Is Content Marketing Failing?

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much content marketing is taking place each day?

It’s a lot.

Publishing is off to the races, and everyone wants a piece of the action. Is it working? Is it failing?

Information overload is a problem, no doubt.

What you may not realize is that without content you’ll fail. You don’t want to be without content, but if you are publishing content you do want it to work.

How can you make sure that your content marketing is headed in the right direction?

Today, I want to discuss why content marketing plays such a vital role in business, and how you can make sure that your content is being developed and used the way it was intended.

What Content Marketing is and What it Should Do for You

Your investment in content should be huge.

That will never change. What you should know is how to go about your content marketing.

If your audience isn’t grabbing onto what you’re saying, and you aren’t attracting bees to your hive, something is wrong.

What can you do to change your outcome?

Here are some hot content marketing trends that you should be following.

  1. Co-created content. You won’t have time every day to create from the heart, but what you can do is utilize co-created content. Partner with someone so that you can take turns. It’s unreasonable to think that you can do everything, and you don’t have to. Why not co-create? Two are better than one.
  2. Include automation in your workflow. It’s difficult to think of turning some of your work onto automation. As a business owner you can’t do it all. This is why learning how to use tools for automation is important. Make small changes instead of a bunch of changes at once. This means, take small steps to update your email automation, social media marketing, and other marketing initiatives.
  3. Review data and target where necessary. Data can help you make decisions, that’s for sure. The one thing you don’t want to forget is how valuable it is. Don’t let the data override the needs of your audience though. There isn’t a way for data to be emotional, and having said this, your data should be emotional. Everything you write or record in a video should speak to your audience and evoke a specific emotion in them. If you are unable to do this you could be missing a big portion of your audience.
  4. What is your long-term strategy? Strategy is the name of the game. Do you have a strategy? You’ll need some short-term tactics to drive it home, but your content marketing strategy is a long-term commitment. If you aren’t committed to your content marketing for the long-term, you could be doing more harm than good right now. Focus on quality over quantity. Once you master it you can bump it up a notch.
  5. Draw from prior content. You should know that it isn’t always about what is new. It should be dynamic or exciting, but your prior content has some real gems inside. Don’t lose sight of the real goal. If you remain focused and committed to creating quality content, you’ll discover how simple it is to draw from old articles and other content you’ve published. Just renew some of what you have, and you’ll discover that you can enhance the old and make it like new.

There are so many things you can do to beef up your content marketing strategy while you build it out.

If you don’t remain focused you could lose sight of what you’re working on. Set some goals for yourself, and set some milestones so that you can do what is necessary to build your content and build your business.

There are numerous ways to create high-quality content, but most importantly you should know that your “content marketing” is what you’ll build your business on.



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