5 Secrets to Writing a Profitable Blog Post!

Did you know that your biggest link to building  profit is for writing a profitable blog post? You may be one of thousands that is looking for a way to replace your current income, but you just aren’t sure how to do it. You may have heard that blogging is essential to your business these…

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Admiration for the New Veterans Affairs Chief

veterans statistics

Many changes came this year when President Trump was elected, and it was awesome to see the new Veteran’s Affairs Chief get the respect that he is due.  Having taken over in 2015 he is now more encouraged than ever that success for the Veteran’s Administration is on the horizon. Better care has been needed…

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5 Reasons You MUST Blog for Your Business!

bog for your business

Chances are you found this article in your online search for more information about why you MUST blog for your business. You may have even heard someone discussing the best blogging platforms, or how to write a good blog post. There is a ton of information out there online about how to write great copy,…

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How to Grab Your Prospect’s Attention with Every Blog Post

how to grab your prospects attention

Have you been looking for ways to make sure that you know how to grab your prospect’s attention with every blog post? Chances are, you’ve been looking for ways to make sure that you get in front of as many people as possible in your niche market. If this sounds like you and what you’ve…

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Is Intermittent Fasting Safe?

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is growing in popularity as a way to control weight and appetite, but is it safe? I recently read an article that changed my opinion of whether or not this could be a good way to control my cravings and even my blood sugar. The good news is that it works and it’s…

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Meditating for Better Health

The Effects of Meditation on the Brain

Meditating for better health is now a more common recommendation that doctors make to their patients. This is because doctors know that those who have more peace of mind heal much faster, and they also tend to get sick less often. Ideally, doctors want to see patients when they are the most sick, not for…

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Why Copywriting is Important to Your Business

how to grab your prospects attention

Do you know why copywriting is important to your business? It is ALWAYS the key to everything that happens in your business, but if you aren’t putting time into learning how to write effective copy, you’ll lose this battle. You can write good or bad, and when your writing is anything but good it will…

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Recruit Rejection Free and Build Your Team!

recruit rejection free

When you joined the company you signed up for, did they give you training on how to recruit rejection free? Most likely they didn’t tell you anything about recruiting without rejection, but rather they told you to give out samples of your product, or you were taught to sit down with friends and family and…

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Make a Ton of Sales with the Highest Quality Leads

highest quality leads

What do you have to do in order to make a ton of sales with the highest quality leads? Attracting the exact prospects that you need business is really important, yet so few marketers understand this. You can have a nice website, but without a way to generate traffic, no one will see it. The…

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Why You MUST Recruit with Social Media

recruit with social media

If you want massive success with network marketing you MUST recruit with social media. Building a team is possible, but it takes some training, learning, and then the implementation to bring it all together. Recruiting using social media isn’t difficult, but it does take time for you to figure out how to make it work…

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