Information and Creation Basics

Information and creation go together, and it’s tough to find businesses that do it well.

Fortunately, now there is some sound research and dedicated content out there on creating content and marketing it.

Strategy is the key to marketing….period.

What is it that you need to know before you get started? What is it that you should do in order to create that perfect marketing campaign?

Today, I am going to tell you why information and creation go together. You’ll learn what secret sauce is, and WHY it’s so hard for people to get it right.

How Information and Creation Go Together

Okay, so I get it.

It’s another article about creating. What you don’t realize  is why information and creation go together.

Many great businesses miss this. They don’t understand that creating an information product is the key to getting attention.

Want to attract others and get traction?

If you do, then keep reading. Information is essential to get others to know how you can help them.

Information is what you need from your prospects or about them to help them solve their problem.

Creating and sharing information with your audience is what makes them want to talk with you.

You put a post on Facebook and within seconds someone is either clicking on “Like”, or they are sharing it or commenting.

This is how we know information works. It wins the day.

It’s no surprise that then that information and creation go together. You can gather information and then create a report.

You can create a number of things for your audience including:

  1. Tips
  2. A resource list
  3. A short report
  4. A low ticket product

Whatever it is, you’ll need to create something that shares valuable information with your prospects.

The same is true regardless of what industry  you’re referring to.

You could be using this model for doctors, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, financial advisors and more.

Offer your valuable information, and then you’ll see them flock.

To you.

Every time, you publish something.

Every time you make an offer.

What will it take for you to implement this strategy of sharing information and then creating the right information product or lead magnet?

Proof of Information and Creation at Work

If you ever doubt that information and creation work well, take a look at Facebook as a whole. It is no longer a social platform. It is a search engine.

If you doubt this, go to your search bar and type anything in there you like. You’ll get some queries, guaranteed.

All of these sites and social platforms are great for data mining. This is because they are loaded with people now that share their valuable information.

Places to go, people to see, what’s happening today in your city….all of it. It’s like a never-ending saga of information.

For real.

This is how we know that information is important. Once you gather the right type of information, you need to create something for your audience and share it.

Get them to talk to you.

When you share information, you can expect a response. In fact, this type of approach will not only get your audience to talk to you.

It will get them to take action.

They figure, if you are sharing information with them that can help them solve a problem, then you care about THEM.

Not the other way around.

If you are self-serving, and you only want to see what you can do for yourself, by all means, go ahead.

However, you’ll soon discover that approach doesn’t work. They can find out who you are and get to know you better.

They will ONLY want to do that if you share something valuable with them. Don’t forget it.

So, what did you learn here today?

It’s all about sharing the absolute best of what you have with others. If you are focused on building a business, and you want to hit it hard, focus on “information and creation”.

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