down to it, you are MOST likely to gravitate to that subject matter expert. No one wants to be sold, but if they can talk to someone from your company that is an expert in the subject matter they need to deal with, they are happy to sit down and have a conversation with them first before they make a decision. The pressure is off and it is more likely that a sale will be made. Consider that this opens the door to a Q and A session that is much needed for any prospect to feel comfortable. What say you? Wouldn’t it be easier to close that sale when you know you have a qualified buyer in the room?
  2. New products are qualified by crowdfunding. You may see a change in the way of venture capital firms this year. Think of it this way; getting products tested and having satisfied users turn around and invest in your product makes it easier to raise money for it to get to market. Product development takes MONEY, and this is where crowdfunding becomes important. A good example of this is a tactical watch company, Smith & Bradley Ltd. This company was able to run seven campaigns for their watches, and two of the designs were ousted. Putting these watches in front of the eyes of those who love them made it possible for them to know which watches to take to market. Making so many, and using crowdfunding made it possible for them to get what they needed to finalize production on the watches that were among the beloved.
  3. Content marketing is the core, and integrating it with sales solutions makes it a winning strategy. For years you’ve heard that content is king, so content marketing is what? Now, the trend is integrating sales and content marketing to market as an all-in-one approach. Content should be the link to helping your audience solve their problems, and if you can do this, you’ll get a sale EVERY time. Your buyer is going to research before they buy, and they are looking for answers as well as ease of the transaction. Educating your consumers wins the day, so why not bring your content marketing strategy into the game and link it up with sales? If you’ve got content, you’ve got sales.
  4. Video, video, video. It is still important to get as many eyes on you as possible, so having said that, it’s imperative that you use video for your marketing campaign. Video is engaging, and it should still help the consumer see how you can solve their problem. Content isn’t just written, but it is also video. Let people see who you are, and once they become familiar with you and they know that you are a real human being, they are more likely to come around and vote for you. Make sense?
  5. Web-based collaborative tools change the way you manage business. Keeping track of projects and how they operate can feel overwhelming, but the good news is that it just got easier for you to collaborate with your team. Tools like Slack and Trello are great tools to utilize for projects as well as internal communication with team members and contractors. This means that you can keep emails out of the picture, and stop overcrowding your emails while keeping all of your information in one place. There is no better way for you to collaborate than using these tools that offer FREE basic services. This makes collaboration one of the top 10 business trends of the digital marketing space in 2017.
  6. Brick and mortar is challenged by experts. There is a need for brick and mortar establishments, to a point. This is when it gets a little hairy. Those establishments that do NOT focus on an area of expertise are going to lose BIG. Focus on an area of expertise, then follow it up with quality that you can stand behind and deliver great service. Otherwise, you’ll shut down.
  7. Support for experts. Subject matter experts are still the way to your customer’s heart, but remember that support is needed. While customers prefer to work with SME’s versus the traditional salesperson, it’s important to remember that these individuals may not know how to bring it all together. Support means help with targeted proposals, and it means that support should be offered with the help of support tools too. Software, organization, and scheduling are generally outside the realm of the SME, therefore they need all the help they can get. Support is a full-time job in 2017.
  8. Your audience is segmented. Imagine for a moment that you were lumped in with all of the other patients at your doctor’s office. You would be quite concerned that anything your doctor told you may be from someone else’s file. One of the top 10 business trends means segmenting your audience. This allows you to give customized marketing and products to your audience. Give each customer the individual attention they deserve.
  9. Give your customer the open door policy. Contracts can be frightening, and trends are moving toward no contracts whatsoever. This is because customers fear being locked in, and it makes them feel as though they have no options. If you want them to trust you, leave your door open. Allow your customers to walk in and out at their discretion. When you take this approach their attitude changes to one of trust, rather than wondering what will happen as long as they are locked in. Give them room to breathe, and serve them to the best of your ability. You’ll get the reward in the end.
  10. Focus on leadership. Leadership is great, but there is much responsibility that comes with it. Leading also means working hard and being dedicated to the greater good. Do you have complete dedication to your business and what it needs to succeed? Millennials are running the show and there is a big emphasis on leadership. Do you have it or do you lack it? Many CEO’s are attempting to retire as young leadership comes in. Lead by example, and commit to building success stories every day.

