Scripting Your Videos for Ultimate Success!

Are you focused on scripting your videos for ultimate success?

Creating content doesn’t just refer to writing blog posts, but it also refers to creating videos. Gaining maximum exposure in the search engine will make the difference for you versus your competitors.

If you are on the fence about creating videos, and you aren’t sure what to say, there are some helpful scripts that you can use to market yourself AND your product or service.

If you want to brand yourself or do a powerful re-brand, consider that the number and quality of the videos you create will show your audience who you really are.

Positioning yourself as the expert, and building momentum for your brand is critical for your success. Would you like to gain authority status?

If so, please make sure that you read this blog post all the way through until the end. I’ll share with you some secrets I have for creating videos, and what you should know about scripting your videos just right to boost your influence in the marketplace.

Scripting Your Videos to Attract Qualified Prospects

Okay, so you’ve struggled to get qualified prospects to come to your website. I get it. I had no idea what it took to get qualified prospects until I continued to fail miserably.

I started researching other marketing methods outside of blogging. I knew that there had to be a better way, but I just couldn’t figure out what it would be.

When I stumbled upon this YouTube traffic report it all made sense.

If I could rank well in search engines, and I could get constant traffic with prospects who are ready to buy, I could HELP more people and build success stories.

You have to learn how to impact people, and if you can do that, and you can tell them how you can help them, they’ll be drawn to you.

It’s easy to see that video accounts for nearly 90% of all website traffic, so why not put more into video marketing? You can build your email list easily, and you’ll get traffic easily from the number one resource for information.


What is the BIG secret with YouTube? Well, I am getting to that, but I wanted to lay the foundation for you with the information above.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin scripting your videos.

  1. Keep your video to two minutes or less. Human beings have a very short attention span. This isn’t just referring to children, this is referring to every human being on the planet. Give your prospects tips on how they can solve their problem, short, sweet, and to the point.
  2. Create a series of “how to” videos. “How to” videos are great, just like “how to” articles are great. When you are focused on teaching prospects how to build a business, you should make videos that focus on those areas. Discuss, “how to set up a blog”, “how to write great copy”, “how to generate more leads online”, things of this nature. Get the idea?
  3. Create an outline for scripting your video. The best thing you could do is draw up and outline for your video before you ever record it. The following steps will help you get the perfect video every time. Introduce yourself, let them know what they can expect, deliver the information to them, give a short recap, and close with a strong call-to-action. When you do this, you’ll get a HUGE response.

These are great tips for creating videos and getting the exposure and traffic you need to be successful. Now that you know how to get started with new videos that can get your prospects attention, let me share with you the very blueprint I used with examples you can use to get your started.

To start scripting your videos like a boss, go HERE.

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