4 Signs of PTSD in Veterans

You are probably aware that most combat veterans return to America with mental challenges, but there are 4 signs of PTSD in veterans that you need to be aware of.

Whether you are a friend or loved one of a veteran that has just returned from combat, you may have noticed that they are struggling with what they saw and possibly what they had to do as part of their duties.

It doesn’t matter that you can’t imagine what they are going through or even relate, but today I’ll share with you the 4 signs of PTSD in veterans that you need to be aware of. You’ll want to know these signs so that you can identify when someone you love is dealing with emotional challenges you aren’t familiar with, or when their behavior changes without warning.images

Understanding the 4 Signs of PTSD in Veterans

When it comes to ailments in the body, everyone is different. Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is no different. While many combat veterans have been in the battle together, and many of them in the same location, there are no two cases alike.

This is why it’s important to learn and understand the 4 signs of PTSD in veterans.

1. Reminders of the event that invade their mind on a constant basis. This includes nightmares, flashbacks, and distressing thoughts. This all brings it back to their memory as if it’s happening again in the moment. Oftentimes this is evident in an individual because physical signs such as anxiety attacks, trouble breathing, racing heart, and nervous behavior are all indicators that the event is in their thoughts.

2. Avoiding things that bring back memories of the event. When a veteran is struggling with PTSD, they may shy away from TV shows or movies that use war as a storyline. Even if the show or the movie isn’t about a war, violent programming could trigger this behavior. Just be aware and patient with them.

3. Negative changes in their mood and demeanor. When someone begins to act differently, it isn’t necessarily because they are angry. When fear, guilt, and negative mood chances hit it’s likely that the veteran you love is struggling with PTSD. Even if it hasn’t been going on for very long, be mindful that they can’t go through this alone. If you cannot relate to what they are going through, try to find someone that can help them.

4. Acting as if they are being followed and jumpiness. Most veterans have this last behavior pattern the most. Being jumpy, sleeplessness, and feeling afraid of being followed or chased are all signs of PTSD.

Regardless of your relationship with the individual, remember that they are a human being and they have experienced something traumatic. The level of trauma is hard to identify with, but it’s important that you never let a veteran deal with it alone.

Keep this list handy so that you can refer back to the 4 signs of PTSD in veterans when in doubt.

Thank a Vet Today

James Hunter (US Army Retired)

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How to Eat Healthier the Easy Way

Do you believe that to learn how to eat healthier you have to learn how to plant, grow, and water your spinach and other leafy greens?

You can eat healthy without despair, and you can like what you eat! Is it possible for you to eat a balanced diet and eat healthier food without regret?

Today, you’ll learn more about healthy eating, and how to eat healthier with some simple tips that you ’t believe will make a big difference!

Ragazza pensierosa piatto

Learn How to Eat Healthier the Easy Way

What do you think it means to eat healthier? Everyone has their own idea of what eating healthy means. There are many folks that believe that eating healthy means eating vegan. Depending on who you talk to, eating vegan means eating only fruits and vegetables.

You’ve probably heard about folks that are “Pesca Vegan”. This means that they eat some fish and chicken, and it’s becoming more popular as the word continues to spread about ground beef and the spread of E.coli.

I hope your reasons for eating healthier include looking and feeling better. Perhaps you need or want to lose weight. Perhaps you want to overcome diabetes, high blood pressure, or other health problems.

Here are some simple tips on how to eat healthier. The best part is that you won’t have to pay for a gym membership or hire a health coach.

1. Throw stuff away! Cleaning out your cupboards is a vital part of eating healthier. You should go through and take a good look at what you have and your ingredients. Throw everything out that is loaded with sugar, salt, and any other refined sugar and sweet ingredients.

2. Use a water filter. Water out of the faucet isn’t all that great for you. It could contain chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Once you get a filter, drink up! Water is important, and it’s good for you.

3. Learn basic nutrition facts. Do you know the basics about what is good for you and what you need to focus eating in moderation? Always read labels and make sure you use them as a guide.

4. Budget for your groceries. Budgeting is important for financial reasons, but you should keep in mind that budgeting is a great way for you to eat healthier. Make your list, and stick to it. Don’t make room on that list for sugary or high carb snacks.

