How to Start Getting Results Online in as Little as 7 Days!

getting results online

The ability to level a unique marketing system can help you start getting results online in as little as 7 days. Do you know what this system is?

This unique system, or approach rather, is known as “attraction marketing”.

Why is attraction marketing so important?

Because it is the ONE thing that draws people to you without you preaching at them, without begging people to buy from you, and it has the ability to help you attract your ideal customer.

You can forget posting pictures about stacks of cash, posting photos of your luxury cars or even your gold watches. There is so much more to focusing your efforts on attraction marketing.

If you are new to marketing online, or you would like to learn more about how you can increase your chances of building your business online, you will want to read this article all the way to the end.

You will discover how important it is to attract the right people to your business, and WHY everything you present about yourself matters.

Getting Results Online by Being the Real You

Did you know that your chances of getting results online will double if you FOCUS on being yourself?

You don’t want to be someone your not, especially portraying that image online. It is amazing how many folks building a business online fail to understand this.

Instead of being who they really are, and instead of focusing on teaching people how to be who they should be, they always end up trying to make people look at them as a money-making machine.

Many folks say that is what they want, but the average person just wants to know how they can make it through the day as a parent, and how they can spend more time with their family while producing income.

This means that what matters MOST, is that you focus on identifying with people. If you are single ,then you probably can relate to those who are single.

If you are a mother or a father, then you can relate to the tired parent that is struggling to make ends meet or perhaps to get real results with a second business.

Online marketing is now more well-known, and as a result more individuals are working at learning how to market their business online.

The family man or woman does not have a lot of extra time, but what they do want to know is how they can learn this on the fly and then put it into practice.

Implementation has a lot to do with why people NEVER get going.

It is great to learn something, but then you absolutely MUST implement it too. If you don’t take action, someone else will. Before long, they will be living your dream, and they will be happily walking away with your money.

This is what you need to be teaching others.

Learn how to run your online business, and how to market yourself every day for about an hour. Then, implement each thing you learn.

Once you do this and you do it successfully, begin to share your knowledge with others. Until you do this, you’ll still be where you are today, nothing different, and with no more money in your pocket.

Teaching others these same methods could very well be your business in the end.

What do you think you should do in order to attract others?

Getting Results Online Starts Today

You can get results today if you get started.

The key is to come into this with an open mind, so you can begin learning something new. Regardless of what business you own today, or what business you would like to start this can work for you.

Take bite-sized chunks of information, learn it, and then implement it.

Once you take action, you should be well on your way to learning everything you need to learn in order to be effective.

If you want to start getting results online in as little as 7 days, I would suggest that you take a look at this TOP-NOTCH course on attraction marketing, and begin implementing this today.

How Mindfulness Meditation Can Reduce Stress for College Students

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Meditation May Help Students Combat High Levels of Stress, Depression

by Susan Donaldson James

When Rob Stephens, a 22-year-old senior, walks into the Mindfulness Room at Carnegie Mellon University, he leaves his homework and stress at the door.

He is surrounded by a waterfall wall, plants, lots of natural light and an open space with cushions on the floor — a 24/7 space is set aside for meditation or just peaceful thinking.

“I definitely think it helps to de-stress,” said Stephens, a global studies major from Atlanta, Georgia. “It’s the time I spend making sure I am OK.”

Mindfulness is as popular at colleges nationwide as it is now at CMU.

“It’s someone giving themselves uninterrupted mental space,” said Stephens. “Some focus on themselves or others. It’s a time to stop and refocus your purpose.”

Studies show the practice may be an antidote to the high levels of stress and depression seen on college campuses.

The American College Health Association found in a 2015 study that more than 85 percent said they “felt overwhelmed” by the demands of college. And a third of all student said stress had a negative effect on their overall academic performance.

Recently, Stephens enjoyed playing with therapy dogs in the mindfulness room.

Some use the time to take a nap, “to reset their brain,” he said. For others it might include meditation, or focused time at the gym or in yoga.

“People can do a lot of mindful things,” Stephens said. “For me, it was time to be with another creature. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a [yoga] child’s pose.”

‘They have the tools in their pocket’

Mindfulness is also part of a wellness program at Indiana University in Bloomington. In a space at the student union, the health center offers yoga, aromatherapy, massage and guided meditation.

