How to Get Prospects to Read Your Sales Letter

Did you know that you can get prospects to read your sales letter without standing behind them at the computer forcing them?

Recently, I’ve been writing about how to get the attention of your ideal customer. I know it may not work every, single time, but remember that being attractive to your audience is where it starts.

Writing winning headlines is a great way to get your prospects attention on specific topics, and furthermore, it’s ideal for you if your approach is going to be blogging and creating video content.

Every piece of content that you create does matter, and there are numerous experts out there that have made millions using great content to get more attention from their customers.


You have to be consistent.

How can you get prospects to read your sales letter and get them to convert into a lead or a paying customer? Today, I’ll share with you what it takes to get a prospect to choose you every time, and what you can do to make sure you get the RIGHT customer, every time.

My Number ONE Secret to Get Prospects to Read Your Sales Letter

Okay, what’s happening in the real world?

Many folks have been losing their jobs or struggling to find jobs because the workplace is so competitive. With fewer jobs, it means that it’s harder to get good paying jobs, and those that offer benefits.

What if you could start an online business, and learn how to write a sales letter that was so attractive, nearly 80% of your online audience would read it?

This is why I am talking about how to get prospects to read YOUR sales letter.

Here are some tips to help you get the right eyeballs on your sales letter, and how to craft it for ideal conversion.

  1. Headlines, headlines, headlines. Okay, so I’ve talked about this before, but if you write eye-popping headlines, you WILL get more readers. With strong headlines, readers will stop in their tracks and click for your information, even before reading much further. That is amazing! What are your chances of this happening? They are very slim if you have not yet learned about how to craft compelling headlines.
  2. Start with a question. Email subject headlines are super important, because a majority of sales letters are inside the newsletter that you offer. They could also be a landing page depending upon your strategy, but remember that if you ask a question, the mind will start answering it automatically. It’s in our nature. 🙂
  3. Make a definitive statement. If you were to write an email headline that made a definitive statement, specifically one that was to a prospect that had not proven to be a buyer, it would re-engage them. Remember, many of your prospects are waiting on something powerful to get started. If you make a definitive statement, you are more likely to get a prospect to say yes. Those who are your cold market will take longer. Make a statement like, “The next step”, or possibly “Our relationship is getting stronger”. Get your prospect to think.
  4. Use reverse psychology. It’s funny how people think, but using a headline like “Don’t open this email” is sure to get you an open. It’s just the trick of the mind, but it gets attention. This may not ALWAYS be ideal, but it may be a headline for an email you keep in your back pocket.

There are numerous ways to get attention from prospects, but the content you create with your blog, your videos, and your podcasts mean everything.

There are so many ways to experience success with headlines and with other online marketing methods. However, your headlines in emails, sales letters, and other written content or video titles accounts for 90% of traffic.

Would you like to learn more about these powerful marketing techniques that I learned from Tim Erway?

Take a look HERE at how to get your prospects to read your sales letter without asking friends and family to buy anything from you, or without bribing people to listen to you about your business opportunity.



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