These business trends are incredible, and they are spot on. Those of you looking for opportunities should read this article through again to fully understand how business is changing and how you can build a business from nothing.

These “top 10 business trends” are growing fast in 2017, and they will continue on in the years to come.

Writing Killer Headlines for Every Blog Post

first step to entrepreneurship

Increasing your readership can be daunting, but if you decide that it’s time to learn more about writing killer headlines for every blog post, you’ll begin to see tremendous growth on your blog.

Your headline is the first thing your reader sees, and while it’s visible online, that doesn’t mean that everyone will want to read what you wrote.

The internet is vast, however, there is no guarantee that no one will ever find what you’ve written if you don’t give them a reason to find it.

SEO, and other traffic tools are essential to helping drive traffic to your content and your website, but a STRONG and compelling headline will entice readers to choose your article over someone else’s.

Your target audience should be able to find your content, but your audience should also be driven to want to see what you’re up to. Compelling copy has to make it so that they are compelled to read what you are writing, and also it commands them to want more from you.

Would you like to be the marketing expert that has a way of getting marketers to seek you out? Would you love to write content that gets read daily, shared, and gets conversions?

Today, this blog post is dedicated to helping you write better blog posts with killer headlines for every blog post that will pique the interest of readers every time.

Writing Killer Headlines for Every Blog Post with Outlines

The key to writing great articles and blog posts all starts with a thought process.

No one can really fly by the seat of their pants on a daily basis and be a winner when it comes to writing highly valuable content.

Writing compelling content takes some thought and care, and for me, it always takes an outline. Now, I work with someone on my copywriting because I am NOT that great of a writer.

I think it’s important because everything you publish for your business deserves attention with a professional. This includes everything from the signs on your windows to flyers, as well as your social media marketing, ad copy, and the blog for your business.

Everything you utilize for your business is in front of people. All people at some point are buyers. If you were to create an ad that said, “Try our burgers today”, you wouldn’t get a lot of customers.

However, if you say, “Try our juicy, flame-grilled burgers today”, it gives you a very different picture of what you’re about to enjoy. You become enticed and your mouth waters because of the description that causes you to imagine how good these burgers are.

Does that make sense?

There are thousands of advertisement pieces written up every day that are less than stellar, and many companies cannot seem to move past their ads.

They get no response or they get no foot traffic, no phone calls, or worse, they get ZERO revenue tied to that campaign. There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your business, but digital marketing requires that you focus your efforts on content marketing.

This means that every blog post or article deserves 100% of your attention and focus. You still need to be creative and use your natural abilities in the course of your business but giving your customers a reason to look your way and keep their eyes on you is important.

This is why any good marketing strategist will tell you that writing killer headlines for every blog post is important. What you write matters, but it is also true that the headlines are just as important as the blog post itself.

Write the headline first, so that your copy follows that. It gives you direction just like a map so that you are focused and direct when writing. Here are some tips to help guide you as write and create a powerful blog post and headline.

  1. Write up an outline. An outline is a great tool for you to use to help give you direction and give you direction as you write. You want to use the outline to touch on key points for your blog post.
  2. Write questions. A great tool is for you is a list of questions. What questions do your customers ask you most? If you check out a few competitor sites, this may help guide you so that you know what questions they ask most.
  3. Position yourself as the problem solver. You will NEVER go out of business if you can help your customers solve problems. Solving problems is what makes you more attractive to business owners. If you can share in your blog post about the problems your IDEAL customer has and how you can solve it, you’ll become their saving grace. Always position yourself as an expert AND as a problem solver.

There are numerous ways to attract the ideal reader and get them to come around to your way of thinking, but the more compelling your copywriting is, the more results you’ll get now and in the future.

Blogging is a key component for your business, and it’s the place to share your knowledge. If you would love to learn more about how I started writing killer headlines for every blog post, and how I was able to get some big wins with the right customers opt-in to my offer on the right-hand side, and I”ll be in touch.



Implementing Attraction Marketing into Your Business

leadership development trends 2018

Implementing attraction marketing is a core business concept, and it is one that that can be difficult to remember when you are ready to launch your online business or market your brick and mortar business online.

The dream to work from home is admirable, but it does take some diligence and “know how” in order to help you get up and running.

You may feel overwhelmed if you are just getting started, and that’s okay. I remember what that felt like when I first started online marketing.

