Obama’s 2016 Budget Cuts and Medicare

Changes in healthcare are no longer shocking, but what is shocking now are Obama’s 2016 budget cuts and Medicare.

This is because more than $400 was cut from Medicare, a much needed and relied upon solution for the elderly and recent retirees for healthcare needs.

The cuts aren’t for this year alone, but rather the plan makes those cuts effective over the next 10 years. This is because any cuts made are taken in gradual steps.

The position was that Medicare would be handled with value-based payments. Here’s the kicker; these value-based payments are only for what is referred to as a post-acute provider.

While some of the costs were cut for Medicare, the costs will most likely be hidden in other places. Today, I’m going to share with you where those hidden increases can be found.

Understanding Obama’s 2016 Budget Cuts and Medicare

Medicare isn’t easy to for anyone to understand. In fact, there are folks working in the healthcare industry that struggle to understand what happens when changes are made in Medicare.

Here are some of the changes where the cost cutting can be seen.

  1. $126 billion dollars cut from Medicare can be found in the rising costs of pharmaceuticals. The cost of prescriptions has gone up, and it will continue to do so for every year that the new plan was written in. Obama mentioned negotiations on drugs known as “biologics”, often used for auto-immune diseases and rheumatic illness. The biggest challenge is that these are used often among the elderly. Negotiations are oddly prohibited for any medications that are billed through Medicare, meaning that the elderly are being drowned by high cost prescription drugs.
  2. Medical equipment tax. Did you know that most elderly are using medical equipment that is now much more costly than it was in years prior? There is a medical equipment tax that has made it much more expensive to buy necessary equipment like walkers, motorized wheelchairs, and other items that are commonly purchased by the elderly. Medicare isn’t really saving anyone any money at this time.
  3. Multiple procedures must be performed prior to surgical consideration. Did you know that there is a long series of procedures that must be performed before many surgeries can be carried out? Surgery should be the last resort, but oftentimes surgeons are anxious to cut into people when they cannot see any particular injury on an x-ray. While this may warrant an exploratory procedure, this isn’t necessarily true based on the history of elderly and how they respond to certain treatments.

The changes have not worked well so far, and Obama’s 2016 budget cuts and Medicare are going to continue to have an effect until we have someone in office that offers sound leadership.

Don’t let the promises of free healthcare, free college, and free everything take over your commonsense. The words being used in these speeches are strong and effective, but that doesn’t mean that they are true.

If you have been effected by Obama’s 2016 budget cuts and Medicare, please comment below and tell us how you are taking care of yourself.




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