5 Hot Tips to Persuade Someone

Are you looking for tips to persuade someone?

Most salespeople want to know the easiest way to make a sale. This is because they believe they lack sales skills. Everyone wants to know how to persuade others.

It’s a natural born desire. We all want others to come around to our way of thinking. We all want others to agree with us. Finally, we want someone to BUY from us.

Is it possible to easily persuade someone to change their mind? Can you get someone to buy something they did not plan to purchase?

Today, I’m going to share with you some HOT tips to persuade someone. I have learned from some of the greatest minds in sales.

I have also been networking with some of the most amazing speakers in the world. You will learn the body language that matters, and how to talk to people differently.

It’s time to get others to listen to you and take action.

Tips to Persuade Someone with Body Language

Body language has a lot to do with WHY people respond to you a certain way.

If you are speaking to a group of people, how can you persuade them to agree with you? Can you get your audience to buy from you?

You can. Here are some tips to persuade someone whether you know them or not.

  1. Make eye contact. Looking at people and speaking to them directly can have a huge impact. If you are talking but not looking directly at someone it will appear that you being dishonest. Once you make eye contact, you should maintain eye contact and smile. You should be yourself, but ALWAYS look directly at the person you are talking to.
  2. Exude confidence. Are you confident? Poor self-esteem can show up in a conversation with someone. When you lack confidence you will appear nervous and unprepared. Always work on building confidence before a presentation or conversation with someone. Confidence is a great way to ensure that you persuade someone.
  3. Know your product. This probably sounds cliche, but know your product. You cannot make a presentation on a product you know nothing about. Every detail matters in a presentation. Make it your business to know your product inside and out. If you don’t use the product yourself, it’s likely you won’t be able to persuade anyone to buy it.
  4. Agree with the individual you are talking to when necessary. Persuasion isn’t about not listening to the other person. When an individual says something that you agree with tell them. Do not be afraid to let the other person know that you agree with them on something. Be real with others and let them know what you agree with and what you do NOT agree with. People will respect you more for it.

Tips to Persuade Someone Over the Phone

The same tips to persuade someone will be useful when you talk with someone over the phone. The one main difference? Your tone of voice will matter.

When you call a prospect or customer keep in mind that your emotions come through. People can hear a lack of confidence over the phone, and they can also determine whether or not you know your product.

You absolutely MUST have a confident tone, and speak clearly and be concise.

People do not like to have someone else waste their time. Let your prospect know why you called and be clear about what you want.

Do you feel as though these tips could help you persuade others? Do you feel that you can be more influential as a result of these tips today?

I hope that you work on your confidence, and if speaking is challenging for you join a group like Toastmasters. Get as much practice as you can.

You will discover that these “tips to persuade someone” always work as you put more time and effort into your craft.


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