It was exciting, but there was so much to learn it overwhelmed my brain. I get it. All you need is one more promise that you can achieve your dreams with the click of a button or that you can make ten grand in 30 days.

While I believe that ALL things are possible, it isn’t a good representation of your marketing to portray magic to jumpstart an online business.

Today, I will share some of the greatest insights I ever got while learning how to market online and how to you can begin implementing attraction marketing without spending thousands of dollars.

Implementing Attraction Marketing One Step at a Time

Attraction marketing is technique and not a bait and switch. However, it isn’t something you do overnight. This takes time, and if you are working a full-time job, it will be something you spend an hour on each day, or possibly an entire day on the weekends.

Learning how to market online is easy, but learning how to attract the right people to your business is really the best and ONLY way you’ll be able to build a life of residual income.

Here are some key points for implementing attraction marketing:

  1. A successful vocabulary. There is plenty of negativity in the world and there is no need to add to it. What you say will resonate with others, and if you communicate with people in a way that makes them feel good about them and what they are doing, you will see magnificent results. Those who respond to messages of courage and honor are the folks you want to build a team with you.
  2. Share your life. Living a private life is no issue, but when marketing online it’s okay to open up and let people see who you are. Share the time freedom you have with your business and share what you do with your family when you are FREE. Share the joy of your life, and those who are determined to get out of a job they hate are likely to listen to you if you speak of success and share how your life has changed.
  3. ALWAYS share valuable content. When you are a business owner and your goal is to build teams or attract new people, then you should always share valuable content. Post often on your blog as well as through social media. Remember, your brand is YOU. You can love your company or the product but it all comes down to people desiring to work with someone that they know, like, and trust.
  4. Focus on how you can HELP others. No one cares about you in all honesty. When people find your website or Facebook page, they want to know how you can help them. Don’t take it for granted that people will know what you have to offer. It is your job to tell them how you can help them, and what you bring to the table to help them become successful. Customer-centric is a BIG deal.
  5. Do NOT force the hand of your audience. Okay, so being soft isn’t what this is talking about, but rather this is about a casual invitation to do something different and better. You can’t tell people that their business stinks, or that if they don’t join you that they will be unsuccessful. You don’t make others a success, but you can share with them how they can be successful. Invite others to watch you at work, or encourage them to refer back to your content. You cannot go wrong by giving a warm and real invitation to see what you’re up to.

Attraction marketing isn’t difficult, and it’s the ONLY way to run your business. Be an encourager, and be the individual that is an influencer.

Share what you know, and when someone asks a question, be willing to help them. If you remain focused on implementing attraction marketing, you’ll reach your goals faster and you’ll become more profitable than you ever imagined.

4 Reasons to Consider Affiliate Marketing as a Revenue Stream

The last few years have been years of decision making and call to action for many of us, but considering affiliate marketing as a revenue stream may not have been on your list.

There many ways that you can define yourself but remember that doing what someone else thinks you should be doing isn’t always the best career move.

Right now, if you were to ask yourself if you are happy with where you are in life, could you say yes? Are you happy with what you earn?

What about the setting in which you work? Are you happy with that too?

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself right now about who you are, what you do, and what makes the difference. If you could make one change right now, what would it be?

Chances are, you want to change what you earn. That is usually how most folks respond. I cannot fault you for that, but I also want you to understand that there are other things to think about.

Today, I’m going to share the 4 reasons to consider affiliate marketing as a revenue stream, and what you can do to start today.

Affiliate Marketing as a Revenue Stream Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Starting a business takes a lot of work, but the good news is that online businesses are much less work to start and much less work to maintain.

Unless your niche is e-commerce, you’ll be well on your way to getting started without a hitch. It’s low stress to run an online business, and you can do it all from home.

There are 4 main reasons to consider affiliate marketing as a revenue stream.

