The New Rules of Marketing and PR Have Been Adopted

Did you know that the new rules of marketing and PR have now been adopted, taking control from the salespeople?

It used to be that the salesperson had control of the process. The salesperson was always taught to take control of the conversation and the sales process.

Things have changed.

Only the VERY best companies understand that customers are now armed with more information. Buyers are now more educated before they step onto the car lot.

Buyers are not buying the first time around.

What has helped the customer become more well-equipped and ready to make a decision? Today, I’m going to tell you how simple this really is.

I’ll share the new rules of marketing and PR, and how this can change the game for everyone, from the CEO to the customer turned buyer.

How the New Rules of Marketing and PR Changed the Game Forever

It is amazing that so many companies still have not realized this, but digital marketing has now taken over the approach to almost all marketing.

The new rules of marketing and PR have taken businesses by storm, and it has changed the way most business owners hire and conduct business.

  • The days of making 100 sales calls a day is no more.
  • The days of mailing letter upon letter to potential customers is over.
  • Social media platforms, social sharing, email marketing, and E-Books have now taken over the marketing space.
  • The newspaper went out a long time ago, but you can be sure that folks are reading online, on their mobile devices ALL of the time.

Research tells us that most consumers, meaning 70% of online purchases occur on a mobile device. Text messaging has taken over communication, and landline phones are nearly obsolete in most homes.

With all of this information, and big data to thank, customers can find anything they want around the clock. Decisions are now based upon what you read online first thing in the morning.

You can read all the reviews on a product or service before you pull the trigger.

It’s just the way it works these days. The future is continuing to head in that direction. What can you do to be a part of this?

You don’t need to do much, except focus on researching something before you make a purchase so you can understand what your customers go through before they make a final decision.

If you make it a point to learn more and understand what the customer really needs and wants, you’ll see just where your marketing falls short.

What should you do to change your approach?

Change it Up with the New Rules of Marketing and PR

Do you believe that you can go and make a purchase today based upon what you have read online? Most likely you now feel more confident about spending your money because you did tons of research online before you made the decision.

The new rules of marketing and PR say that if you develop solid content for your audience they will consume it. Making it attractive and easy to find is the best way to snag your target audience without it being painful and expensive.

Get them to consume the content. Use a sharp or catchy headline. Attract them, and they will come. Provide them with valuable content, and they will see why you are the clear choice when it comes to choosing the company to buy from.

If you give them what they need and you make it attractive, they won’t feel the need to seek out your competition. This is doable but you have to make the effort.

Write up a marketing plan, and then put it into action. Use every online asset available to you. Tap into the digital marketing tools that are right in front of you and you’ll move forward.

In the process, you’ll move forward quickly enough to obtain more customers and develop a lifelong relationship with them.

The new rules of marketing and PR matter, and they make a difference.

Conducting Business as a Christian

Conducting business as a Christian is extremely important, especially during these times.

It’s no secret that as Christians we come under scrutiny by unbelievers. Honestly, we come under scrutiny by other believers as well.

There are many aspects of our faith that are important when it comes to serving alongside our fellow man. They may not think of it in the same way, but what matters most is that we are seeking God’s ultimate will for our lives.

First and foremost we are to strive to be Christ-like. It is not easy, but we are taught in the Word of God to do so. What indication do we have that we are to do more than this?

Today, I’ll share with you some scriptural insight to this. I’ll also share with you a story that someone shared with me not long ago about this very topic.

Conducting Business as a Christian Matters

There are many themes throughout the Bible that are consistent with hard work.

Additionally, we can find numerous examples. Dedication, commitment, and servant-hood are all common themes throughout the Bible.

God makes it clear that conducting business as a Christian matters. Here are some scriptures that I recall that relate to this topic.

  1. Galatians 6:9-“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”
  2. Colossians 3:23-“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as unto the Lord, and not unto men.”
  3. Phillippians 2:14-15-“14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings: 15 That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;

This is just a few of the most well-known scriptures regarding work ethic, but it was important enough to God that He thought it was worth mentioning.

God is a God of planning, preparation, and obviously success. We know this because from the very beginning, we see planning and order in Creation.