5. Research healthy substitutes. If you enjoy cooking, that’s a great thing. Cooking at home will save you a ton of money. However, it’s important that you research what healthy substitutes you can make. Get creative with your cooking, and you’ll be able to share your recipes with others.

Now that you have some ideas on how to eat healthier, decide to be committed to your health and wellness.

Happy Eating


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5 Ways to Use Cinnamon for Better Health

Cinnamon is a great spice to use during the holidays, but there are always many ways to use cinnamon for better health. You may not know that cinnamon is good for your body, but today you’re going to learn differently.

How can you use cinnamon to help you feel better on a regular basis? You can find cinnamon almost anywhere, and it’s been used for centuries by various cultures for health and healing.

Although there a few different types of cinnamon, we’ll talk about the general facts on this spice. You’ll find out just how beneficial cinnamon can be to your diet, and you’ll read about tons of ways to use cinnamon for better health.

Cinnamon sticks on white background
Cinnamon sticks on white background

Use Cinnamon for Better Health

There are tons of ways that cinnamon can be used to help you feel better, but today, I’ll share 5 ways to use cinnamon for better health.

1. Use it to lower blood pressure. Did you know that cinnamon is a natural way to lower your blood pressure? You can sprinkle it on apple slices, and you can sprinkle it on toast or cereal. If you have high blood pressure, you may want to incorporate this into your diet on a regular basis.

2. It’s anti-microbial. If you are looking for more ways to be safe, cinnamon oil can be used to help ward off dangerous bacteria. Even if fungi is growing on something, adding cinnamon oil to it can slow down its growth. WOW!

3. It prevents side-effects of eating high fat meals. Did you know that consuming cinnamon or even drinking cinnamon tea can help you feel lighter after a heavy meal? Always use cinnamon to help you feel lighter, and not so sleepy after you eat your Thanksgiving meal!

4. Inhaling cinnamon can boost the function of your brain. Are you working on a big project? If so, you can certainly count on the fragrance of cinnamon to boost your brain cells. It’s a great fragrance, and it can help you focus better and lift your mood too.

5. Cinnamon can reduce fever and help you feel better. If you want something to boost your overall sense of well-being, choose a cinnamon tea. Tea is a great beverage in the morning or at night, but it’s a great option if you aren’t feeling well.

Natural remedies are ideal, but it does take some time to educate yourself. Cinnamon is a spice that you can find in any store, so it’s right at your fingertips.

If you’re feeling less than your best, be sure to reach for cinnamon first. Always speak to your doctor as well if you have any questions or prolonged illness.

There are plenty of ways to use cinnamon for better health, so enjoy them as much as possible.

What are your thoughts?

James Hunter

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Beverages that Fight Cancer

You’ve read my previous posts about spices and superfoods that fight cancer, but did you know that there are beverages that fight cancer?

All that aside, there are still plenty of beverages to choose from if you want to ward off cancer. While the foods on the list are great, keep in mind that you can enjoy them as a juice or as a smoothie too.

Today, I’ll share with you a list of beverages that fight cancer, so that you can get powerful nutrition down to the cellular level.

Juices and Other Beverages that Fight Cancer

Meals are often a top priority to Americans, but keep in mind that many American’s don’t know how to get better health down to the cellular level.
Balanced eating could fix a lot of problems that people have, but better health always starts in the kitchen. One of the reasons juicing is so effective for cancer patients is because it’s easy to do, and it’s much easier to get the nutrients you need into your body.

Here are some simple beverages that fight cancer:

1. Grape Juice. Grapes contain what we call “resveratrol”. This is why a glass of red wine is recommended each night before bed time. The grape skins are the healthiest part, and the resveratrol is great for heart health, and of course it’s great for cancer patients to consume. The more repair that can be done with a high level of antioxidants the better.

2. Ginger tea. While none of these beverages are considered to be a cure, keep in mind that they are still quite powerful. Ginger contains gingerol, and it’s highly anti-inflammatory. This means that the body can benefit and get relief from drinking ginger tea often.

