6 Common Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

If you own a small business then you already know that there are 6 common marketing mistakes small businesses make. Small businesses often feel pressure when it comes to their marketing budget, and there isn’t much room for error.

Resources are also in short supply, and oftentimes the purse strings are pulled tight to avoid money running out like a sieve.

It is imperative that you as a small business owner learn how to run and maintain your business without falling into the negative repeatedly. What can you do from a marketing standpoint to change the way your business is operating?

Today, I’m going to share with you 6 common marketing mistakes small businesses make that can affect their relationships and bottom line dramatically.

The 6 Common Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid

What would you say if I told you that marketing is the catalyst to helping your audience find your business? Generally, startups are careful to assess what they need in the beginning and as they grow their business.

There are many issues that business may face, but there are 6 common marketing mistakes small businesses must avoid in order to succeed.

  1. Lack of a website. Did you know that a website is one of the most important tools your business can use? A website is more than a place to use your name, it’s a place to state your values and mission. You cannot assume that because you’re open for business that people are going to discover you. No one cares about you until you make them an offer they cannot refuse. That’s just how people are. Put up a website that appeals to your customer, and make sure it’s easy to use.
  2. You don’t know the bigger picture. When you launch a business, you should have a big picture of what you want to do and what you want to accomplish. How do you plan to solve problems for others? If you cannot solve problems for others in the grander scheme of things, you don’t have a viable business. If you approach your business as a single act, you won’t make it very far. Look into the future, and then make a decisions about where you’re headed, and then set goals.
  3. Avoiding innovative tools. I still know plenty of folks that don’t believe in modern day electronic communication. Oops, they need to get in the know. Here’s the thing; mobile devices matter, and eventually those basic phones will be obsolete. There’s no room for basic communication at all, and let’s not forget that the most innovative tools are the devices and the apps they use. If you choose to avoid using these tools, you’re missing out on a significant part of your audience.
  4. Cater to your customers. I know what you’re thinking; you wish you had more folks following you and buying from you. The customers you do have are the most important customers! When you treat them right, you’ll have no problem getting referrals. Those who have a positive experience are always happy to let others know about it. When they don’t, they let even more folks know about it. Take care of your customers, and cater your marketing efforts to them. You’ll gain a lot of momentum.
  5. You have failed to work up a content strategy. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to leave out a content strategy. This includes the content and how you’re going to market it. Your content, whether written or video should be content that caters to your customers and their needs. This also means you need to market it as well. Email marketing and sharing through various social media channels is a viable way to share all of your content. Put your strategy together.
  6. Be a good listener. Talking is great, but listening is better. If your customers feel as though they are being heard, they will love you forever. Literally. Your customers need to know what’s in it for them, and if they don’t know, they can’t put their trust in you to deliver to them what they need. Listen to your customers, and find out how you can serve them better. You can always advise them as you go.

Marketing is your system, but your linchpin is your strategy that makes it all work together. What will you do? Don’t make these 6 common marketing mistakes that small businesses make.





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