How to Monitor and Analyze Traffic to Your Website

Getting ahead of your competitors is important, but it’s also important that you learn how to monitor and analyze traffic to your website. This is an important component of online marketing, and it allows you to get ahead by determining what you MUST do to get ahead of the competition.

What should you do in order to make sure that you can rise above your competitors? A part of this is finding out what they are doing, and how their websites rank.

I’ll also tell you that while this is important, you MUST also learn how to monitor and analyze your own data as well. Spending too much time focused on the competition will not leave you enough time to do the work for yourself.

Today, I’m going to share with you what I suggest so that you can get ahead of your competition in all aspects of your business and marketing plan.

Learning How to Monitor and Analyze Traffic to Your Website

Did you know that most small business owners still don’t see the value in having their very own website created? Sadly, those who do have websites often don’t see the value in newer online marketing methods.

There are several things you need to know before you learn how to monitor and analyze traffic to your website.

  1. Research the tools that are available to you. There are tons of tools and resources available for you to use to help you monitor and analyze your own website. The Google analytics tool is a great free tool to use so that you can identify your bounce rate as well as unique page views. You’ll also be able to find out what part of the world is watching you! Search engines are great for “searching”, but there is much more to be done in order for you to know what your competitors are doing, and what you need to do as well.
  2. Review social media pages. Reviewing the social media accounts/pages of your competitor will give you the bigger picture on who your competitor is catering to as well as how they do so. Engagement is everything, so getting your audience to talk to you and tell you what they want and need is vital. Social media is the key to unlocking the minds and desires of your readers. It’s all about attracting your readers and then getting them to convert to buyers. If you really want an inside look at what your competitor is doing, subscribe to their newsletters. You’ll see what they are saying, and how they say it.
  3. Truly identify your competitors. When you look at the websites of who you believe to be a competitor, are they really your competitor? Nope. If your mission and vision is clear, then this part should be easy for you. If it isn’t, then you’ll struggle to identify who you are competing with. Those who share a similar mission or vision are those you will compete with, without a doubt. Make sense?

The competition online is hefty, but if you can’t set yourself apart you’ll struggle to be seen in the sea of faces. Learn how to monitor and analyze traffic so that you can learn how to defend yourself against the competition!




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