About James Hunter

Hi! I’m James Hunter. Thanks for stopping by my about James Hunter page.

I am a Dad of 4 amazing kids whom are the sparkle in my eye and the spring in my step. I am a Soldier of 23 years.

I have been to different places that have empowered me to see how other people think, do and operate; from those experiences I have learned to appreciate things.  I have also learned that nothing is promised.

I heard a quote from Les Brown. We can’t escape life so get out the stands and come on the field with the rest of us and Love, Live and Enjoy life and help someone else do the same.

I love Amusement parks and GOOD FOOD. I like to Empower others and  help them Love, Live and Enjoy Life.

I believe in the Entrepreneur life and not settling for less than the best that we can be. 

Like anything you can only help those that are open to change and willing to put into practice the things necessary to live life on the next level.

The journey to accept change for me has been challenging and rewarding.

Life can be a challenge I believe this is what separates those that want and those that will have.

Challenges and experiences teach us something.

Looking forward to talking with you and possibly working with you.


James Hunter


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda, Jedi Master.