Attracting the Right Clients Every Time

Did you know that attraction marketing is also useful for attracting the right clients?

There is no rule that says attraction marketing only applies to attracting prospects.

Finding the right clients is not easy, and it’s more like online dating at times. Why?

You are looking for the qualities that match your ideals and goals long-term for the sake of your company.

Even if you don’t have a company, but you are out there looking for coaching clients, it’s all the same.

You need to follow some simple principles for attracting the right clients.

Today, I’ll share with you how you can do this. You’ll learn why it’s just like attraction marketing, only it’s most beneficial for you when you work for you!

Attracting the Right Clients Takes Time


The last thing you want to hear is how this process takes time. Everything worth doing will take time. That is an unavoidable fact.

However, getting clients in your portfolio that are desirable takes time and effort.

At times, it feels like you are trying to sell a house, but attracting the right clients is work.

You want to tell them all the reasons they need to shop you, and why the client needs to choose you over the competition.

How can you be sure that your ideal clients will choose you over the competition?

  1. Separate yourself through social media. Standing out in the noisy landscape can be difficult, but what you must do is make yourself stand out. One of the best and least expensive ways to do this is through the use of social media. Getting social engagement with your followers is important, but more importantly, you should be sure that you get the right folks engaging. Sharing high-quality content that attracts your ideal client is the way to do this. Videos, blog posts, and even audios are vital. Record interviews with clients that you’ve worked with. A first-hand testimonial is the best way to show others that they need what you are offering.
  2. Tell them how you WILL solve their problem. If you find a problem that you can solve you’ll have a business. Those who are looking for a coach need to know that you can help them excel. How are you doing to do this for them? Tell them what is in it for them. Give them at least the basic foundation, meaning, you share with them that you have a program for them that is a step-by-step plan for success.
  3. Showcase what you have to offer. What experience do you have? How do you serve others? If your potential clients have no idea where your knowledge and experience comes from, how will they know you can do the job? Showcase what you have to bring to the table, and let them know that it’s all for the purpose of helping them. If you have overcome adversity, this is where you can draw the line in the sand for attracting the right clients. Those seeking a coach are most likely in need of help of how to approach adversity and stay on top of their game.
  4. Educate, educate, educate. Educating your potential client is invaluable. They obviously need help or they wouldn’t be perusing your website or blog. Educate your ideal client on why folks are seeking coaches, and the percentages on rates of success once having worked with a coach. Educate them with facts and figures, and you’re sure to win them over with an initial phone call or meeting.

There are many ways to “attracting the right clients”, but most importantly, your clients are the reason you have a business.

Always put them first, and think about what they need in order to become successful.

Work each day to make them better, and to learn more about how you can best help them.

You’ll soon discover how easy it is to begin attracting the right clients and building your coaching practice.


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