3. Green juices/drinks. If cancer patients are consuming these beverages after the fact, then it’s highly likely that they may have some trouble getting it down if they are on chemotherapy. Depending upon how a patient feels after treatment will determine if they feel that they are able to drink a green drink. The vegetables, especially those that contain kale, cucumber, broccoli, and other green veggies are going to give you a power packed juice!

4. Greek yogurt smoothie. If you have a taste for Greek yogurt or a creamier smoothie for that matter, then go for the Greek yogurt with nuts or seeds in it. Greek yogurt is smooth, but it’s also lower in sugar, fat and calories than other types of yogurt.

5. Carrot crazy. Carrots are extremely nutrient dense, and they contain the widest variety of vitamins and minerals of any other vegetable. Carrots are the base for the highly acclaimed Gerson Method, and as a result carrots are being used with great results in various ways to heal from the inside out.

These recommendations are not intended to cure or treat any disease, including cancer. I have a passion for sharing valuable information I come across, and I hope that you’ll at least consider researching more in depth, these beverages that fight cancer.

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Coaching Teams and What You Learn

Coaching teams of people is a challenge, but it can be super rewarding if you approach it correctly. Have you coached others before? Better yet, have you ever participated in a mentorship program?

There are tons of opportunities out there to coach and mentor others, however they are NOT all created equal. What determines the success of these coaching opportunities is the drive and the personal commitment to each one of them.

Today, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned from coaching teams of people. I’ll share with you what these people have taught me, and how I’ve been able to give back by being more open about myself as well.

Coaching word in 3d letters pulled by a team to illustrate training, practice, exercise, leadership and teamwork to achieve a goal or success
Coaching word in 3d letters pulled by a team to illustrate training, practice, exercise, leadership and teamwork to achieve a goal or success

Learning by Coaching Teams of People

It has been said that you learn so much from others. This is true, and I am about to prove it. Here is what I’ve learned by coaching teams of people.

1. Not all people learn the same. Patience is truly a virtue, and while I don’t get too excitable about stuff in life, I have to say that over time I learned to be patient by working with more people. Working one-on-one with people is much different than working with teams. It’s rewarding, but you’ll find that sharing information in multiple ways is what makes you the clear winner with a team.

2. You can have fun if you choose to. Some folks are serious, but others enjoy working with others. Any project you work on as a team will be more fun if you focus on a roundtable method. Sharing ideas is what helps you find GREAT ideas. Enjoy collaboration, because two heads is ALWAYS better than one.

3. Don’t let geography be troublesome. While you could be working on a project online, keep in mind that time zones can be an issue. They don’t have to be if you can enjoy the differences in where people come from, as well as issue bonuses for incentives when people are willing to relax the reigns on their sleep time and talk time. Encourage your team members to be willing to stay up late or get up earlier with a STRONG incentive.

4. Always work lean. Working lean rather than doing too much at once will help your team not only be more productive, but you’ll also spend less on tools and resources. Remember, working lean means starting off with ONLY what is necessary. Your team members will learn the basics and be off and running which means they will pick up steam later.

5. Focus on team work rather than individual accomplishments. You should know that working together as a team is going to help you get more done in less time. Individual accomplishments are great, but not when they interfere with what the team is attempting to accomplish. Always make the team’s end result the target of the project.

Teams are a gift, but it’s a matter of learning how to work more agile in those teams, and to be efficient yet quick. If you are coaching teams and mentoring those individuals one-on-one, you’re sure to discover that the unique gifts and talents of each member are what make working as a team worthwhile.Team Concept

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What You Should Know Before You Buy P90x

So many folks have been rushing to purchase the P90x program, but there some things you should know before you buy P90x.

Is this program truly the best of the best? Does this workout do all of the things that you want it to do? I’m here to share with you that yes, yes, it does.

Today, I’ll give you the inside scoop on the P90x workout, and what you need to know before you buy it.

Read This Before You Buy P90X

P90x is all the rage, and it has been for the last 5 years. The thing is, there are tons of workouts you can buy to do at home. The question is whether or not these workouts are worth the time and effort.

I recommend that you ask yourself these questions before you buy P90X.

• Do I need to lose weight?