We also see how this carries over into the lives of Noah and his family members.

With each story in the Old Testament, you see entrepreneurship, you see planning, and you see hard work. There are common threads among families that are in the Bible.

Jacob worked for 7 long years for his wife Rachel. When he discovered he had been betrayed and was given the eldest daughter, Rachel’s sister, he offered to work for another 7 years to get Rachel.

That is a deep love!

However, it was also hard work. Jacob put no other conditions on this, but to do the exact same thing because he wanted to be with her so much.

Measurements of the Tabernacle were very specific, and they were also very specific for Solomon’s Temple. There is never a time when God encourages laziness.

Doing well no matter what is also a mandate from God. There is no mistaking this. Do you work in the same fashion?

It’s easy for the body of believers to get upset, down and out when promotions are passed up. When a boss does something that doesn’t seem right, you may get frustrated.

Worst of all, many have lost hope over situations like this.

No matter what, God tells us to do right. We are to follow His Word. We are to do as He asks. If we do, we will be rewarded.

We are to do business by His Good Book. Doing all things with integrity is important, and it’s the picture we paint of Jesus to others that they will remember.

How do your co-workers and supervisors see you?

You can decide to be a blessing to others, and you can also choose to share the Gospel through your actions in the workplace by conducting business as a Christian no matter what.


Hot 7 Marketing Trends for 2018

consumer trends

As digital marketing continues to grow and evolve, there are 7 marketing trends for 2018 that you should know about.

Right now, most companies are engrossed in planning and growth for Q4, and then onto what happens next year. What about you?

Are you prepared for what lies ahead?

Today, I want to focus on 7 marketing trends for 2018. Some may surprise you. Some may not. What I can tell you is that change is coming.

Marketing can be easy if we use the right methods.

Best Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 to Watch

Digital marketing is ever evolving.

What should you look for? Here are some trends to watch in 2018.

  1. Visualization is critical. Research has told us that people love to be entertained. Babies laughing, cats and dogs doing funny things, are just a few that make the list. Visualization is what gets the consumer to see themselves driving the car in the commercial. The videos on kids toys are what spark the child’s imagination. Getting the consumer to see and feel something while watching video is the key. This is the key to getting people to develop emotional ties to things or services. Make sense?
  2. Mobilize the consumer. Mobile  access is a big deal these days, and it’s no surprise that mobile app shopping and mobile ordering has skyrocketed in the last year. Encouraging the consumer to go mobile on a frequent basis is what makes the difference in your numbers and your following. Mobilize the consumer and you’ll get more results.
  3. Content marketing is essential. Did you know that providing valuable information is only possible when you write great content and when you market that content? One of the greatest marketing trends for 2018 is writing great content, but you’ll need to market that content effectively. Cater to your customer, and make it easy for them to make a decision. Give them all of the information they could possibly need without having to look for it. They won’t have to go anywhere else if you give them what they need and want to know. You can utilize the top social platforms to market your content by sharing it, and you’ll be able to engage your audience daily. Additionally, you can use social bookmarking sites, as well as share with others that write similar content. Sometimes, scratching someone else’s back is a great way to get them to scratch yours too!
  4. Brand awareness is still tops! What is your brand? It should be you, but if you have a large company you most likely have a brand like Nike, Adidas, or something similar. You get the idea…make people love you and they will share you! This is brand awareness and it’s awesome. So, what really drives the awareness? It’s getting groups of individuals to follow you and become influencers. If you can have a strong impact on someone and influence them, they will influence others for you.
  5. Native ads. Did you know that running ads, using tools like AdWords are a great way to get more eyes on your product or service? Running native ads is a great way to do this, specifically on mobile. More customers are shopping on their mobile phone, which means running mobile ads should increase your clicks, traffic, and ultimately your sales faster. This is great news because there are now mobile apps than ever!
  6. Work with content developers. You cannot do it all. If you want to run a business and focus on what matters most, you’ll need to do some outsourcing. This is because there are now plenty of copywriters out there, it’s a matter of finding the right one. Those who only work in specific niches may not work for you. Unless of course their niche is your market. It’s an interview process just like anything else, so don’t cut corners here. It is wise to have more than one writer on board, so that if one writer is unavailable or has an emergency, you can easily turn to the other content developer on the team and keep moving.
  7. Use data that is relevant. There is a ton of big data out there these days, but just remember that not all if it is relevant to your niche or your customer. All data needs to be narrowed down. You cannot use all data for everything. For example, if you want to focus on marketing to those who are seeking service animals, you would not want to use data that pertains to finding the right dog for small children. Always make sure that you are doing research that is relevant to your target audience, and that the data is relevant.

