Why Heart Disease is the Leading Cause of Death in the United States

Are you aware that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States?

Many folks believe that it’s cancer. Although there are numerous types of cancer, heart disease is still clearly the leader. There are several reasons for this, and many of them stem from bad habits.

Excessive use of alcohol and tobacco products, as well as eating fried and fatty foods are all bad habits. The world seems to run on fast food at times.

This one bad habit is enough to lead someone down a rocky road to death.

Today, I want to share with you the positive changes that anyone can make if they put forth enough effort. The goal is to find effective ways to combat the leading cause of death in the United States.

Assessing the Leading Cause of Death in the United States

Thinking that you are healthy and being healthy are two different ideas.

You may believe that you eat healthy because you only drink diet soda. However, diet soda is the furthest thing from healthy food that you can get.

You may also believe that you eat healthy because you eat salad three times a week. The most important thing you can do is assess what you put in the salad.

Loads of croutons and heavy dressings load up the salad with sugar, carbs, and fat. Sauces and creams can be tasty, but they are often loaded with sugar too.

It always seems like the things we like are not good for us, but it’s a matter of learning how to make these things a different way. I’m a flavor person, so I like to use herbs and seasonings on a frequent basis.

It’s amazing once you learn to use them how much your palette changes!

The American diet makes it clear why the leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease. It is up to us to learn how not only control our appetites, but how to assess our eating habits and change them too.

What are some heart healthy foods and nutritional supplementation that you can consume to aid in reducing cholesterol? What can you take daily and eat daily that will help you get to a safe level of blood sugar too?

Prevent the Leading Cause of Death with a Smarter Diet

Did you know that it’s easy to lower your cholesterol naturally?

No doubt that medications can cause dangerous side effects like joint and muscle pain. Additionally, these medications are often known to damage the liver and spleen.

What can you do to naturally ward off heart disease, the leading cause of death?

Consume more omega 3’s daily. Eat more oily fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines. These fish contain high amounts of omega 3’s, and these are great for heart health as well as for reducing inflammation in the body overall.

Use essential oils. While essential oils are often regarded as good for pain and reducing stress, they are also known for reducing cholesterol. Lavender oil, cypress oil and a few others are regarded as being helpful in reducing cholesterol.

Avoiding sugar and simple carbs. Did you know that sugar is inflammatory? Sugar promotes inflammation in the body and it is dangerous for the diabetic individual. Choosing fruits like raspberries and pears are lower in sugar, and they are helpful in reducing cholesterol.

Natural supplementation. Not all supplements are created equal. CoQ10 is a extremely beneficial in reducing cholesterol, and it helps to prevent plaque from building up in the arteries.

Turmeric and curcumin are helpful too! These two supplements are part of the ginger family. These contain many health benefits, but you can be assured that they will aid in lowering cholesterol and they are super heart healthy.

There are many ways to improve your heart health and lower your overall cholesterol. It’s important to start, but it’s also important to be consistent.

Heart disease is the “leading cause of death” in the United States, but it’s up to us to turn things around and be responsible for our own health.

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