• Do I need to get into better shape?

• Am I committed to getting into better shape and improving my health?

• Do I have 30 minutes a day that I can commit to a workout?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then P90x is for you. You don’t need to look a certain way to start, you don’t need to be a certain weight when you start either.

Sure, you’ll see that there are modifications available for most exercises so that you can make adjustments when necessary. This is perfectly okay.
If you have had surgery recently, or you have injuries, you’ll want to check in with your doctor before you try a new exercise program. This is ALWAYS true, but you’ll want to take extra care if you do have injuries or recent surgeries.

P90x has a lot to offer anyone who wants to get a good workout in. I’m about to share with you the basics, so you’ll know just how great this program really is.

Understanding the Program Before You Buy P90X

Before you buy P90x, I’m going to share with you the basics about the program. You should know what to expect, and WHY it’s going to help you get into better shape.


Here’s what the program offers.

1. 12 life-changing workouts.

2. A nutrition plan, broken down into 3 phases.

3. Detailed fitness guide.

4. Calendar and tracking worksheets.

5. Support around the clock.

The best part for most users, is that they don’t have to buy expensive equipment, and there is no gym membership required. You can work out when the time is right for you.

You’ll cover every area of your body, and although you’ll feel worn out when you do the workout, you’ll feel great when you’re done.

Are you ready to get moving? Do you want to lose weight and feel great? Would you like to workout in the privacy of your own home?

If you answered yes to these questions, then the time to get started is now. Hopefully, I’ve answered all of your questions today. Be sure to check with your doctor “before you buy P90X”!

Lets get in shape now before the mad rush starts in January


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6 Superfoods that Fight Cancer

Did you know that there are 6 superfoods that fight cancer? If you are reading this and you have cancer, or you know someone who has cancer, this is good information that they need to know.

While cancer is a ravaging disease, you should know that you can be free from its clutches. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine”. He was right. There are so many things that food can do for you, but the difference is whether or not you take the time to learn enough about it.

Are you willing to take just a moment to find out how you may be able to ward off cancer or battle current cancer cells in your body? While this information is not intended to cure or treat your cancer, this article on superfoods that fight cancer will help you learn more about how what you eat can heal your body and your mind.

Win the War with Superfoods that Fight Cancer

Can food help you win the war against a horrible disease like cancer? It really can.

In fact, I’ll give you the list of these superfoods that fight cancer.

1. Broccoli. You have heard that cruciferous vegetables are great for fighting the battle with cancer. This is true, but broccoli wins the title! Broccoli has the highest amount of sulforaphane, and that is the compound that wards off cancer. Studies are being done right now in labs across the country with mice. This compound is being used to show how this compound is super effective in stopping the growth of tumors.

2. Berries. These wonderful small things that we love to put on cereal and pancakes contain phytonutrients. Those are the wonderful things that contain very high amounts of anthocyanins. These do wonderful things to slow down those premalignant cells. They also help slow down the growth of blood vessels that pump tumors or growths full of blood to continue to grow. Black raspberries contain the highest amount of these anthocyanins, and they are most effective for oral, skin, and esophageal cancers.

3. Tomatoes. While tomatoes are tasty in summer, they contain lycopene. This is great for helping lower blood pressure, but lycopene is a great cancer fighter. Research has shown that lycopene is super effective in slowing the growth of endometrial cancer cells. That is something for women to sing about!

4. Walnuts. Are you nuts? You don’t need to be, you just need to eat more of them. These amazing nuts are great for fighting cancer because they contain what we call phytosterols. These sterols get the most credit for fighting cholesterol, but here’s the good news. These are great for blocking estrogen in the cells where breast cancer occurs. These are also good for fighting off prostate cancer.

5. Garlic. Garlic is good for many things, but best of all, it’s great for fighting off cancer. Garlic, above all is a great way to fight off stomach cancer. If you are eating food loaded with nitrates, you’ll want to eat some garlic. Nitrates are known to cause stomach cancer and colon cancer as well.

6. Beans. Do you like beans? If so, you are in luck. Beans are high in fiber, but they are also great for fighting off cancer. Black beans have been shown to reduce colon cancer in rats, which is good news for us humans. Buytrate is a fatty acid, and that is responsible for the power of this black navy bean.

