The Real Health Benefits of Yoga

Did you know that there are real health benefits of yoga?

You may consider this practice to just be stretching, or increasing flexibility. You may not realize just how healthy yoga can keep you.

It’s also important that you understand that yoga may be just as beneficial as physical therapy.

Today, I’ll share some interesting information from a study I read about, and the amazing health benefits of yoga you never knew about.

Statistics on Health Benefits of Yoga

There are numerous studies relating to health these days, but what you may not realize is how viable the statistics are on health benefits of yoga.

There are tons of helpful articles online, but most of them only share information pertaining to individuals that want to try yoga for stress.

While it’s a real benefit for your health, there are still many more.

The Boston Medical Center conducted a study on yoga to determine what health benefits it had to offer.

Outside of many folks practicing yoga to de-stress, those involved in the study discovered there was a lot more to this.

With 320 participants, nearly 70% of them were on pain medication for back pain.

It was three months later, and when interviewed, the number of individuals using pain medication for lower back pain was cut in half.

This was related to those who were taking a yoga class on a weekly basis. Another group that was in the study was in physical therapy only.

Getting in 15 sessions, compared to those attending a weekly yoga class got similar results.

It’s incredible to think that the yoga class was just as beneficial for these individuals. The ability to trim pain medication is a benefit in itself.

The link to improved health is essentially traced back to breathing and a meditative type state with yoga.

Learning to breathe properly is self-calming in addition to the other benefits. Another study using strong analysis, was able to prove that consistent practice of yoga can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Regardless of your experience level with exercise,  you can learn the most basic yoga poses at home.

Your local library may have several DVD’s to choose from. Just check them out and make a decision about which workout is best for you.

Taking a class is ideal if you can work it into your budget. You can learn more about good posture and how to maintain it.

There are so many positive things that you can learn while taking a yoga class. Wouldn’t it be worth it to learn more about how it could improve your health?

More Health Benefits of Yoga

Exercising is a great way to reduce your stress while improving your overall health. Getting exercise on a regular basis will help you build your immune system and boost your energy.

Additionally, the health benefits of yoga far outweigh what any one medication can do for you.

Prescription pain medication is not a long-term solution. Talk to your doctor about your health concerns, and ask if practicing yoga is right for you.

As you begin, pay attention to your breath. Learning to focus on your breathing and learning to self soothe will help you to reduce your stress levels quickly.

Although many find that yoga is beneficial for reducing stress, there are numerous “health benefits of yoga” as mentioned here in this article.

NOTE: the information on the study and the basic facts in this article were taken from an article on You can read the full article HERE.

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