About 8,000 students a year tap into the programs, according to Cathleen Hardy Hansen, Indiana’s director of health and wellness services and an adjunct professor in its school of public health.

“Mindfulness is so vital,” she told NBC News. “It’s being right there in the moment. It helps you be successful in everything you do.”

“College students are under a lot of stress — that’s been a given forever,” she said. “Now, they have the tools in their pocket.”

At the University of Vermont, a popular brain science class begins and ends with mindful meditation.

The class is part of the Wellness Environment (WE) program, where nearly 500 students live in a substance-free dorm with access to yoga and nutrition coaches as well as meditation. Next year UVM expects that number to double.

“Mindfulness can take many forms — meditation, mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful relationships,” said Dr. James Hudziak, chief of child psychiatry at the UVM College of Medicine and program founder.

It can help regulate aggression and impulsivity, as well as improve attention and performance on academic tests.

“It’s weightlifting for the brain,” he told NBC News.

And research backs this up.

‘Meditation training might foster resilience’

A 2016 study published in Biological Psychiatry showed for the first time that mindfulness meditation can actually change the brain, even reducing inflammatory disease risk.

The randomized study recruited unemployed adults and took them to a three-day retreat. Half the group got skill training and did mindful meditation and the other half had a relaxing group activity.

Researchers took brain scans before and after the retreat.

“We know that unemployment is a massive stressor for folks and we wanted to see if mindful meditation could manage that,” said lead author J. David Creswell, who is an associate professor of psychology and the director of the Health and Human Performance Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University.

The researchers did brain scans before and after the experience.

“The folks in both programs loved it,” Creswell told NBC News. “But what we found were changes in how the resting brain was wired in the mindfulness group.”

In those who meditated, scans showed more connections in the stress regulatory areas of the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that manages emotions and attention.

“It suggests how meditation training might foster resilience,” he said.

But are those changes permanent? Scientists don’t know, said Creswell, but a four-month study follow-up suggests, “there is some lasting benefit.”

“Like any other type of behavior, it has a benefit over time, but won’t persist, if we don’t do it,” he said.

But CMU senior Rob Stephens says that for him, he hopes mindfulness will be a lifelong practice.

“You have this one body and this one life to live,” he said. “Especially at a place as rigorous as CMU, we often don’t check in with ourselves. I always make sure to take a moment to see how how I am doing with life.”

“Less stressful people are more successful because they lead more fulfilling lives.”

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Simple 7 Step Guide to Lead Magnet Creation for Profit!

lead magnet creation for profit

Creating lead magnets can be fun, but it is essential that you learn lead magnet creation for profit if you want to grow your business.

Obviously, you want to make more money….right?

If you plan to grow your business online it is essential that you learn more about how to create lead magnets and what makes certain types of lead magnets successful.

Writing a blog and getting folks to engage on social media is an important part of what makes the wheel spin, and it will eventually mean that creating a lead magnet will lead you to greater profits.

What would you do if you could find that one PERFECT lead magnet to drive thousands to your site right now? Do you know what you would do after they show up?


Most folks are not prepared for what comes next. Getting traffic is essential to getting leads, but it is equally important that you focus on what building your list and capturing the right customers.

Today, I’ll share with you the SIMPLE steps to lead magnet creation for profit that will change the way your marketing campaign begins and ends successfully, and how you can easily repeat each time.

Why Lead Magnet Creation for Profit Works Like a Charm

Getting the attention of someone is easy, but what about getting the attention of the masses?

Are you doing what you can to get the fish to bite the hook? Unless you put the fishing pole in the water with the right bait, you’ll catch nothing.

You could be sitting on the bank, but that does not guarantee that you’ll get the fish to come to you. The same is true when it comes to creating a lead magnet of ANY type.

There are some steps you want to take to make sure you keep it simple and get that lead magnet on your website, blog, or Facebook page.

