6 Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

There are tons of exercises you can do while watching TV rather than buying an expensive membership to the gym. Even if you’ve been a member of a gym you’re whole life, you’ll discover that working out at home can be just as beneficial.

A membership isn’t what makes you fit, but rather your discipline. This is why working out at home is just as effective as working out at the gym. It’s all about your discipline and your faithfulness in keeping up with your workouts and tracking your progress.

Here are 6 exercises you can do while watching TV, and you’ll save a bundle by NOT going to the gym!

  1. Curtsy Squat for the Ladies. Squats aren’t just for guys, but hey gents, you can do them too. You’ll start in a standing position, with your feet about hip width apart. Bring one leg behind you as if you are going to do a curtsy. Then squat down, as low as you can go. Then, you’ll go back up. You can do reps or you can do by seconds. Reps are what I like. J
  2. Push-ups. You can do these any way you wish, because you may need to modify them. A great one is walk-out push-ups because they are the most challenging. You start out standing, bend at the waist to touch your toes, and then you’ll walk down into a push-up. You’ll then go back up to the touching your toes position, and then you’ll stand.
  3. V-Crunch or variation. Crunches may not feel simple but they are in nature. However, if you are ready to kick it up a notch, try a v-crunch. This means that you’ll take a ball and hold it in your hands. Start by lying flat on the floor with your arms above your head. Hold a ball in your hands, and start moving into a crunch position while holding the ball straight up in the air as you move your legs up into the air as well. You’ll move your body into a v as you crunch those abs. Feel the burn! J
  4. Downward dog movement. While you aren’t doing this during a yoga workout, you can do this to work those abs and stretch out your back. Get on your knees into the downward dog position, and as you exhale push your back up while drawing your abs in. Squeeze them tight as you can while rounding your back. Then you’ll move into the true downward dog position as you inhale. Then repeat. You’ll feel the stretch and work those abs at the same time.
  5. Dumbbell press. Even if you don’t have a weight bench, you can still use dumbbells at a weight that you’re comfortable with.Start out with 2 pounds if you have to, and slowly work your way up. You’ll lay flat on the floor with the dumbbells in your hand. As you exhale, push the dumbbells up. As you inhale, bring them back down to your chest.
  6. Everyone wants to look good from the rear! Lunges are a great way to solve that problem. You’ll start in a standing position, and then step out in front with your right or left foot. Keep your back leg right where it’s at, and lung without touching the floor. Stay in that position for a few seconds and then go back into a standing position.

These exercises are great, and you can do them right in the comfort of your own home. Start out today doing these 6 exercises you can while watching TV, and you’ll look and feel great without breaking the bank!



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Why You Should Never Let Your Problems Drive Your Decisions

While problems are only temporary, there is good reason for you to never let your problems drive your decisions. Oftentimes, when challenges come, it’s easy for us to be driven by our emotions.

You can easily take control of your life by controlling your emotions. If you can control your emotions, you’ll be able to put your problems into perspective and think before you take action.

It’s tough to think about your reaction first when pain is so immediate. What can you do when you feel as though you are desperate for something to happen or change? How can you make sure that your problems don’t tempt you to make exceptions that you normally wouldn’t make?

Today, I’ll share with you why you should never your let problems drive your decisions and the steps you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen.
Never Let Your Problems Drive Your Decisions is Great Advice!

What should be the driving force behind the decisions that you make? It should never be your problems, but rather your values. This can make or break you in the course of your life.

There are many things that will impact the decisions you make, but above all they should be driven by your values. Money is important, but it should never be what turns the key for your business.

The very FIRST question you should ask is, “Does this line up with what I believe?” Secondly, “Am I being authentic?” If you can’t answer these two questions with a yes, look for other options. However, I personally believe that the amount of money you can make should be the first question you ask.

You should also use a specific process to make your decisions.

1. Make your decisions with certain constraints. Are your resources limited? Do you have a certain amount of money you have to work with?

2. Use a checklist of what lines up with your integrity. By what standards do you hold yourself accountable?

Don’t always assume that you have to make a certain amount of money or come from a certain zip code. Don’t believe that you have to graduate with honors in high school or in college. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things, but they don’t determine who has the most success in life.

You’ll find that when you study the lives of millionaires, CEO’s and other top-notch executives come from orphanages, have a history of abuse, or even extreme poverty. They probably worked their tails off to overcompensate for their life story.
These are all great stories, and they should prove something to you. That something is that you don’t have to start out with great wealth or means.
You can be a person of values and morals and achieve anything you desire if you set your mind to it. Never let your problems drive your decisions, but always let your core values be your guide.



