Why Brand Storytelling is Critical for Content Marketing

Content marketing is still the best way to market your business, but brand storytelling is a much better name to give it. In fact, saying that you are using content marketing to build your brand could be vague.

Success is always in the details. What details about your brand do you need to convey in the form of a story to attract your ideal buyer and make more sales?

Social marketing and making videos isn’t always enough although they are a huge part of what makes up content marketing. Today, I’ll share with you some hot tips about brand storytelling that will change the way you look at your marketing campaign today and forever.imgres

The Key to Brand Storytelling

If I were to tell you that brand storytelling starts with emotion would you laugh? Ah, asking you about emotion already stirs emotion in you to consider what your story is and how you would go about telling it.

It’s vital that you are able to intrigue your buyer, stir their emotions, and ultimately get them to make a decision. Can you write content that is compelling enough to get your reader to take action or at least command them to read more?

Here are 5 hot tips to help shape your content marketing.

1. Speak the truth. A big part of marketing online is your authenticity so don’t lie. If you do, others will know that you are lying, and that includes your buyers. Don’t tell stories that have nothing to do with you, or what you stand for. Your brand is what people become familiar with and fall in love with. Always be truthful even if you are using some fictional elements to tell your story.

2. Use personalities. Telling the truth means that you are consistent with truth telling all the way through. This means that from the character’s perspective and even from the individual that is doing the copywriting you need to keep everyone’s personality center stage. Don’t include anything in the storytelling process that isn’t consistent with who you are and what you do.

3. Characters in stories MUST be the individual your customer will root for! Have you ever heard that the underdog is the favorite? This is why what you write is so important. When you tell stories with your blog, you absolutely must put in characters that are believable but also the favorite of the reader. Whoever that character is for your target audience should be the character you never fail to add to your stories.

4. Give your story structure. It’s vital that when you tell stories that you do so in a fashion that makes sense. Any great story has a structure of the beginning, the middle, and the end. Sometimes the story doesn’t manifest itself quite right, but you can’t publish that story until you get it right. Write this all down and practice getting it right before you ever put it in ink or on the screen.

5. Leave your reader wanting more. Have you ever read a story that left little to be desired? This means that you told the reader everything, and there wasn’t an ounce of mystery. If you want your stories to be great, leave them wanting more. Write a story that is so compelling, that your reader has to email you or even call you to get more information. Get your reader to connect emotionally, then they will be able to connect financially.

It’s a beautiful thing when great stories are being told and sales are being made. It’s really something amazing when a buyer makes a decision all because he could NOT help but click that button.images

Always think about what gets your reader wanting more and looking for more from you. If you focus on what your reader wants, you’ll never get it wrong. Success online is all about brand storytelling.

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