Once you grasp all of these digital marketing trends for 2018, you’ll begin to see an increase in your conversion. The more you can influence your audience the better.

The more eyeballs you can get on your content the better. The more you focus on your target audience the more focused your marketing efforts will be.

There are many ways to plan ahead for your next quarter, but you can be sure that the “marketing trends for 2018” won’t be changing back to print advertising any time soon!

What Tim Ferriss Really Believes About Your Day Job

leadership challenges

Did you know that Tim Ferriss doesn’t believe in starting off with a 4-hour work week?

Even if you read the book (and it’s a great book!), you should know that Ferriss isn’t big on shirking your responsibilities. In fact, the more responsibility you have the better.

Entrepreneurship isn’t always easy, but it also means you have to be willing to be flexible. Getting started is not easy. In fact, getting started is often the hardest part.

Ferriss want you to think twice.

Think before you take the leap, and don’t believe everything you hear. You will most likely end up romanticizing someone else’s story. The reality of those who are taking risks is that they do so in a calculated fashion.

Successful entrepreneurs are not daredevils. Those who are most successful are those who have given their initial decisions careful thought and they plan ahead.

What else does Tim Ferriss say about taking the risk?

Tim Ferriss and the Safety Net

I know many folks who believe that planning for a safety net is “chicken”. This doesn’t make anyone weak. Rather, having a safety net is smart, and nothing less.

Those who plan ahead are the ones who are most likely to be successful.

Ferriss defers to the story of Richard Branson, and how he prepared before he launched Virgin Atlantic. Branson knew what he was doing, and as a result, he chose to prepare ahead and lay a foundation in case the venture failed.

This does not mean that he was negative or planned to fail, but rather he was prepared ahead and had a safety net in case it didn’t go as planned.

This is what smart business people do.

They don’t wait for the other shoe to drop and then scramble to find someone to help them. Smart business people also do not rely on others to fix their mistakes.

Planning ahead both financially and mentally makes you a better business person. You’ll also be positioned for greater success down the line.

Ferriss isn’t saying that you need to keep your day job forever, but you shouldn’t quit your day job right away either. The willingness to make it work is must needed, and not being willing to make it work is telling that entrepreneurship is not right for you.

What else can you do to prepare for building your own business?

Tim Ferriss Makes a Recommendation

Ferriss makes many recommendations throughout his books and his interviews. Some of the greatest advice he gives is to prepare ahead. This is true in every aspect of your business.

This is also true regardless of the type of business you start.

Ferriss makes it evident in everything he does, including his speaking events. When he is preparing for a speaking engagement he sketches everything out well in advance.

Whether he is speaking or this is a new business venture, Ferriss plans ahead.

He also attributes his success to keeping calm even under the most stressful of times. It’s all about preparation all of the time. There is no better recommendation than to prepare or plan ahead, and Tim Ferriss makes that very clear!

Why Most Startups Fail and How to Avoid it

first step to entrepreneurship

Have you ever wondered why most startups fail?

There are plenty of reasons, but it would be great to see more of them achieve success. There are numerous factors that go into running a business.

I find that more often than nought, those who fail just did not plan to succeed. In fact, by not planning they planned to fail.

Make sense?

Over the years, building my business from home, and watching others, I know WHY most startups fail. I may not give you a lot of fancy terms.

I won’t give you fancy spreadsheets with thousands of numbers on them.

I’ll give you some insight that I discovered when I decided to take an in-depth look at those around me starting businesses.

I”ll share with you some insider secrets, and how you can avoid failure with your startup.