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Top 5 Home Workouts for Those Who Want to Avoid the Gym

Buying a gym membership can be expensive and home workouts are just as good to help you trim down and get into shape.

While there are a plethora of choices when it comes to equipment you still have to exercise discretion when choosing the best equipment for you.

Most likely, you feel as though you need the most expensive equipment in order to get the best workout or the best results.

You can work out at home near your television as well as your backyard if you plan your workout just right. Today, I’ll share a few tips with you on home workouts.

Home Workouts for Every Week

There are tons of exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home every single week. Home workouts are simple, and they won’t cost you a thing. Here are some exercises you can do and easily keep a chart of.

These are easy to do in your own home, and you can easily do 2 sets of 20 to start. Work your way up.

Flat Bench Leg Raises. These are easy to do as well, and all you need is a flat surface like a workout bench. The workout bench forces you to use your core to lift your legs versus just raising your legs up and down. 2 sets of 20 anyone? Feel the burn.

Sit ups. It has been said that doing sit ups is a great way to trim the tummy. These can be stressful on your lower back if you don’t use your abdominals to pull you up. Sit ups can be done in variations to help you achieve a sleek look on the side as well. Start out with 2 sets of 20. Feel the burn yet again!

Bicycle with your legs. Riding a bike is great exercise, but if you don’t have one you can still use the movement to build strong abs and trim the hips too. Lay flat on your back and lift your legs off the floor. The last step is to move your legs as if you are riding a bike. Try 2 sets of 20, but if you struggle with low back problems, start out with 2 sets of 10.

Planks. Planks aren’t the easiest exercise to do, but they are worthwhile and it’s hard work. You’ll be laying on your abdominals, then raise your body up off of the ground while raising yourself up on your toes. You’ll support yourself with your arms, forearms on the floor and fists on the floor. You’ll use your abs to hold your position. This is a great core strengthening exercise. Try doing these for as many seconds as you can, and try to get in as many reps as you can. This isn’t a marathon, so start small and keep working at it.

Lunges with dumbbell. Lunges are great to do alone because you can really shape the legs as well as the buttocks and hips. Lunges are great but it may take time to get your balance. Increase the challenge by using dumbbells.

This is a list of just 6 exercises you can do to get moving at home, but they are a great foundation to build upon.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a gym membership to get into shape, but with home workouts you need even more commitment to keep going to get into shape.


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Healthy Foods to Eat for Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered what healthy foods you could eat for weight loss that actually worked? What about healthy foods that you could eat without feeling deprived? Chances are, you found this article as the result of your search online for more information on weight loss and how to achieve it quickly and in a healthy way.

There are far too many folks eating less and less to lose weight, believing that this is the only way to achieve real weight loss long term. Eating less doesn’t equate to real weight loss, in fact it could mean that you gain weight. The real challenge is that you want to be able to eat for weight loss as well as to boost energy, build stronger bones, and to reduce cholesterol and to lose real fat.

If you eat for weight loss these same foods are going to help you prevent chronic diseases that are plaguing Americans everywhere. Foods that help you lose weight are not only going to be healthy for losing real fat, but they are going to help reduce inflammation over time and increase mental clarity. Today, I am going to share with you the evidence that suggests this is all true!



Superfoods You Can Eat for Weight Loss

Have you heard the term superfoods? Superfoods is a term that has been used for the last ten years among health nut circles. Holistic practitioners use this term all the time because they promote a diet rich in superfoods and fiber.

This is because this list of foods traditionally includes foods that heal quickly and foods that are “whole foods”. This means they are not processed or loaded with preservatives and fillers.

These superfoods that you can eat for weight loss include:

Black beans
Brown rice
There are so many more, but this list is a great start. Many of these foods are rich in antioxidants which combats a lot of health problems. One of the biggest challenges Americans face is inflammation. Inflammatory diseases lurk behind what we refer to as diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers, skin diseases, and even cancer.

All of these are considered inflammatory and these foods can quiet these conditions and diseases down quite a bit. In the process you’ll lose weight which can relieve the pressure on the joints and muscles. Think about how much better you would feel just by getting pressure off of painful joints?

Even if you didn’t lose a ton of weight right away, wouldn’t you feel better overall and much happier if you were getting natural pain relief? I am sure you would, and if you could stand to get some relief and lose weight, why not start eating some of the foods on this list?

Eat to Lose Weight and Keep Your Mind Sharp

When you eat for weight loss and reduce inflammation you’ll notice that a lot of other things improve. Your eyesight will be better, you’ll notice that you won’t get sick, and you’ll also discover that you can think clearer. This is because chemicals in preservatives and fillers cloud the mind.