  1. Identify WHAT the goal is for your lead magnet. What do you intend to do with your lead magnet? While conversion matters, lead magnet creation for profit is so much more. New business should be the primary focus, regardless of what business you own. You could own a salon, a real estate firm, or you could be a network marketer. Regardless of the business you want to promote, lead magnets are essential to driving traffic online. Identify the GOAL for your lead magnet and that will help shape the project.
  2. Locate the PAIN point for your customer. What problem can you solve for them? It has been said that if you can solve a problem, you will NEVER go out of business. This is most definitely true. In fact, people will ALWAYS pay you to solve their problems. If they cannot solve their own problem they will pay someone to do it for them. Don’t overthink it; just get to the bottom of it.
  3. Problems inside problems? Yep, you bet. There is always a problem within a problem, so it isn’t so simple. Generating more sales is what everyone wants, but before you can get to that place you have to talk about generating leads. Leads are the lifeblood of your business, so be as specific as possible.
  4. Make a solitary promise. Promises, promises. It’s a GREAT thing if you can promise something to your prospect in exchange for an action they take. If they opt-into a program or product, offer them something else on the inside that goes along with it. this is always a win-win with the prospect.
  5. Give your lead magnet a KILLER title. A title or headline is always the first thing your prospect will see. This means it has to be eye-catching, and will divert your prospects attention solely to you.Remember, a majority of the population will read the headline before they read anything else. When the headline is powerful they will most likely click and NOT continue reading much at all.
  6. Which lead magnet is right for your product or service? What would your prospects want? This may seem like a loaded question, but depending on the type of business you have, video may be most effective. Reports are also effective, but they need to be super specific. Specificity is ALWAYS important, and without it, you run the risk of not capturing as many prospects as you intend. Offering a list of resources or a package with tools is also a great way to get a name and email in exchange for the opt-in.
  7. Get moving! Creating is what it comes down to. Lead magnet creation for profit is essential for your success, and it is important that you create one for the purpose of online marketing.

Would you like to learn more about building an online marketing campaign that is rock solid?

You can access my list of SECRETS for building a list when you grab my “lead magnet creation for profit” HERE.

Get Search Engine Visibility Like a Boss!

search engine visibility

Did you know that you can get more search engine visibility when you produce high-quality content? It is easier than ever with video, and a big part of this is because people love to be entertained.

Written content is important and it can be effective, but video can be seen any time of day or night. This is why YouTube ranks right up there with Facebook.

Chances are, if you needed a good laugh or you were looking for some information you went to YouTube to find it. There are videos on just about anything these days.

Did you know that Google is in favor of video content as well as SEO’d written content?

Whether your YouTube views are falling or are just getting started, what I am about to share with you regarding search engine visibility will help you get more views and more traffic within days.

If you can take some time to study the algorithm, your chances are going to be great for getting more views. More importantly, you will need as many eyeballs on you as possible.

If you want to get your videos to rank higher in YouTube, pay close attention to what I am about to share with you. At the end of this article, I’ll share my number one valuable source with you on how to bring it all together.

Get Top Search Engine Visibility Like a Boss

Content development is important, and without that, you’ll see just how tough it is to get any eyes on your product or service.

One of the MOST important things you should remember is that while video is important, you can do this a right way and a wrong way.

There are some simple rules here to help you boost your search engine visibility with YouTube. Are you ready?

  1. Introduce yourself. People want to know WHO you are, and they want to know that you are a REAL person that they can connect with, ask questions, and reach out to for help. If you are ambiguous you’ll frustrate your target audience and worse, you’ll get them looking elsewhere for services. Be open about who you are, your experience in the marketplace, and share with people WHY they would want to work with you over someone else.
  2. Keep it simple and SHORT. Simple means “easy”, and that is because complicating things also frustrates your audience. If you keep the video to anywhere from one to two minutes you’ll be in great shape. Target your audience, and keep it short so that they consume the content in a bite-sized fashion. Make it easy for your prospects to want more from you and keep their eyes on you. Remember, this video should be like a commercial for your business. Make it count!
  3. Use keywords and phrases that your niche market uses. If you want to get the attention of those who would buy your product or service, then use the key words and phrases associated with your product or service. In other words, what would your ideal customer type into Google? You can use a FREE tool like Google keyword planner to get an idea of what other businesses are purchasing in AdWords, and this will also give you an idea of what is getting the customer’s attention in Google ads.
  4. Clarify what the video is about. Google loves content, but keep in mind that it is still YOUR job to clarify what your content is all about. You have to feed Google the information, and it is wise to learn more about the algorithm to find out what Google approves of. YouTube doesn’t search or know what to output, so be specific as possible when describing what your video is about.