  1. You can promote something you’re passionate about. The worst thing in life is to do something you hate. This is the case for about 85% of Americans. No one wants to go to work because they hate their job, and they feel that way because they don’t even like what the company stands for if they have done enough asking to know what that is. Promoting something you absolutely LOVE and are passionate about makes it easy for you to put 100% of your efforts behind it to get it in front of as many eyes as possible. If you take the time to learn affiliate marketing, you’ll understand what this marketing is and how it works.
  2. You can be your own boss. Getting started in affiliate marketing is easy when you are passionate about the product, so why not jump in when you can be your own boss? Every effort you make while working for someone else is getting them closer to their dream. Why not work hard and get closer to achieving your dreams and what God has for you? Whatever your family’s schedule is or what your family needs, you can make your schedule fit that of your family. It’s that simple.
  3. Your potential to earn is limitless. Have you ever wondered what kind of temptation you would have if someone handed you a blank check? That is the same idea when you make the choice to promote products in an affiliate program. You won’t have limits on what you earn, so every action or step you take will get you closer to your ideal income. The choice is yours. God says in His Word that ALL things are possible. Therefore, it’s time to get busy.
  4. Online tools keep your overhead down. These days a brick and mortar operation are super expensive to start and run. Running an online business keeps things simple, and the cost of running an online business is minimal. A website will be your biggest initial investment. You’ll need to focus on marketing yourself at least a few hours per day to start, but using social media to get started and share your content is FREE. There isn’t anything free about promoting a storefront on the street, so focus on tapping into what is available to you right now, with very little financial investment.

There are numerous ways to jumpstart your business, but choosing an affiliate product that you stand behind firmly is a great place to start.

What is your greatest passion? What products and services do you absolutely love? Focus on those things, and what matters most to you in life will being to surface. As you do the work and commit to building your financial freedom, everything will fall right into place.

Want to know what I love most, and the tools I use to get there?

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing as a revenue stream, please contact me today to get started.

5 Affiliate Marketing Trends You Should Know About

business's first profits

Affiliate marketing trends are hot this year, and they are a great way to earn income from home.

There are numerous individuals I know personally that make millions each month on these programs, and they are not difficult to learn and manage.

Whether you have millions or you have a few dollars, you can build a business online through affiliate opportunities. How can you make the most of the opportunity you choose?

Today, I’m going to share with you what the top 5 affiliate marketing trends are this year, and what you can do to cash in.

What are the Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends?

Regardless of what products you love most, imagine that you made it a full-time endeavor to market those online. What do you think the end result would be?

Big companies are looking for the best way to put hands and feet to their marketing approach. Commercials are not enough. This is why affiliate marketing is a smart move for both you and these big corporations.

They need help with marketing and you want to earn commissions. Therefore, it’s a wise investment for both of you. The best part is that you can start working your affiliate marketing program from the comfort of your own home.

So, what are the top trends that make this idea so attractive?

  1. Non-Traditional affiliate marketing. Traditional is marketing a product and getting paid a commission, so what would a non-traditional affiliate program mean? This one involves a storefront. There is now a better and easier way for you to build a business with a storefront, all without paying expensive fees for a franchise. The products can still be marketed and sold online, but the storefronts get the commissions. It’s a great way to market those products that customers want to lay hands on like clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  2. Cross-device tracking methods. Tracking methods that run across different devices are the best way to find out how your customer shops. Some products are still going to get customers to gravitate to them more on a PC than they will on their mobile device. Tracking isn’t created equal, so the device is dependent upon what is right for you.
  3. Keep it mobile. Mobile is a great way to market and a great way to buy! However, marketing mobile is picking up speed with SMS messaging for coupons wins the day. This is just one of the many signs that mobile marketing may become the top method for many retailers. It’s no surprise that with the click to a coupon that this is one of the top 5 affiliate marketing trends this year.
  4. Marketing verticals are changing. As demands for products change, so the demands for marketing. Every industry is different, but some are more trendy than others. Right now, adult-oriented items are picking up speed, as the need to “get away” seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. Utility apps are gaining popularity, and they are just what the doctor ordered for many business owners.
  5. Marketing is about influencing the consumer. Do you really have the attention of your target audience? If you aren’t sure, then you have not influenced them enough. Getting people to come around to YOUR way of thinking is vital to your success. Don’t be so sure you have it in the bag, especially if your revenue is low.

It’s free game as they say, and digital marketing tools make it easier to market to the masses, but you still have to cut through the noise and stand out above the rest.

There is no free lunch when it comes to marketing affiliate opportunities online, and he who has the best tools and knowledge wins. What about building relationships and providing valuable information?

It’s still important. This is why you need to hone your craft and learn as much as you can about these affiliate marketing trends that are building steam for 2017.