Your body was not designed to take in tons of sugar, gluten, and preservatives. All of this isn’t natural and the body doesn’t really need it. If you put this stuff into your body you’ll see changes. This is like adding glue to a piece of paper and laying it up against another piece of paper. It will stick.

High fat foods like fast food, fried foods, and foods that are loaded up with refined sugars are going to stick to your arteries, blood vessels, and your joints in some cases. You can’t afford to feel bad like this when you have work to do and a family to take care of. If you eliminate the unnatural you’ll shed the pounds, feel better in your body, but you’ll think better too!

The best part of this is the part where I tell you that once you lose the weight you’ll keep it off. Many of these foods are negative calories and so low in fat. They are also thermogenic which means they help your body burn fat. It’s amazing what you can eat, and how the foods you choose can change your mind and body.

I hope you’ll start eating some of the foods from this list if you aren’t right now. You’ll soon find out that if you “eat for weight loss” it can change your entire life!  Learn how you can also lose weight and make money also

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Why Self-Promotion is a Bad Idea

Building your business is important, but did you know that self-promotion is not a good idea? When you start a business venture, you want to start building your brand. However, building your brand doesn’t start with you bragging about yourself.

Building your new business happens over time and it happens as you gain a following. The question is, how do you gain this following? The only way to get others to follow you is to be a leader. Following is what conformers do, but a non-conforming individual will always stand out in the crowd and think big.

This means that leaders are born through a series of failures, only to discover that they are onto something big. If you think big and you want to bring great change to the world, it’s time to get started. You’ll find that creating value for others is the only way to build your business, and that self-promotion is the last thing you want to do.

Avoid Self-Promotion At All Costs

Have you ever told someone about something that you did? Were you proud of what you did? Were you looking for the other person to say something great about you?

If you were looking for praise then reconsider your strategy. Looking for praise from others is not only selfish, but it’s detrimental to your new business.

If you just started a business and you are worried about self-promotion, you shouldn’t be. If you are starting a new business you’ll be amongst the ranks of others that were once brand new in the world of business.

You had a concept that you wanted to share, but ultimately you ended up sharing information more about your skills and your educational background which really have nothing to do with your business. No one really cares about where you went to school or your grade point average.

In fact, what people really care about is themselves. They don’t care about you or your ambitions. People only want to know that you can help them by talking about their problems and how you can help them solve their problems.

Here are some truths about what make a business grow.

1. An idea that moves from an idea to something actionable.
2. Taking daily action steps that produce a result.
3. A business that helps others solve problems.
There isn’t any other way to build a successful business. Creating value for others means teaching others, giving them valuable information and insight into how to do something or how to get something done.

You make yourself available to answer questions for others, and you also let others know that your failures are real. Promotion should be something that you do for others, not for yourself.

If you are willing to help promote others and their cause, you’ll find that others want to follow you and support your ideas and they will ultimately support your business. If it’s fans you want, you can easily create a Facebook page or group.

If you want a loyal following and you want to make sales, then it’s time for you to stop focusing on self-promotion and focus on building up others and their cause.

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7 Ways to Work Smart and NOT Hard



You have probably heard that it’s best for you to work smart, right? The key is knowing how to work in this way versus working too hard. You may have your own definition of what this means, but if you aren’t sure what working smart is really all about, it’s time for you to take a journey with me.

What if I told you that you don’t have to work hard ever again? Would you believe me or would you think that I am absolutely insane?

Today, I am going to share with you 7 ways to work smart and not hard, so that you can achieve more in less time, and you’ll inspire more folks around you too!


Work Smart and Get More Done in Less Time

Working less is one thing everyone wants to do, but if you work less can you get more done? That all depends on how you work. You can work smart by doing things more efficiently in less time.

This means that you’ll be more focused and you’ll hit your goals every time. So, how can you work in a way that helps you accomplish more in less time and with no aggravation?

1. Know your skills. What skills do you possess? You should know them all, and then go out and use them to your advantage.

2. Know the various types of skills. There are several types of skills, and they don’t all serve the same purpose. What type of skills do you need and what do they do for you? Examples are; people, basic, thinking, personal qualities.

3. Make a list of your skills. If you want to complete something to the best of your ability, make a list of all of your skills. This will give you the clear advantage. Go over your list, and if there is something missing that you would like to perfect, work on that skill. Make it a point to work at that skill, and do whatever is necessary for you to build that skill.

4. Know your strengths. It is important that you know what your strengths are. You can take a test called the Strengths Finder 2.0. This is a great book, and a great test. Everyone should read it in order to identify your strengths.

5. What skills are needed for your ideal job? If you want to land a job or build a business, you need to know what skills are absolutely needed. Make that list, and make a real assessment of yourself and whether or not you have them.

