5 Best Tips for Balancing Work and Life

Balancing work and life can be challenging, but there are many before you that have learned how to do it.

How can you have it all?

It’s not about having it all. It’s about maintaining momentum in your business and in your relationships at the same time.

You can work and be social.

Today, I’m going to share some tips from successful entrepreneurs that have faced this too.

You’ll learn how you can work hard to grow your business while balancing work and life.

Balancing Work and Life Consistently

Anything worth doing is never easy.

However, it is possible to work your own business hard, while enjoying a personal life.

Balancing work and life comes with its own challenges. It’s tough to figure out sometimes what comes first.

Is it  business or family?

What about my friends and my business?

These are the questions many ask themselves every single day. Whether or not you make an impact on your friends or your clients matters.

I’ve been reading about other entrepreneurs to see what they do, and how they manage.

How do the experts manage to do it all so seamlessly?

  1. Shani McIlwain, the founder of Practical Partners, LLC, says that it’s all about outsourcing.

You cannot do it all, and you shouldn’t attempt to. The best way to live in freedom and live the life you want while making money is to outsource.

This is where FREEDOM becomes reality.

The ability to delegate tasks is huge here. If you struggle with this, you may benefit from working with a business coach.

What else is there to consider as an entrepreneur?

2.  DeAngelo McCoy, the founder of NextLVLConsulting says that it’s about know who you are and why you do what you do.

Creating a business plan and launching it from your core values is so important,  according to DeAngelo.

McCoy believes that if you run your business from this position, you’ll take on what you know you can handle, and not overrun your own schedule.

This is why knowing what your core values are can help with balancing work and life.

That means, you get to have a personal life!

3. Sisi Rose. Okay, so this business is a bit different from most in that it’s all about relationships. However, Sisi’s business is still a business that demands time and attention.

Her business is rooted in relationships and making them thrive, so for Sisi, it’s all about relationships no matter what.

When you value your personal connections you’ll see that your priorities fall into place without having to fight to keep them in order.

4.  Tina Hunter is the founder of ME (Motivate and Empower). Tina takes her business seriously, and her purpose is to motivate and empower women.

Her goal is to motivate women, and to empower them, so focusing on those women that come to her for help are all she thinks about.

However, she values other relationships in her personal life so much, that motivating them on any level is natural for her.

She believes that if you know what you want, than getting down to it helps you do your business when it’s time for business and afterwards, you can be social.

5.  Wendy Dickinson is the founder of Ascend to Sell, LLC. Wendy believes that getting things done professionally and on a personal level is all related to renewing your mind and focusing.

If you do those two things daily you’ll have no trouble. You’ll face challenges in your business and in your personal life, so accept that. Once you do, you can work through one thing at a time.

With focus, you can hone in on what needs to be done for your business, and then for others in your life.

“Balancing work and life” is possible, but you’ll need to work on focusing and understanding what matters to you most.