There is a lot to making video work for you, but this article cannot cover it all. Would you like to learn more about what video can do for your business?

If you would like to learn more about how video can increase your search engine visibility, please check out my TOP SECRET weapon HERE to get the winning edge in your video marketing campaign.

Your 3 Step System for Generating Traffic with Your Blog

You probably didn’t realize that you could be generating traffic with your blog for your business, did you? You may have found this article online because you have been researching how to generate online traffic to get leads.

Perhaps you have a blog that gets a lot of readers, but maybe you just aren’t getting folks to convert into paying customers from your blog?

The best type of traffic you can ever get is organic traffic.

This means that you are getting people who have found you without you paying for ads, solo ads, and even expensive commercials.

Google can either be your best friend or your biggest enemy. Is there a way to crack the code?

Whether or not you consider the time you spend as “free” traffic, just keep in mind that you still have to put your time and energy into every blog post you write.

The journey can be long and tiring, but the most important position you can take is that your time and resources are an asset, thus making your blog a TRUE asset to your business.

If you want to grow your income each month, and you want to educate your audience, it’s time for you to focus on your blog and crafting it to do all the things that you need for it to do.

The rules have changed with Google, and now it means that you absolutely MUST pay attention to what you are doing and it also means that you MUST improve the quality of your blog posts.

What makes a great blog post?

Today, I’ll teach you what a blog is really about, and how you can be sure that you write the perfect blog post every time to help you start generating traffic with your blog.

First Steps to Generating Traffic with Your Blog

Google is an amazing search engine, and it can be the very thing that helps you get more traffic if you know how to work it right.

The one MAJOR challenge is that most people are giving advice on what makes a good blog great, but some of those techniques are no longer effective.

There are numerous folks that have been using what we call “black-hat SEO” for many years, and they are still using it. The only way to really get readers to come around to where you are is GREAT content.

Great information wins the day always.

Here are some things you should know before you start your blog:

  1. Every great company has a blog. Every great company is great because they create great content, and they compel their audience to want to read and then take action. Their blog is what makes them an authority. Positioning yourself as an authority is what makes the difference between you and your competition.
  2. You should focus on great headlines. Headlines are what get attention. Your audience is ONLY reading your headline, and once you get them hooked it’s over. In fact, if the headline is compelling enough your audience won’t read much further. A great headline ensures that you will get their attention and that they may at least read your introduction.
  3. Produce great written and video content. Everyone loves to be entertained, so producing great written AND video content is essential for getting their attention. 

If you can do these three things, you’ll no doubt start generating traffic with your blog. It doesn’t take long to get your blog started, and you can begin planning your content for the month within a few hours.

What else should you know about using your blog for traffic and business?

Generating Traffic with Your Blog Means You Get a Real Connection

Pre-qualifying leads is just as important to getting them, and it means that they have sought you out. You get a real connection with those who have read your blog or watched your videos.

This means they have had a chance to learn something about you.

The more you can give your prospects upfront the greater your chances are of getting them to join you in your business and buy your product or your service.

Need more help?

I personally mentor others in how to build their business with a blog, as well as through social media. If you want to learn more about how you can begin generating traffic with your blog, please go to one of my banner ads to learn more, of you can email me directly at


5 Winning Headline Formulas You Cannot be Without!

Did you know that using winning headline formulas makes it possible to attract the right customers to your blog?

There are numerous statistics that prove this to be true.

In fact, famous copywriters that now earn millions in their profession can prove that this is true. How is it possible that the headline alone can attract the right readers?

Consider that your headline is like an ad for your ad.

When you log into Facebook, you always seek the content that gets your attention first. Everyone is attracted to different types of content, but what matters most is the headline.

The headline makes you click.

Do you want to stop readers in their tracks? Do you want them to be so compelled by what you are saying that they do not desire to look elsewhere?

Today, I’ll share with you some critical winning headline formulas I picked up from Tim Erway, one of the top online marketers in the world.

I’ll share with you the insider secrets that have helped Tim build his own success, but furthermore you’ll learn how he helped others become a success story too.

Why These Winning Headline Formulas Are So Effective

People do NOT like to be sold, but it happens every day.