6. Communicate effectively. Whether you know it or not, you need to be a good communicator if you want to achieve more in life. Communication is the essence of life, and without it you won’t be able to accomplish much of anything. Always, always, always, keep the lines of communication open with everyone!

7. Continue to learn new things. Whether you know it or not, there is tons to learn in this life. You’ll never know it all. If you continue to learn, you can add new skills to your list. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you are the first choice for an employer?

Learning new things every day is a great way to make yourself better and the first choice on everyone’s list. If you want to be more in this life, you’ll want to learn how to work smart and get others to come around to your way of thinking!

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James Hunter

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7 Things You Must Do to Be Successful


Every entrepreneur believes that there are different things you must do to be successful. If you were to give your opinion on what is necessary to achieve success what would it be?

Only you will know what success means for you. Once you know what you want, you need to make a list of things to do to get you there. There will always be hindrances in life, so what can you do to make the move to success?

Today, I’m sharing with you 7 things that you need to take seriously so you can achieve the success in life that you desire.

Make the List of 7 Things You Must Do to Be Successful

While your definition of success may be different from that of others, you need to know that taking control of your life is of the utmost importance. This means that you need to master your emotions, build self-discipline, and the items on this list.


Here are 7 things you must do to be successful.

  1. Don’t make excuses. If you know folks that blame others for the lack in their lives, it’s a good indication of why they have lack in their lives. You must accept responsibility for your mistakes. Just own it. People will respect you more if you do.
  2. Stop focusing on the negative. If you are always worried about the bad in life you’ll get more bad. Your attitude can make you or break you. If you focus on what is good and positive, you’ll attract more positive into your life.
  3. Don’t fear failure. If you want to be successful, you should know that failure is a part of life. You will not always do things the right way. If you fail, you’ll learn from it. Don’t be afraid to screw up once in a while.
  4. Don’t look for the easy way out. You should know that something worth doing is never easy. Stop looking for shortcuts and the easy way out. You won’t learn anything if you don’t learn to work through challenges along the way.
  5. Stop being so ungrateful. If you have ever met someone that complains all of the time, then you know what I am talking about. You should have an attitude of gratitude in all things, even if you think your situation is not so good, there is always someone that is worse off than you.
  6. Stop focusing on yourself. Did you know that life isn’t about you and your wants and needs? You should focus on others and how you can help others along the way. Focus on making a difference in someone else’s life rather than your own. You’ll see that the reward is much greater than anything else that you could have ever done.
  7. Don’t ever give up. Winners are those who never give up, no matter how tough things may seem. If you are always thinking about quitting, chances are you’ll never make it to the greatness in life that you could achieve. Don’t ever give up.

You can win at anything in life you choose, but just remember that in order to be successful, you’ll need to focus on these 7 things to achieve greatness and reach your full potential.

What do you want most in life? You can have whatever you desire. You need only to refer back to this list of the 7 things you must to do be successful, and focus on working with excellence in all things.

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5 Signs that it’s Time to Quit Your Day Job

Did you know that there are 5 signs that it’s time to quit your day job? It can be daunting to work a full-time job and attempt to build a home based business too. I get it. I’ve been doing this for a while now and I can assure you that it’s not easy.

Even if you tend to be good at juggling multiple tasks you’ll still find that at some point it’s best to move on and quit your day job so you can give your part-time job all of your time an attention.

Today, I want to share with you some insight into what it’s like to be on both sides of the coin and those 5 signs that it’s time to quit your day job and move on to the world of entrepreneurship.

Clearly Identifying Those 5 Signs That It’s Time to Quit Your Day Job

Have you been hoping to quit your day job soon?

If you’ve been working hard on your home business it’s no surprise. You may only spend an hour on it each night, but after a while the more time you put into your business the more tired you can become.

Here are 5 signs that it’s time to quit your day job.

1. Things are coming together. When you work hard on your home business day after day things will come together quickly. This is good news because it’s a sign that you are headed in the right direction. When ads get clicks and you are getting more unique visitors to your website it’s a great thing. See this as one of the signs that you’re close to retiring that day job.

2. You now know what you are doing from all aspects. It may take a few years for you to get your system up and running, but once you do and you know how to run it and manage it from all angles you’ll be ready to go. Know your business inside and out before you make that move.

3. You’ve got regular customers! Even when you market your business online you’ll discover that it’s common to get regular visitors. When you do, you’ll know who they are and you’ll see them show up consistently over and over again. This is a beautiful thing. They know you, they like you, and they have come to trust you. This means that they are going to buy from you. Success is on the way!

