Get Search Engine Visibility Like a Boss!

Did you know that you can get more search engine visibility when you produce high-quality content? It is easier than ever with video, and a big part of this is because people love to be entertained.

Written content is important and it can be effective, but video can be seen any time of day or night. This is why YouTube ranks right up there with Facebook.

Chances are, if you needed a good laugh or you were looking for some information you went to YouTube to find it. There are videos on just about anything these days.

Did you know that Google is in favor of video content as well as SEO’d written content?

Whether your YouTube views are falling or are just getting started, what I am about to share with you regarding search engine visibility will help you get more views and more traffic within days.

If you can take some time to study the algorithm, your chances are going to be great for getting more views. More importantly, you will need as many eyeballs on you as possible.

If you want to get your videos to rank higher in YouTube, pay close attention to what I am about to share with you. At the end of this article, I’ll share my number one valuable source with you on how to bring it all together.

Get Top Search Engine Visibility Like a Boss

Content development is important, and without that, you’ll see just how tough it is to get any eyes on your product or service.

One of the MOST important things you should remember is that while video is important, you can do this a right way and a wrong way.

There are some simple rules here to help you boost your search engine visibility with YouTube. Are you ready?

  1. Introduce yourself. People want to know WHO you are, and they want to know that you are a REAL person that they can connect with, ask questions, and reach out to for help. If you are ambiguous you’ll frustrate your target audience and worse, you’ll get them looking elsewhere for services. Be open about who you are, your experience in the marketplace, and share with people WHY they would want to work with you over someone else.
  2. Keep it simple and SHORT. Simple means “easy”, and that is because complicating things also frustrates your audience. If you keep the video to anywhere from one to two minutes you’ll be in great shape. Target your audience, and keep it short so that they consume the content in a bite-sized fashion. Make it easy for your prospects to want more from you and keep their eyes on you. Remember, this video should be like a commercial for your business. Make it count!
  3. Use keywords and phrases that your niche market uses. If you want to get the attention of those who would buy your product or service, then use the key words and phrases associated with your product or service. In other words, what would your ideal customer type into Google? You can use a FREE tool like Google keyword planner to get an idea of what other businesses are purchasing in AdWords, and this will also give you an idea of what is getting the customer’s attention in Google ads.
  4. Clarify what the video is about. Google loves content, but keep in mind that it is still YOUR job to clarify what your content is all about. You have to feed Google the information, and it is wise to learn more about the algorithm to find out what Google approves of. YouTube doesn’t search or know what to output, so be specific as possible when describing what your video is about.

There is a lot to making video work for you, but this article cannot cover it all. Would you like to learn more about what video can do for your business?

If you would like to learn more about how video can increase your search engine visibility, please check out my TOP SECRET weapon HERE to get the winning edge in your video marketing campaign.

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