5 Winning Headline Formulas You Cannot be Without!

Did you know that using winning headline formulas makes it possible to attract the right customers to your blog?

There are numerous statistics that prove this to be true.

In fact, famous copywriters that now earn millions in their profession can prove that this is true. How is it possible that the headline alone can attract the right readers?

Consider that your headline is like an ad for your ad.

When you log into Facebook, you always seek the content that gets your attention first. Everyone is attracted to different types of content, but what matters most is the headline.

The headline makes you click.

Do you want to stop readers in their tracks? Do you want them to be so compelled by what you are saying that they do not desire to look elsewhere?

Today, I’ll share with you some critical winning headline formulas I picked up from Tim Erway, one of the top online marketers in the world.

I’ll share with you the insider secrets that have helped Tim build his own success, but furthermore you’ll learn how he helped others become a success story too.

Why These Winning Headline Formulas Are So Effective

People do NOT like to be sold, but it happens every day.

A salesman comes along and changes their mind about what they are doing. In fact, a salesman often positions him or herself to be a part of the customer’s decision making process.

Would it be easier to get your customer’s attention without having to work so hard?

If you are marketing online then you know all too well that what your prospects see ahead of time has everything to do with their decision making process.

Would you prefer to be the one that the prospect chooses to read?

Would you prefer to be the one that gets the click?

I am sure that it’s true that you want to be first in line, and I am sure that you want to make sure that the reader does choose your blog over everyone else’s. Right?

The GOAL is to get your prospect to stop when they see YOUR headline, and you want them to keep reading what comes after the headline.

This means that your headline is the ONE chance to get your prospect’s attention.

Your prospect most likely will not read much more of your copy past the headline, and potentially the first sentence or paragraph.

This is why these winning headline formulas are super effective, and why they work so well.

You want to create the following three ideal emotions or situations:

  • Anticipation
  • Excitement
  • Curiosity

The more curiosity you can generate, the more excitement you’ll cause in your prospects and the anticipation for anything else you publish will already be there.

The smallest change or tweak could potentially change the way your prospect views your content. (This is good stuff isn’t it)?

There are numerous ways to go about getting your prospect’s attention, but what is that perfect TRIGGER?

That trigger is whatever creates curiosity.

It’s time to get the flip switched for your prospect so that they choose your headline to read or to watch your video. Your content, either medium should be worthy of that click.

This means that your headlines need to cater to your audience. A great example of this, is one that Tim Erway outlines in his teaching on the “5 Winning Headline Formulas“.

“DUMP These 10 Mining Company Stocks NOW!” 

Tim talks about who this could be effective for, but he also points out who this headline will NOT attract. So, if you are targeting those who want to build an online business, this type of headline will not do much for them.

However, an individual that has a lot of interest in stocks, specifically for mining would stop and read this immediately.

There is a huge difference between what gets attention and what does not. Do your headlines get attention?

As an online marketer, you have no doubt chosen according to your fear of loss, right? You know that you don’t have a huge budget to work with, and therefore you have to choose wisely what you are reading.

How can you go about creating these headlines without a mistake every time? Next, I’ll talk about the steps you should take before you actually type one word or record that video.

The Key to Creating Winning Headline Formulas EVERY Time!

You have probably heard in your sales career or ANY type of training that asking the right questions matters most. Asking the right questions means a lot, so here is what you should ask.

  1. What goals or dreams does your prospect have?
  2. What is your prospect worried about? What causes them pain?
  3. What keeps your prospect awake at night?

There is no time to lose with your marketing campaign, therefore, you should FOCUS on the answers to these questions.

Here are the 5 winning headline formulas you cannot live without.

  1. State the benefit. The prospect immediately wants to know how this will benefit them. They are asking, “What’s in it for me?” With this mindset they are sure that they are going to learn more about how you can HELP them. Share with them how to do something, or how to get something that they want or need. Remember their goals and dreams? What keeps them thinking and causes them to lay awake at night?
  2. News headline. We undoubtedly live in a world of troubled times and we are bombarded with NEWS. This is no different for those who are researching and reading online. Any “breaking news” headline is going to get the attention of your readers. Is your prospect looking for a breakthrough? What about something new that you are releasing? Just released or announcing or even making a BIG REVEAL is going to get your prospect to click or contact you, sign up for your webinar, or subscribe to your newsletter too.
  3. Lead with a question. Questions are great, and they work well in headlines because the individual will begin to answer it in their mind without thinking about it first. If you ask a question that targets your prospect’s pain, they are going to CLICK and read what you are writing or watch your video too.
  4. Point out the PAIN, frustration or problem. Addressing the pain or frustration that your prospect has is VERY important. When your prospect has a problem and you put that in your headline, you are giving them the help they need for FREE. People generally have the fear of loss, and if you can show them how to avoid that loss you’ll win them over quickly.
  5. Use specific numbers. This type of headline is really effective and it lets the prospect know that they are going to find a specific number of answers. This can be like the headline for this article, or it could be the “3 Strongest Natural Antibiotics You Can Use”. Eye catching? Yes, and it will SAVE your prospect time. They will see your catchy headline and begin reading what you have written or they will watch your video. They will feel satisfied and choose you.

Effective? Yes.

If you would like to learn more about creating winning headline formulas like this, please click HERE now for more information about how I can HELP you do this for your business.


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