4. You’ve got income! Building a business on the side takes time, and it also takes time to match or exceed your income. If you are within a few thousands it’s probably time to say hello to your new business. When you combine this fact with the others, you are so close to meeting the goals that if you go full-time you’ll do even better.

5. You can’t afford NOT to do this. Now that you have met the criteria above, you know it’s that time. If you don’t do it, you’ll never achieve the success you desire. It’s time for you to cut that cord and make the move. You are going to be a huge success.
Are you ready to do more with your life than you ever dreamed? If so, it’s time for you to take the leap of faith and jump into greatness. If you see these 5 signs that it’s time to quit your day job, then it’s time to live the life of time freedom!


Questions:  Are you truly Living or just existing?

What things do you want to accomplish?

Do you want to help others achieve more?

Do you have a desire?  What is it?


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How to tap into an existing flow of thousands of paying customers per week.

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Facebook Ad Targeting Success

Have you been trying to figure out how to achieve Facebook ad targeting success? Facebook ads were an easy thing to run in the beginning, but not so much anymore. This is because social media changes, and that includes the audience, what they want, and how you can present your information.

I’ll be the first one to admit that running ads on Facebook has been frustrating, and that is because I didn’t know the key to making these ads work. This is because I knew who my target audience is, but I didn’t know how to run ads to target my audience. Make sense?

You can know who your audience is, but if you don’t know everything about them you’ll miss the mark every time with every ad you run. This can be frustrating as you spend way too many marketing dollars you can’t recover.

Today, I’m going to share with you the key to Facebook ad targeting success, by sharing with you the top 20 audiences you’ll want to target.


What You Should Know About Facebook Ad Targeting Success

There are tons of combinations that you can try when running Facebook ads, but they aren’t all created equal. Marketing online in any form is all about patience and it takes great care to create ads that have a long lasting impact.

What you want to know is your objective. You can start here and your objective will guide you. Here are some thoughts on how to target for Facebook ad targeting success.

  1. Target specific web pages. This means that you’ll know who you want to target but who you want to exclude. This is huge. If you want to know who visits louisvuitton.com, you can run ads that target each individual that visits this site. However, you can exclude all males in the United States, and you can even choose their age. How bout them apples?
  2. Web sections. Okay, so you want to really get serious with this ad targeting business? You can actually choose this same website above, and target those who buy only women’s leather handbags. Think about all of the goodies you can find when you visit the site for Louis Vuitton. Yep, you can choose just those who visit the page for women’s leather handbags.
  3. Whole website? Why in the world would you want target everyone that visited the website for Louis Vuitton? You want to make sure that you are targeting that buyer. The buyer is what marketers usually want, and nothing less. It’s okay to say that you want an individual who will spend several hundred dollars (or thousands) on a handbag.
  4. Email lists. Ah, the power of the email list right? This is huge, because this is how you build your business. However, if you are offering various products then you’ll want to segment your list by the products that your buyers have purchased. This will help you target them in the future too!
  5. Cover the whole list. Whether or not you think so, remember targeting your whole email list is wise too. This is because you want to offer certain products to all on your list. If you are offering valuable information that most everyone on the list can use, then you’ll want to make sure they all see it. If they opt-out, no harm, no foul.
  6. Target your fans. Okay, so fans are probably less likely to buy. This is true. However, it’s a simple way to get the word out about what you have to offer. Remember there is no way to know what all of your fans are thinking. This is why you need to target your fans and offer them a bonus upon referral or sharing the information.
  7. Copycat audience? Oh yes! Okay, so in Facebook speak they are called “lookalike audiences”. This is because you’ll take similar folks on that list, and maybe change one segment. This means most likely behavior or a specific interest. This can help you split test different ads so you can see what performs best.
  8. Advanced interest. If you were added into the beta testing period this is great news. You’ll get the chance to test your ads based on advanced interest targeting. You can choose up to four interests and target folks on that list with those interests in mind.
  9. Friends of fans? Does this really work? One of the basics of Facebook ads targeting success is that you should target friends of fans. Let’s face it, most of your friends share similar interests, but this is about showing up to more folks in the newsfeed. If you can do this, you are living the Facebook ad dream.
  10. Lookalike audience. Did you know that you can market to an audience that is similar to the one you market to right now? This is similar to #7, but bear in mind that interests and behaviors are the key to targeting a lookalike.

There is a science behind marketing using Facebook, and it takes commitment on your part to make it happen. Don’t be fooled by anyone that tells you it’s so easy. It used to be, but marketing takes research and effort.

If you are looking for ways to grow your business online, then keep focusing your efforts on “Facebook ads targeting success”.

James Hunter


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