Why Most Startups Fail from Day One

I run a successful business.

It did not come with success out of the gate, but it took a lot of hard work AND failure. Yep, that’s right. I had to fail in order to learn how to succeed.

Most business owners have agreed that if a company can make it 5 years, it is a success. If the business fails after 10 years, there are still reasons.

Most likely, it can be attributed to the following factors:

  1. Zero FOCUS. Okay. You have been hearing that you need to focus more since you were a child. It’s true. If you set out to do something and you are not 100% focused on planning for it, you’ll fail. When you are focused, you make good decisions. Each decision you make will impact you personally as well as your business. Your planning, your conversations, and your activities should all be focused on what lies ahead. This is one of the top reasons as to why most startups fail.
  2. Lack of motivation. Do you truly desire to start and run this business? Starting a business takes 100% of your time, energy, and resources (just about). It’s wise to make sure that you are motivated to get started and keep going. If you are truly passionate about a business, then your passion will not wane when not every day is stellar. Passion will help drive you when nothing else is going right. It will help you break through when all seems to not be going in your favor. You’ll discover that a lack of motivation will kill any deal, regardless of how good it is.
  3. You think you know it all. It’s easy to talk about what you know, but most likely it is easier to talk about what you do not know. It’s okay to not know everything. You can’t, it just isn’t possible. You must be willing to learn from others, and to do what others were willing to do in order to become successful. You have to be willing to learn and follow directions if you ever expect to become a success.

There are numerous steps to success you can take, but what matters most is that you never give up. Becoming successful means that you must give it your all to get there.

Don’t give up as soon as something does not seem to work. There is no perfect time to start a business, but running it like a well-oiled machine does take work every day, all day.

You can check out the article that inspired me to write this one on why most startups fail-


How to Focus on Healthy Aging

Did you know that September is healthy aging month?

Aging is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be difficult. As you age, you should continue to focus on taking care of yourself. Most aging adults begin to think it isn’t important.

It’s easy to think that exercise no longer matters because you aren’t nearly as active as you once were. Staying active is still important. It is also important that you eat healthy and do what you can to prevent disease.

What can you do today to change your life for the future?

Is it possible to age well even if you are now 70 years old? It is possible. Today, I’ll share with you what you can focus on for healthy aging month and how to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Why Care About Healthy Aging Month?

If you are an aging adult you may be wondering why it’s important to talk about cellular aging. You may also be wondering why it is so important to talk about healthy aging if you are ill.

Regardless of your age, healthy aging should be a priority. Here are some things to consider.

  1. As you age, you are more susceptible to illness and injury. Get your checkups so you can get a tuneup.
  2. As you age, you are more likely to experience osteoporosis, arthritis, and other diseases. These conditions can be debilitating. Learn more about how to prevent them.
  3. You should attempt to keep moving. Walk if that is all you can do. It is FREE!
  4. Focus on positive things in your life. Enjoy your children and their grandchildren. Travel with them when you can, and get out at least once a week.
  5. Check your cholesterol, blood sugar, and be responsible. If you are taking medicine for any of these conditions, follow the directions as stated. Also, be sure that you come up with a viable treatment plan you feel you can stick too.
  6. Educate yourself on natural remedies. Never stop doing what your doctor recommends. Although it’s okay to try something new, follow your current treatment plan.

Always listen to the medical professionals that are involved in your care. You can start using alternative therapies but make sure you use them in conjunction with your treatment plan.

You can age well regardless of what science tells you. Although others around you may smoke and have other bad habits, you can choose wisely.

Aging begins with your cells, so protecting your cellular health is important. How can you do this?

There are several natural therapies I’ve read about, but the most interesting one is PEMF therapy. The research I’ve come across discusses how this therapy works down to the cellular level.

It impacts your cells, nerves, tissues, joints, and muscles.

This powerful therapy may be an opportunity for you prevent disease and get natural therapy for anything you suffer from now.

The rising costs of healthcare has encouraged me to look around and view my options. You can too. Do your own research online, and don’t forget that healthy aging month is a great encouragement to look after your health.