How to Grab Your Prospect’s Attention with Every Blog Post

Have you been looking for ways to make sure that you know how to grab your prospect’s attention with every blog post?

Chances are, you’ve been looking for ways to make sure that you get in front of as many people as possible in your niche market.

If this sounds like you and what you’ve been trying to accomplish, you are correct in thinking that what your prospect says and what they think does matter.

Your level of commitment matters, and the efforts that you put into your business every day absolutely make a difference as to the results that you get.

Unless your prospects see YOUR information, and YOUR content, they will be snapped up by your competitors every time.

What if I told you that this article contains the very secret that you need to make sure your prospects read your sales letter first?

I’m sure that question has you hooked.

Today, I’m going to share with you how to grab your prospect’s attention with every blog post, and how you can ultimately increase your bottom line!

How to Grab Your Prospect’s Attention with Compelling Copy

You have probably read numerous articles on how to write compelling copy, and you may have read the book, “Words that Work”, by Frank Luntz.

Great book!

You may have even finished reading that book but you felt you were still missing something. Using words that drive emotion is important, and I’ll go a step further and say that you should find a way to incorporate these types of words in everything you write until it becomes second nature.

However, there is something VERY critical that you could be missing.


That one word is the answer for how to grab your prospect’s attention, and it’s important that you make this your focus for everything you write, as well as the videos that you create.

Regardless of the type of content, you should ALWAYS make sure that the words you use are evoking emotion and that they are also driving your prospects to take action.

Your headlines should stop readers dead in their tracks.

Did you know that most folks doing research online look for the headlines but they may not read any further before they actually click?

Getting people to click is what you want, and it leads to greater things down the road. This is because they are going to be looking at your offer once they hit CLICK.

There is no greater feeling than knowing that you were able to influence the way another individual thinks. This is why what you write and the words you use even in your videos are important.

This is where the headline formulas written by Tim Erway are so important.

The POWER in starting off an article with a question is that the mind will automatically begin to answer it. Questions always produce a result, even if an individual doesn’t say anything out loud, they are already thinking.

Outside of asking a question, what is your next line of fire when writing copy?

How to Grab Your Prospect’s Attention Outside of Asking Questions

You now know that asking a question has a lot of power for those reading your content, but what comes next?

Use a headline that indicates they are about to read a “how to” article. How to articles are extremely beneficial and powerful in that they indicate someone is about to learn something significant.

Everyone is looking for answers on how to do something.

Here are some of the most popular “how to” topics:

  • How to fix things around the house
  • How to garden
  • How to fix things on your car
  • How to build an online business

There are numerous “how to” topics, so depending upon what you want to talk about or build your business around, you can create a ton of valuable content around your niche market.

I learned a lot from Tim Erway, especially when it came to learning more about headlines for blog posts. If you are blogging for your business, you cannot afford to go without a professional looking blog.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but you still need one.

Secondly, learn how to write great copy, and learn how to use powerful words and headlines. If you would like to learn more about how to grab your prospects attention, I highly recommend Tim Erway’s 5 Winning Headline Formulas.



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