The Beauty of Online Storytelling

Are you aware that online storytelling can unlock more profit for your business?

Stories go a long way with the consumer. This is because the consumer wants to know how your product applies to them.

People do not like to be sold but they do like to buy.

What is the secret to writing the story that people love? How can you write the perfect story to get that click? In this article I’m going to share with you why online storytelling is your best option.

I’ll also teach you how you can craft the perfect story every time.

How to Develop Your Online Storytelling Skills

Do you enjoy a good story?

I know I do. I like to read books where there is a solid plot. I love it when an author crafts a story that I can get into because it makes me feel like I am right there.


This is what great storytelling is all about.

You have to make your reader feel like you are the only person they are speaking to. Can you recall a time when you were on a website and you got wrapped up in the story?

Were you completely distracted?

This is the type of online storytelling you need to do. Otherwise, you’ll lose your reader. Your reader should be so engrossed in what you have written that they block everything else out.

Everything your reader sees should direct them to your main website. Your reader should also begin devouring your site looking for more information about you and what you do.

If your reader isn’t 100% consumed with you and what you’re doing, you’re going to lose them to your competition. It’s that simple.

So, what can you do to craft the perfect online storytelling scenario?

Create the Perfect Online Storytelling Scenario

Focus is important to help you craft a great story every time you write a new blog post or update your site. Here’s what you do every time.

Get your thoughts on paper. The best thing you can do is craft an outline. The outline helps give you direction and focus for your next blog post. This is also true if you are writing in a forum. Get the thoughts out of your head and onto the paper. Once you write up the outline you’ll be ready to start typing. The idea is to make sure that you focus on one topic. The next step is to support it with plenty of statements and other evidence.

Craft a killer headline. Headlines are the MOST important thing you’ll write. EVER. Most individuals look at the headline and they go no further. The headline should whet their appetite. The perfect headline will get them to click without reading any further. If you can get this 70% of the time you are doing great. Great content marketing is all about writing the killer headline that makes the reader stop. The next step is for the reader to click and make a decision. The more clicks you can get from your reader the more likely you are to get the sale. Get their attention.

Feed them valuable information. Information wins the day. If you don’t give the reader information you’ll lose. How can you help them build their skills? How can you help your reader save money? How can you help your reader learn more about their health condition? These are all important questions you should be asking. The information you provide to your reader should help them do something. Whether your reader needs to make a decision about something or learn a new skill, it could depend on whether or not you are giving them valuable information. If you do this you’ll win the day. If you fail to feed your reader valuable information to help them, you’ll lose.

Keep in mind that your reader is reading something on your website because they saw something that got their attention.

You did your job to get their eyes on your site, so now you need to keep them there. Once you get them to your site, you want them to share your information with others.

Are you worthy of this?

Follow through on these points and you’ll have a wildly successful marketing campaign. Your results will depend on your skills for “online storytelling”.


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