Admiration for the New Veterans Affairs Chief

Many changes came this year when President Trump was elected, and it was awesome to see the new Veteran’s Affairs Chief get the respect that he is due

Having taken over in 2015 he is now more encouraged than ever that success for the Veteran’s Administration is on the horizon.

Better care has been needed for some time, and Dr. David Shulkin is just what the doctor ordered, no pun intended.  Veterans were relieved when the choice was made in hopes that better care would come sooner.

Recently, Dr. Shulkin spent time with a soldier over the computer screen to do a check-up and make sure that he was doing well.

Seeing patients both in person and remotely makes Dr. Shulkin a great choice for the new chief. It shows he cares, and that is more than anyone could ask for.

As the leader of the second largest federal agency, what would you say is on tap for Dr. Shulkin for the future? How is he different, and what change can he bring permanently?

What Makes the New Veterans Affairs Chief Different?

There is a lot of risk in this position, and no doubt with the backlog issue a few years back, all eyes are on Dr. Shulkin to see how he can bring positive change to the VA.

With more than 350,000 employees and more than 1,700 facilities to oversee, he has a full plate. The only way to understand what Shulkin is doing and how he is bringing this positive change is to sit in and see it with your own two eyes.

While on the call with the veteran, Dr. Shulkin was able to patch in another doctor on the phone for this vet’s wife who was suffering from dementia.

While he is working in his capacity as a physician, he is also working on turning the ship around. Dr. Shulkin said this regarding the VA when asked how things were going.

“We’re in critical condition, but moving toward stable,” he said, his brow furrowed. “The V.A. has experienced a very, very tough time. It lost the most important thing any organization could have: its trust.”

This is probably the most accurate description one could give, and his biggest challenge he feels is that he is not a veteran.

Shulkin remains uncertain that he can turn things around while under the new administration, but what he may not realize is that this President offers a ton of support to veterans.

This is the first time that the head of the VA has not been a veteran, but the new Veterans Affairs chief is still a breath of fresh air in how he handles cases and people in general.

Although Shulkin was also not the first choice or on the radar as someone Trump would want in this position, he came highly recommended by someone in Trump’s cabinet.

Shulkin’s young age of 57, also puts him in a prime position as one to watch that is able to make change. Making major moves in the VA is the name of the game for Shulkin, and it’s time for more changes on the horizon.

As he continues to work on the VA and attempt to improve the processes involved to reduce cost, Shulkin is being watched by all parties.

I think it’s safe to say that the new Veterans Affairs chief is a pleasant surprise for the administration as well as for veterans.


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