United States Army to Make Major Cuts

Have you served in the United States Army? If so, then you may be shocked to hear that cuts are about to be made. Major cuts are going to be made at home and abroad over the next two years, and that means that the Army could be dramatically stifled when it comes to fighting wars.

If you follow the budgeting for the military and you know when the budget year comes, you already know that by 2017 this won’t look very good for our Army. Dropping the numbers means dropping defense. Can we afford to make these cuts at a time when we aren’t quite sure that we are done with war?

Today, I’ll share with you what is about to happen in the United States Army, and what this country could be facing if this decision is final.

What Numbers Look Like for the United States Army

When the Army is cut back to 450,000, these numbers will reflect that we may not win a war. This also means that civilians will lose their jobs as well.

While it is word that the cuts are being made to save money, the cuts appear to be so much more than that. While plans haven’t been made official just yet, it’s amazing that the numbers are so daunting. The cuts are looming, and the time that the cuts will be made are quite possibly around the month of October.

The other half of this hot topic is that these numbers were released a day after President Obama made his announcement that the campaign in Syria against the Islamic State would be stepped up a notch.

Alaskan Senator, Dan Sullivan has already spoken out about these cuts and how it looks. These cuts don’t make any sense at this point. If the cuts don’t make sense strategically, then why are they being made?

Could this be a ploy to actually stir up hate against his own country? Some may view it as such, but it’s also true that some of this could be done in order to make deals with other countries. The appearance of cutting back on military could make us appear weaker on purpose.

All eyes always seem to be on the United States, but why is it currently on the United States Army? ArmTimes.com published an article about this same topic. Reducing the Army to a grand total of 450,000 service men and women is making citizens nervous.

Here is what is being said right now:

  1. It’s due to budget cuts.
  2. It’s about doing what can be done with the least amount of money.
  3. Brigade teams have already been cut, so this is nothing new.
  4. This is an attempt to make peace.

There are many opinions out there, but what matters most is the safety of our country. What are your thoughts about the cuts being made in the United States Army?

What are your thoughts?


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