I hope that you found this helpful. You may be in the middle of your battle now. Talk to your doctor about what you can and cannot eat. Hopefully, you are well on your way to getting your life back. If you haven’t had any problems, then now is the time for you to consider adding these 6 superfoods that fight cancer to your diet.

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6 Spices that Fight Cancer

Spices are great to add to your dishes for bold flavor, but did you know that there are many spices that fight cancer? You may not realize just how powerful spices can be, but as it turns out they can really turn up the heat on cancer and other diseases.

Most spices contain powerful chemicals known as phytochemicals, and they can strengthen your immune system. Today, I’ll give you the inside scoop on 6 powerful spices that can help keep this ugly disease at bay.

Spices that Fight Cancer Taste Great Too!

Some of the spices in this list you may not have heard of before. Once you read how these spices that fight cancer can help you, your view of them might be forever changed.

1. Turmeric. If you don’t know much about Turmeric, you aren’t alone. You should know that this spice is in the Ginger family, and it’s strong! This is great news because it was used to treat gunshot wounds in World War I. You can still apply it today to most any wound and it’s a quick and fantastic healer. Having said that, can you imagine how potent it is for cancer?

2. Garlic. You have probably heard that garlic is good for many things, but most of all it’s ideal for fighting cancer. Garlic contains sulfuric compounds known as organosulfur. This is great news for cancer patients. Garlic is specifically known to help with stomach cancer.

3. Ginger. Gingersnaps are wonderful, but Ginger is so much more than a spice for cookies and tea. This spice is in the same family as Turmeric. It’s potent, and it’s super anti-inflammatory. This is where Ginger is effective in fighting off cancer. You can make a really strong homemade tea if you slice some Ginger and simmer it for 15 minutes on the stove. Yum!

4. Black pepper. Pepper and salt are added to most things when cooking, but did you know that black pepper is good for so much more? As it turns out this seasoning is tremendous for fighting cancer. If you look at it closely, you’ll see that this pepper is actually a berry before it’s ground. This indicates the strong antioxidants. Aren’t all berries good for you? Indeed they are, including pepper. Black pepper is really good for warding off breast cancer cells.

5. Cayenne pepper. Fighting off pain of any kind is much needed these days, and cayenne pepper is a great way to do this. Additionally, this pepper wards off cancer. This spicy delight contains a compound known as capsaicin, and it’s being added to nasal sprays as well as muscle rubs to increase the effectiveness. This pepper is effective for treating prostate cancer, and research has shown it can actually kill cancer cells.

6. Oregano. Even if you don’t use this spice often, you should know that it’s just as effective as the others I’ve mentioned so far. This spice contains something known as carvacrol, and it works like a disinfectant. Odd huh? Well, when it comes to cancer it can prevent the spread of them. Think of it like a little fortress. The Fort of Oregano.

These spices can be found at nearly any grocer. Be sure to check on your next trip to the store, and be sure to try this out and see just how good you can feel by using these 6 spices that fight cancer!

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Top 5 Social Media Tools for Your Business

Social media is a great and easy way for you to connect with your audience, but if you want to track who you are reaching and who shares your information you’ll need some high level social media tools.

These tools are designed to help you manage your social media accounts and their activity, but these tools are also a great help when you are tracking results on ads and engagement with your audience.

Whether you are looking for tools to schedule posts, updates, or even track some analytics, you’ll want to take a look at these top 5 social media tools today to find out if they can work for you.

Social Media Tools that Do More Than Updates

The best of the best in social media tools does create a long list. This list is something you’ll want to refer back to often, because you’ll want to keep track of what is helping you make updates as well as what will help you build your business.

Here are some of the top tools you’ll want to learn more about before you make your purchase.

1. Buffer. This is one of the most popular tools on the market, and it’s a one-click solution. You’ll be able to share your content and you’ll be able to schedule more messages as well as share applications. This isn’t just for kicks, but this can help you run your business. You’ll be able to post updates and content with Buffer while you do what is most important for you personally. You’ll be able to handle all of your business while Buffer does the rest throughout the day. You will get a FREE short trial period, and best of all, the price is only $10 if you commit.