A salesman comes along and changes their mind about what they are doing. In fact, a salesman often positions him or herself to be a part of the customer’s decision making process.

Would it be easier to get your customer’s attention without having to work so hard?

If you are marketing online then you know all too well that what your prospects see ahead of time has everything to do with their decision making process.

Would you prefer to be the one that the prospect chooses to read?

Would you prefer to be the one that gets the click?

I am sure that it’s true that you want to be first in line, and I am sure that you want to make sure that the reader does choose your blog over everyone else’s. Right?

The GOAL is to get your prospect to stop when they see YOUR headline, and you want them to keep reading what comes after the headline.

This means that your headline is the ONE chance to get your prospect’s attention.

Your prospect most likely will not read much more of your copy past the headline, and potentially the first sentence or paragraph.

This is why these winning headline formulas are super effective, and why they work so well.

You want to create the following three ideal emotions or situations:

  • Anticipation
  • Excitement
  • Curiosity

The more curiosity you can generate, the more excitement you’ll cause in your prospects and the anticipation for anything else you publish will already be there.

The smallest change or tweak could potentially change the way your prospect views your content. (This is good stuff isn’t it)?

There are numerous ways to go about getting your prospect’s attention, but what is that perfect TRIGGER?

That trigger is whatever creates curiosity.

It’s time to get the flip switched for your prospect so that they choose your headline to read or to watch your video. Your content, either medium should be worthy of that click.

This means that your headlines need to cater to your audience. A great example of this, is one that Tim Erway outlines in his teaching on the “5 Winning Headline Formulas“.

“DUMP These 10 Mining Company Stocks NOW!” 

Tim talks about who this could be effective for, but he also points out who this headline will NOT attract. So, if you are targeting those who want to build an online business, this type of headline will not do much for them.

However, an individual that has a lot of interest in stocks, specifically for mining would stop and read this immediately.

There is a huge difference between what gets attention and what does not. Do your headlines get attention?

As an online marketer, you have no doubt chosen according to your fear of loss, right? You know that you don’t have a huge budget to work with, and therefore you have to choose wisely what you are reading.

How can you go about creating these headlines without a mistake every time? Next, I’ll talk about the steps you should take before you actually type one word or record that video.

The Key to Creating Winning Headline Formulas EVERY Time!

You have probably heard in your sales career or ANY type of training that asking the right questions matters most. Asking the right questions means a lot, so here is what you should ask.

  1. What goals or dreams does your prospect have?
  2. What is your prospect worried about? What causes them pain?
  3. What keeps your prospect awake at night?

There is no time to lose with your marketing campaign, therefore, you should FOCUS on the answers to these questions.

Here are the 5 winning headline formulas you cannot live without.

  1. State the benefit. The prospect immediately wants to know how this will benefit them. They are asking, “What’s in it for me?” With this mindset they are sure that they are going to learn more about how you can HELP them. Share with them how to do something, or how to get something that they want or need. Remember their goals and dreams? What keeps them thinking and causes them to lay awake at night?
  2. News headline. We undoubtedly live in a world of troubled times and we are bombarded with NEWS. This is no different for those who are researching and reading online. Any “breaking news” headline is going to get the attention of your readers. Is your prospect looking for a breakthrough? What about something new that you are releasing? Just released or announcing or even making a BIG REVEAL is going to get your prospect to click or contact you, sign up for your webinar, or subscribe to your newsletter too.
  3. Lead with a question. Questions are great, and they work well in headlines because the individual will begin to answer it in their mind without thinking about it first. If you ask a question that targets your prospect’s pain, they are going to CLICK and read what you are writing or watch your video too.
  4. Point out the PAIN, frustration or problem. Addressing the pain or frustration that your prospect has is VERY important. When your prospect has a problem and you put that in your headline, you are giving them the help they need for FREE. People generally have the fear of loss, and if you can show them how to avoid that loss you’ll win them over quickly.
  5. Use specific numbers. This type of headline is really effective and it lets the prospect know that they are going to find a specific number of answers. This can be like the headline for this article, or it could be the “3 Strongest Natural Antibiotics You Can Use”. Eye catching? Yes, and it will SAVE your prospect time. They will see your catchy headline and begin reading what you have written or they will watch your video. They will feel satisfied and choose you.

