Why You MUST Recruit with Social Media

recruit with social media

If you want massive success with network marketing you MUST recruit with social media. Building a team is possible, but it takes some training, learning, and then the implementation to bring it all together. Recruiting using social media isn’t difficult, but it does take time for you to figure out how to make it work…

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Read This BEFORE You Join Elite Marketing Pro!

Elite Marketing Pro

Chances are, you’ve been researching tools that can help you build your business online, and you discovered the program called Elite Marketing Pro. You may have joined but now you aren’t really sure if this is for you. Perhaps you spoke with a friend and they have tried to talk to you into purchasing this…

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7 Essential Habits of a Healthy Entrepreneur

habits of a healthy entrepreneur

What are the habits of a healthy entrepreneur? This article I found on www.entrepreneur.com answers the question. This article was written by Scott Christ. So there I was, exhausted at the end of a long work day, frustrated by a particularly stressful drive home and contemplating pouring a stiff bourbon and withering away on the…

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The Science of Trauma, Mindfulness, and PTSD

science of trauma

How the brain responds to traumatic events, and what science says about how mindfulness meditation helps people process trauma and decrease suffering. By Jennifer Wolkin | June 15, 2016 freshidea/Adobe Stock If we were able to prove that individuals suffering from PTSD are experiencing reversible neurological changes, would that help to alleviate any taboo associated…

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The weight-plate circuit to shred your shoulders and core

shredding shoulders and core

YOU KNOW THAT stack of weight plates sitting by the leg press machine? It’s time to use them for something besides the leg press machine. Because, here’s the deal: While lots of dudes apparently love to load up that sucker with as many plates as they possibly can, only to do the shortest (and most…

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5 Techniques for Effective Meditation

techniques for effective meditation

Successful meditation begins with understanding some proper techniques for effective meditation. What are these? Meditation has been around since the beginning of time, and generally, this practice is associated with Easter culture. Many folks use meditation for calm and to enhance their focus and concentration in multiple areas of their lives. Understanding how to meditate…

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How to Get Prospects to Read Your Sales Letter

get prospects to read your sales letter

Did you know that you can get prospects to read your sales letter without standing behind them at the computer forcing them? Recently, I’ve been writing about how to get the attention of your ideal customer. I know it may not work every, single time, but remember that being attractive to your audience is where…

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The ONE Way to Recruit Rejection FREE!

Did you know that there is an easy way to recruit rejection free? Starting a business of any kind is NOT easy, but when you start a business based from network marketing or direct sales you have to row a little harder to get started. This means that finding out how to recruit without rejection…

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6 Techniques You MUST Use to Get Targeted Traffic Online

get targeted traffic online

If you want to get targeted traffic online there are several things you’ll have to do to get off to a good start. Most of these steps are pretty basic, and if you didn’t know this information already you need to learn it now. What does it take to get to the right customer and get…

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How to Become a Top Social Media Recruiter

become a top social media recruiter

Do you want to become a top social media recruiter? I am NOT talking about recruiting someone to run your social media, but I am talking about using social media to recruit for your business. The old days of chasing down friends and family no longer work, and using that old-fashioned method could turn people…

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