Social Video in 2015 and Market Predictions

Tracking is a beautiful thing in marketing, because social video is what gets results these days. Videos are now one of the most beneficial ways to market your business is with video ads.

Every business owner has their own predictions of what could happen this year and in the future with video ads and how they’ll work. What could possibly work better than video ads?

There are still plenty of social media platforms that make the grade, but the only thing that matters is what gets the most views and the most time.
How will social video take the world of marketing by storm? Here are the predictions on what will be at the top of the list by the end of 2015.
How Social Video is Changing Online Marketing

How in the world could social video impact online marketing?

1. It’s YouTube vs. Facebook. Facebook is stellar for running ads, and it’s important that you understand how easy it is for Facebook to steal traffic from YouTube. Because ads are successful, Facebook is even better when using video in the ads. This means that because time spent on social networks is so high, videos are more likely to be viewed on Facebook before they will be viewed on YouTube. Make sense?

2. TV ads aren’t overtaking the way we market. There is no doubt that TV is still in every home and people are watching it, but for the purpose of running ads in homes it’s still less effective than social media platforms. Broadcasting isn’t emotional enough to get people to buy. What does help people buy is pulling the emotional trigger. If you can create a commercial strong enough, people get hooked. Many retail companies are investing more in marketing online than commercials, and the end result is a deeper emotional tie to their customer.

3. Targeting will be emotional, and so will testing. Did you know that targeting can be emotional and should be? If you can’t tap into the customer’s emotions you’ll struggle to build marketing campaigns that draws them in. The more emotion an ad can evoke, the more likely it is the customer will buy.

4. Create campaigns that market in the moment. If you don’t know what an agile marketing campaign is, hang tight. The word agile means, “ability to move quickly and easily”. This makes it super easy to focus on getting things done, and for marketing it means that you are able to pull together a campaign that is easy and can be done quickly. Emotions run high when marketing is connected to current events. This doesn’t happen a lot but it can happen and it can make marketing easier than ever when you have struck an emotional chord of a buyer.

5. Get attention. Great marketers know how to get attention, and it’s important that you track the number of shares and clicks in order to get the big picture on metrics. Metrics will always matter. This is all about testing, measuring your results and moving on. How can you target a successful method if you aren’t sure what is most successful? Use metrics.

Digital marketing is still big, and soon you’ll see it’s still the only way to market in the future. Don’t forget to research the importance of social video and how powerful it is for your business and the world.

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