3 Powerful Things Persuasive People Do

There are 3 powerful things persuasive people do, and these things are similar to the actions of young children.

Children have a sneaky but super effective way of getting THEIR way. Would you agree? Children are persistent, but above all they seem to know how to make a deal.

It’s comical but it’s true.

Children are some of the best salespeople in the world. Above all they persuade others to give them exactly what they want.

Persuasion isn’t just important in sales. It’s all about getting someone else to come around to your way of thinking. Once you get someone to think about what you’ve said, you’ll wait to see them take action on it.

Here are 3 powerful things persuasive people do every day, in every conversation.

3 Powerful Things Persuasive People Do Consistently

Consistency is important to succeed in any area of your life, but those who are persuasive are ALWAYS on top of their game.

Here are 3 powerful things persuasive people do consistently.

  1. The listen INTENTLY. The word intently goes a long way here. This is because those who are persuasive do things with strong intention. Those who are successful always do things on purpose. Every action, every word that you speak should have a purpose behind it. If you are aggressive the other person will easily pick up on it. The harder you push the more defensive you’ll become. The other person may become defensive as well if you are pushy. Listen, listen, and keep listening. If you fail to listen, you won’t know what their purpose is for doing something. Once you find out what that is, you’ll know how to proceed. Listening will also help you find out if the other individual is receptive to what you’re saying. Listen with a purpose, and listen to what they say about their purpose for everything they do.
  2. They don’t argue. Those who are persuasive know that arguing will hurt their position. Those who argue waste time. This is why it’s important to be a good listener, and find out where you can give credit. Those who are persuasive will always give credit to where credit is do. Always seek the opportunity to give credit to others, and encourage them when they make a valid point. Those who are persuasive seek to bring down walls so that they can gain more ground with those they talk to. Less arguing and defensive behavior means more of a chance you’ll be heard and that you’ll be the first choice when they are ready to make a move.
  3. They know when it’s time to shut their mouth.¬†One of the most powerful things persuasive people do is stop talking. Those who are best at persuading others often say the least. Consider that the most persuasive presidential candidates often make fewer critical comments during debates. They also criticize others less when creating ads and making statements via social media. Great speakers can be persuasive, but when they are attempting to get others to share their point of view they need to be quiet. Quiet doesn’t mean weak. Quiet means wise!

It’s important to have the skills to persuade others when you own a business. It is also beneficial to have sound persuasion skills when building your case for a sale.

If you continue to be a great listener and focus on what others need, you’ll get better in time with your persuasion. These are several “powerful things that persuasive people do”, but these are the top 3 that often bring continuous success.

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