Your 3 Step System for Generating Traffic with Your Blog

You probably didn’t realize that you could be generating traffic with your blog for your business, did you? You may have found this article online because you have been researching how to generate online traffic to get leads.

Perhaps you have a blog that gets a lot of readers, but maybe you just aren’t getting folks to convert into paying customers from your blog?

The best type of traffic you can ever get is organic traffic.

This means that you are getting people who have found you without you paying for ads, solo ads, and even expensive commercials.

Google can either be your best friend or your biggest enemy. Is there a way to crack the code?

Whether or not you consider the time you spend as “free” traffic, just keep in mind that you still have to put your time and energy into every blog post you write.

The journey can be long and tiring, but the most important position you can take is that your time and resources are an asset, thus making your blog a TRUE asset to your business.

If you want to grow your income each month, and you want to educate your audience, it’s time for you to focus on your blog and crafting it to do all the things that you need for it to do.

The rules have changed with Google, and now it means that you absolutely MUST pay attention to what you are doing and it also means that you MUST improve the quality of your blog posts.

What makes a great blog post?

Today, I’ll teach you what a blog is really about, and how you can be sure that you write the perfect blog post every time to help you start generating traffic with your blog.

First Steps to Generating Traffic with Your Blog

Google is an amazing search engine, and it can be the very thing that helps you get more traffic if you know how to work it right.

The one MAJOR challenge is that most people are giving advice on what makes a good blog great, but some of those techniques are no longer effective.

There are numerous folks that have been using what we call “black-hat SEO” for many years, and they are still using it. The only way to really get readers to come around to where you are is GREAT content.

Great information wins the day always.

Here are some things you should know before you start your blog:

  1. Every great company has a blog. Every great company is great because they create great content, and they compel their audience to want to read and then take action. Their blog is what makes them an authority. Positioning yourself as an authority is what makes the difference between you and your competition.
  2. You should focus on great headlines.¬†Headlines are what get attention. Your audience is ONLY reading your headline, and once you get them hooked it’s over. In fact, if the headline is compelling enough your audience won’t read much further. A great headline ensures that you will get their attention and that they may at least read your introduction.
  3. Produce great written and video content. Everyone loves to be entertained, so producing great written AND video content is essential for getting their attention. 

If you can do these three things, you’ll no doubt start generating traffic with your blog. It doesn’t take long to get your blog started, and you can begin planning your content for the month within a few hours.

What else should you know about using your blog for traffic and business?

Generating Traffic with Your Blog Means You Get a Real Connection

Pre-qualifying leads is just as important to getting them, and it means that they have sought you out. You get a real connection with those who have read your blog or watched your videos.

This means they have had a chance to learn something about you.

The more you can give your prospects upfront the greater your chances are of getting them to join you in your business and buy your product or your service.

Need more help?

I personally mentor others in how to build their business with a blog, as well as through social media. If you want to learn more about how you can begin generating traffic with your blog, please go to one of my banner ads to learn more, of you can email me directly at


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