Effective? Yes.

If you would like to learn more about creating winning headline formulas like this, please click HERE now for more information about how I can HELP you do this for your business.


Grow a Six-Figure Network with Attraction Marketing

getting results online

The title probably caught your attention as you search online, and it’s no surprise that you or many others would like to learn more about how to grow a six-figure network with attraction marketing.

I share a lot about what I do with my audience on Facebook, and they love to respond with questions about what I do and how I do it.

This is a big part of attraction marketing.

People are ALWAYS curious about how I work from the comfort of my own home, and how I earn money online, and sharing a little bit about results as well as the benefits of what I do gets people to ask questions.

The more you can get people talking the better your chances of getting them to read more about you and what you have to offer.

You want people to talk about what you’re up to, and you want them to ask you more about what you are doing. You can absolutely use the internet to generate leads and use it to help you grow a six-figure network with attraction marketing.

Today, I’ll share with you how I got started, and how I became the hunted and NOT the hunter. If you want highly-qualified prospects, this is how you do it.

Ready, steady, go…..

Getting to a Six-Figure Network with Attraction Marketing

Earning six-figures may seem easy to others, but for those earning that income will tell you a different story.

The work wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. I think that is what they would say. You can grow a six-figure network while working for the network marketing company you love, but you should also know that it does take effort.

It isn’t as difficult as it used to be, but social media sites and other networking platforms have made it easier. This makes sense because you can get your success and your opportunity in front of thousands of eyeballs.

If you focus on personal meetings, lunches, cups of coffee with those you love, you’ll spend hours upon hours with very little in return.

Networking online and using online resources makes it easier for you to reach the masses with what you’re up to, and what you have to offer.

This is something that everyone can learn, and no degree is necessary in order to accomplish this. There are hundreds of folks from all walks of life working on their business right now.

There are hundreds going from just a meager $35,000 per year to $100,000 a year if not more. How can you learn all these insider secrets to attracting the ideal customer every time?

How can you be sure that you’ll earn over and above anything you have before?

There is an online bootcamp, and I’m going to tell you more about this here in a moment.

Learn How to Build a Six-Figure Network with Attraction Marketing

Those who are teachable will ALWAYS achieve more success in life and in their business.

I learned this early on because I was willing to learn, and after I learned what I needed to, I wanted to help others. Those who wanted to learn more about what I learned ended up being the most successful.

Those who wanted to complain and find shortcuts were the least successful. I suggested the 10 day Online Bootcamp. Here is why I highly recommend it.

You will learn how to generate leads using the internet and all it has to offer.

You’ll learn how to separate the hot prospects from the cold ones.

You’ll learn how to become the HUNTED, and not the hunter.

You’ll learn how to have prospects calling you and stalking you for more information. (Yes, they are friendly).

The best and easiest ways to get your prospects to contact you back.

There are so many ways to do this but only a few of them work. Attraction marketing is something you have to work on all throughout your business.

Showing up in just a few places isn’t going to help you grow the team you want to grow. A six-figure network with attraction marketing takes what this 10 day online bootcamp is going to teach you.

What can you do to improve your chances of growing your team to six-figures? How can you network with the right people every time to make sure you get the right crowd?

Are you willing to learn how to attract the right people by utilizing the internet and all of the resources available to you?

Please check out the bootcamp HERE, to learn more about how to build a six-figure network with attraction marketing.


How to Get Ultra Targeted Traffic to Your Website

getting results online

Can you imagine if you were able to get ultra targeted traffic to your website every day?

Traffic is essential for getting you leads, and it is important that you understand how to generate traffic in order to get super qualified leads.

Keywords used to be the number one way to design articles for the purpose of helping to drive traffic to your website, and while they are still important, it is your target audience that matters most.

There are numerous other ways to drive traffic to your website, so it’s important that you learn what those ways are, and how they can impact your marketing campaign.

Today, this article is dedicated to helping you get targeted traffic to your website, and it’s going to help you realize just how EASY it can be regardless of what marketplace your business is a part of.

I will share with you the most basic of methods to generate traffic, and how you can make sure that it’s targeted for the purpose of your website, and getting you highly-qualified leads.

Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website Without Losing Money

Losing money on ANY business endeavor is easy, especially when you are not sure where to invest it. This is why learning more about investing in the right areas for traffic is so important.

There are several things you should consider before you spend a single dime.

  • Have you asked the right questions about your audience?
  • Have you studied successful targeting techniques?
  • Do you have an effective landing page?
  • Have you had success with creating ads?
  • Are you willing to invest just $10 to learn more?

You also need to be willing to study under those who are leaders in the industry and have had success with this type or marketing already.

Creating a traffic generating machine takes some willingness to learn, but once you do, the rest comes easier for you. Getting high-quality leads has everything to do with what type of success you’ll get.

Find out where to get the prospects you need will yield you results, no questions asked. It is crucial that you stick to learning how to generate targeted traffic to your website so that you can get leads that are qualified.

The biggest frustration most marketers have with their marketing campaign is that they get a lot of folks that have no real interest in what they are doing.

Those who are serious about starting and running a business from home are the ones that you want to talk to. Would you rather find your ideal customers, or people who are tire kickers?

Search engines are still a great way to go, so mastering how they work is essential for your success. Learn how to optimize your content so it gets attention from Google and then your readers.

Utilize keyword tools, and check out the Google Keyword Planner to see what information it gives you. While most of this is directed at AdWords, it is still a great tool for you to use.

Directories may also be helpful if you want your website to be discovered, but you will want to focus on the directories that are most well-known for this.

The more optimized sites are the better, and you want them to load quickly. Avoid heavy graphics so that you don’t waste your money or lose your readers out of frustration.

What else can you do to get targeted traffic to your website?

Learn More About Getting Targeted Traffic to Your Website

There are still tons of ways to get traffic to your website, but what you should know is that you can try various methods to find out what generates the most on a consistent basis.

Once you find that, you’ll want to invest more money.

If you want to utilize Facebook ads you can start with as little as $10 to start, and you can test multiple ads at the same time to see which ad gets the most hits.

Again, once you see which one works you’ll want to run that again to see how it performs, and you can create what is known as a look-a-like audience.

Social media isn’t the ONLY option when it come to generating traffic, but it is one of the most affordable ways to get attention to your business with very little money.

There is a lot more to learn about meta tags, landing pages, and other tips and tricks to getting more attention online, but you should know that getting training on how to get ultra “targeted traffic to your website” is right about the corner when you go HERE.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Frenzy

social media marketing frenzy

Do you know how to create a social media marketing frenzy?

There are never enough fully satisfied individuals with ANY business you are in, but the good news is that no matter what, social media is still one of the best ways to work your business.

Not only can you promote your business, but you can now RECRUIT people into your business without knocking on doors or inviting them to home parties.

Home parties aren’t my thing, and I was not even willing to consider it, no matter how great someone made it sound. This is why I wanted to learn more about marketing online.

I wanted an effective way to build my business without driving friends and family away. (Yep, you know the type). The great news is that an opportunity does exist, but it’s simply a matter of finding the right fit for you.

What type of lifestyle do you live? What do you want to have? What do you want to do? As you think about these things, write them down.

Ultimately, you’ll want to think about this and set your goals. Without setting goals you’ll have no shot at making this a reality in your life.

Make sense?

What if I told you that you could market for one hour a day and impact your marketplace dramatically? Would you believe me? Do you believe that all things are possible?

If not, it’s okay. I get it.

You think that if people make it sound good it isn’t true. (Yes, I know the old saying, and I can’t say I blame you). What I want to tell you today, is that yes, it is possible if you carefully execute some proven principles when it comes to marketing.

Whether direct sales, network marketing, or, if you own a brick and mortar business, this WILL work. Keep reading, so that I can share with you how to create a social media marketing frenzy for your business.

Learn How to Cause a Social Media Marketing Frenzy

Social media marketing itself is kinda crazy.

We all use it to share photos of our kids, tell stories, and sometimes to brag a little bit on ourselves, or maybe even our kids.

There are numerous stay-at-home-moms that have earned thousands in income using social media to their advantage, and there are many network marketers that are building HUGE teams with it too!

You can create it all from scratch, or you can go at this blindly and mess up big. Either way you’ll learn something. You can start with no list and no real marketing budget.

Think you need a website? Think again.

How does it work?

