Writing Killer Headlines for Every Blog Post

why most startups fail

Increasing your readership can be daunting, but if you decide that it’s time to learn more about writing killer headlines for every blog post, you’ll begin to see tremendous growth on your blog. Your headline is the first thing your reader sees, and while it’s visible online, that doesn’t mean that everyone will want to…

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Implementing Attraction Marketing into Your Business

implementing attraction marketing

Implementing attraction marketing is a core business concept, and it is one that that can be difficult to remember when you are ready to launch your online business or market your brick and mortar business online. The dream to work from home is admirable, but it does take some diligence and “know how” in order to…

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4 Reasons to Consider Affiliate Marketing as a Revenue Stream

The last few years have been years of decision making and call to action for many of us, but considering affiliate marketing as a revenue stream may not have been on your list. There many ways that you can define yourself but remember that doing what someone else thinks you should be doing isn’t always the best…

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5 Affiliate Marketing Trends You Should Know About

Affiliate Marketing Trends

Affiliate marketing trends are hot this year, and they are a great way to earn income from home. There are numerous individuals I know personally that make millions each month on these programs, and they are not difficult to learn and manage. Whether you have millions or you have a few dollars, you can build…

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Healthy Eating for Seniors

Aging is important, and if you are an adult child you most likely have an interest in healthy eating for seniors and how you can help them feel better. Regardless of what your relationship is to the senior citizen, you may want to do a bit of research to find out what they like and…

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Naturally Build Muscle with a Better Diet

fighting cancer naturally

Dieting is a topic surrounded by fads in America, and it’s no surprise that naturally building muscle has always appeared to be somewhat of a mystery. Most folks just want to know how fast they can get thin, gain muscle mass, or they want to know how quickly they can drop a size. Those questions…

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Meditation in 21 Days for Weight Loss

Looking for an interesting option for weight loss? This program uses meditation to induce weight loss.  This meditation for weight loss program can be found on Jon Gabriel’s website at this link-http://www.thegabrielmethod.com/21-day-weight-loss-meditation-optin/ JON GABRIEL Best-Selling Author & Weight Loss Coach In 2001 Jon Gabriel weighed 409 pounds. He’d tried almost every diet available without success.…

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Relationship Marketing-Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

relationship marketing

Have you ever heard of relationship marketing? Chances are, you’ve heard this terminology multiple times over the last few years. I believe it is one of the best terms or phrases to come out with all of the other new terms that have popped up. Applications abound, mobile responsive sites and blogs abound, but marketing…

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Why Strong Relationships Make for a Great Life

Your relationships are the key to everything you accomplish, and that is why strong relationships make for a great life. It is no secret that life is abundant to those who take hold of it, but it’s our job as individuals to choose wisely with whom we choose to form and nurture relationships. Every relationship…

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Thoughts on Leadership and Self-Deception

following the masses

Have you read the book “Leadership and Self-Deception“? Talking with teammates and mentors about leadership has shown us that clearly there is a massive breakdown in leadership in business. Have you ever functioned in a managerial role? If so, how were you perceived by your team? Those who have been in a leadership role often…

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