2. Spredfast. If you are a data nut, then this could be the tool for you. Spredfast can give you the data from various social sites, and you’ll be able to see how many people you’ve reached. The data will be presented with graphs that are properly formatted and easy to understand. Calendars are also included so you’ll have an idea of the best time to send out Tweets to your audience, and of course you’ll have other advanced analytics tools to explore.

3. Tweepi. If you love Twitter (and we all do), then you should know that Tweepi is a great option. Tweepi is really focused on data from Twitter but not other social media platforms. Some find that Twitter is one of the most unusual and less predictable platforms to use. You can also set this up to follow and un-follow people for you while you do what you were meant to do. Plans start at $7.49 a month and up.

4. Social Oomph. The name might sound a little goofy, but believe me when I say it’s anything but. This tool will help you manage the most commonly used accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and more. If you want to schedule Tweets ahead of time this is a great tool for that, and not to mention that you’ll have everything you need in one spot to schedule your updates in advance.

5. Hoot Suite. Last but not least, Hoot Suite is a great tool and has been around for years. This is probably the most popular, and still in the number one spot for efficiency. It’s great to track conversations, schedule your posts, and get your analytics. Whether you are a loner or you work for a major corporation you’ll love this tool. Plans start at just $8.99 per month and go up from there.

I hope this list is helpful, and I am sure you’ll find the one that is just right for you. Remember, no two social medial tools are quite the same, but they all have some terrific advantages.

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Be Transparent

In a world where marketing online is viewed as “bait and switch”, it’s time to revisit what it means to be transparent. You probably recall reviewing some other websites before you decided to move forward with your startup.

There are tons of folks that refer to themselves as “online marketers”, and then there are some that refer to themselves as “affiliate marketers”. Either way, what you may not know is that both are striving to do the same thing. They want to promote something and earn commissions, solely online.

The biggest challenge for these marketers is getting their visitors to see them as human beings. If you want people to take you seriously and buy from you, you absolutely must show your face and connect with people before you ask them to do anything.

Today, I’ll share with you what it means to be transparent, and what you can do to make it happen.

What it Takes to Be Transparent

There are tons of great books out there on startups, and there are tons of books on building an online presence. When was the last time you read something to help you get your business in shape?

You may not have a ton of time to read, and like most entrepreneurs you may be hustling out there to find more opportunities. Having said that, this means you need to read more. If you read more, you’ll learn more. This is especially true of learning from other successful business people what it means to be transparent.

Transparency word magnifying glass searching for sincerity, clarity, openness, truth, accuracy, directness, fairness, honesty, believability and forthrightness
Transparency word magnifying glass searching for sincerity, clarity, openness, truth, accuracy, directness, fairness, honesty, believability and forthrightness

Along with this also comes a few other things you should know, like:

1. Be vulnerable in your work. This means that you are unaware, and you don’t assume anything as you approach a project. Your job isn’t to assume anything but rather to come into a project expecting to learn and start with a clean slate. When you start fresh, it’s easier to have a fresh vision and an open mind.

2. If you are open the money will come. Do you realize that having an open mind will help you build wealth? If you think that you know everything, you’ll never reach your full potential. Being teachable is something that will help you build your business. When you come into your startup with open arms and willingness to learn, you’ll be compensated well for your time.

3. Stretch yourself. Don’t be predictable, and don’t always do the work that is easy. If you do turn to easy work, you’ll never be able to reach your full potential. Take on projects and meetings that challenge you. The more you challenge yourself the better you’ll get at taking on new things.

4. Don’t be a conformist. Chances are, you’ve had an experience in which you followed others you thought were successful. Beware, this can cause you to conform too often to what others do. If you become a follower you’ll never achieve the success you desire. Remember, it’s all about avoiding social circles for advice. Only choose those that are leaders and have had success, then hang on and follow them around to learn as much as you can.

Building a business doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes a teachable spirit. Are you ready and willing to learn? If you want to build a solid foundation for a long-term endeavor, then be transparent and allow people to see who you really are.

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