Think about the wild struggle of rejection in direct sales and network marketing. It can be maddening, especially if you hear all no’s for an entire day, or even a week!

Ferny Ceballos is a great example as a teacher and a story he told not long ago. A woman that came to him wanted to learn more, but she didn’t know how to build a team.

Once she learned more about this proven social media teaching, she was able to build her team by thousands and she earned more than $650,000, jumping to the list of top earners in her company within 4 years.

It does happen, and it can happen to you just as it did for his student, Julie Burke.

There is no magic pill, but you have to learn what to do and then follow the success of others to get it right. This is why I know the course on how to create a social media marketing frenzy will work for you just like it’s working for me right now.

There is no secret to this, but rather a real and lasting dedication to learning how to grow your audience using social media.

How can you create a REAL social media marketing frenzy.

Work the Social Media Marketing Frenzy

The first thing you need to know is that some of the social media marketing methods I use are unorthodox. In other words, it’s not a soft approach like running ads or just making nonsensical posts about joining my business.

The reality is that you don’t have to:

  1. Chase family and friends or neighbors
  2. Make cold calls
  3. Buy advertising
  4. Have a fancy website

Whether or not you’ve even got a warm market list, it won’t matter. There are numerous things I would like to teach you, but you’ll need to let me know.

If you are interested in learning more about the social media marketing frenzy, please CLICK HERE for more information.


Affiliate Marketing for the Pros with Elite Marketing Pro

affiliate marketing for the pros

Affiliate marketing for the pros looks much different than it does for those who are just considering online marketing as a hobby or even a part-time job.

Teaching network marketing isn’t something even many network marketers are good at, but that is generally because they struggle to learn the ropes with their own company and their own products or services.

One of the key components for an online business is understanding that no matter what type of business you own, you absolutely MUST do away with traditional PR.

Social media marketing and good copywriting are two of the most important tools you can invest in for your business.

Marketing various products and services are a great way to earn additional income if you aren’t making what you desire to make in your current job.

Today, I’ll share with you what real affiliate marketing looks like, and how you can get the help you need to make it work for you, from home, all on a budget to start.

What the Affiliate Marketing for the Pros Looks Like

There is a new generation of leadership when it comes to teaching marketing, and the good news is that you don’t have to know it all to get started.

In fact, you should know that there are folks building massive teams online, but they aren’t doing it without help from the real leaders.

Those who have had success are willing to teach those who are new to the industry, as well as to share with others their tips and tricks that they have found to be super helpful.

What do the Top Earners know that you don’t know?

They know that:

If it doesn’t sound true then it probably isn’t true.

If you aren’t learning how to use social media marketing you will make no progress in your business.

You MUST know what your primary objectives are.

  • You must set goals.
  • Top earners know how to get new leads and recruit ideal prospects.
  • You should know that there is no easy way to earn income. It takes hard work.
  • Learn how to recruit with social media in addition to getting engagement.
  • Learn more about what YOUR prospects want.
  • Make it about others and NOT yourself.

Many leaders are willing to share what affiliate marketing for the pros looks like, but ultimately they are also going to teach you what you need to know.

The secret to doing more and learning more is that you must do what they tell you to do. If you want to be successful then you must emulate what successful people do.

Take what they are teaching and go and duplicate that.

Learn from leaders how to get traffic, meaning REAL traffic to your website, and also learn what they do to relate to their prospects better than others.

It is also wise to connect yourself with a great resource like Elite Marketing Pro, a program that is designed to help you get the training you need when it’s convenient for you.

Training yourself is something you need to commit to daily to get to where you want to be. Are you ready to take the next step?

Affiliate Marketing for the Pros Looks Like Dedication

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make your family’s dreams come true?

Whether your goal is to earn more income, take an extra vacation per year, or to adopt a child or give to your favorite charity, it will benefit you to learn more about affiliate marketing for the pros.

It would be wise for you to watch what others do and to FOCUS in what they did to reach massive success. How do they treat others?

What do winners do to be sure that they come out winning on top? There is a multitude of answers but until you take the time to learn more and find out just what steps they took to succeed, you’ll be in a state of frustration.

If you would like to learn more about the program I personally use to teach affiliate marketing for the pros, and what I am doing to earn income from home, please check out my offers, or you may email me personally