Why Your Prospect is Ditching Your Blog Post

You may believe that you hold the key to your content, but your prospect is the one who determines what you write about.

Everything your ideal prospect enjoys, believes to be true, or even likes in this lifetime will determine what you write about.

Your prospects will also determine how you write, and how you market your content.

This is because everything your prospects wanted to about you and what you do is important, and it’s the linchpin for your copywriting.

How does this translate into business, your marketing campaign, and more money for you.

Today, you’ll learn not only how your prospects rely on you to prompt their choices, but you’ll learn more about how your prospect is your guide.

Learning More About Your Prospect and What They Read

What determines how you’ll end up in your business?

Learning more about your prospect and what they read will make all the difference in the world.

The last few articles have been focused on identifying and attracting your ideal customer.

I’ve also written about becoming customer-centric as well as making it ALL about them.

Everything about the prospect matters. EVERYTHING.

Once you know who your prospect is, you’ll know exactly what you have to do to get them to read your content.

You’ll also need to know what you MUST do in order to market that content. What are the dynamics to writing the blog post that prospects won’t ditch?

  1. Use the right words. Did you know that there are specific words that have emotional triggers? Your ideal prospect will respond to specific words. These words will attract them to read your headline, and eventually they will read your article. Using those keywords throughout the article will prevent them from ditching your article. Using the right words will attract them and keep them reading the whole way through.
  2. Use images. Did you know that images are just as powerful as the words you choose to use? Every individual responds to specific types of images. The same is true when you build a marketing campaign. Depending upon how well you know your audience, you’ll have no problem finding those images that will get your prospect’s attention every time. For example, if the profile you have created for your customer or prospect is high-end, they will most likely respond well to fine cars, fine art, and gourmet foods. Does this make sense?
  3. Prospects respond to language. Language is something we all have, and it is often something we consider to be at the forefront of conversations about other countries. Language or type of language is something that also refers to how you write in your blog posts. Refrain from using foul language, and depending upon your audience you may want to make sure that your articles are more scholarly in nature. They may also be noted as more professional and well-defined. You want to write for your audience, so keep this in mind as you write. It may help to make a checklist of things you want to focus on for every article you write.

Who is your audience?

Do NOT forget to build your ideal customer profile ahead of time as I have discussed in the prior articles.

Everything that you write, and every word and image that you use will make the difference when” your prospect” is looking for content.

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