Healthcare Marketplace Changes in 2017

Healthcare Marketplace changes are no fun, and with the massive debate for the 2016 Presidential Election, it’s quite interesting how divided everyone has become over healthcare and the changes that either need to take place, or those that are expected to take place.

It has been said that healthcare is the hottest topic in news today. This comes on the heels of the election in which President-elect Donald Trump has said that he desires to “repeal and replace”.

Most folks are asking, “How soon can this take place?”

It’s not surprising that so many individuals are expecting change to come, and they want change to come quickly so that their out-of-pocket expenses go down.

The worst part is that companies like Aetna and Humana both experienced enough financial losses that they made the decision to pull out of Obamacare. Their expenses were not any better.

Until the repeal and replace does happen, what can you expect?

Today, this article will discuss what healthcare marketplace changes you can expect to see, and what you can do to combat the rising costs until a change occurs.

First Healthcare Marketplace Changes

Obamacare promised much but delivered so little.

The main thing it did deliver was an additional $1 billion in policies. Ouch! No doubt you said that a few times, and so did the insurance companies. No one saw that coming.

United Healthcare felt the sting, but they still expect membership to grow. This is because people still need health insurance to cover their needs for tests, preventatives, and prescription medications.

What does the future of the healthcare marketplace changes look like?

  1. Insurance companies have cut back on advertising.
  2. Commissions for agents have been cut.

Some states offer a tax subsidy which gives residents a little extra money to put toward their medical expenses and their prescriptions.

Obamacare required that people find an insurance plan that qualified through Obamacare, otherwise they would pay a penalty.

Blue Cross in North Carolina experienced losses that were so severe, they already estimate that they are losing $400 million this year until something changes.

Most families were willing to pay a penalty, versus facing the headache that came with a new insurance policy.

It seems that most folks are looking for health policies that are more affordable, such as short-term policies and those that will cover them should they encounter what is known as a “qualifying event”.

The healthcare marketplace needs helps, and it needs an intervention. You can call it something else, but ultimately the healthcare industry needs a helping hand to recover and rebuild.

Healthcare Marketplace Changes Mean a Change in Thinking

Did you know that most people are just sitting around waiting for the healthcare marketplace to crash?

The only way to make it better is to actively find ways to improve how we handle our health and how we assess our medical needs.

Consider for a moment that a shift in your mindset could allow you to open yourself up to natural care.

What if you began to use a netipot rather than calling the doctor at the first sign of sinus trouble?

What if you began to use a holistic modality like PEMF therapy versus medication for inflammation?

You should certainly check with your doctor to make sure that any alternative is safe for you, but prescription medication seems to always be the first course of action.

As healthcare expenses begin to rise, consider that there are numerous options for you to consider. You need only to commit to do the research so you can understand how it works.

Start taking ownership of your health, and hopefully we’ll begin to see positive change in the healthcare marketplace changes for 2017.

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